Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery

Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery

The Sentinel of the Emery ruined me. Between the giant troll’s slash attacks and an assortment of spinning blades, the Sentinel was a vicious early boss that took many attempts to beat.

sentinel of the emery Blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

Even still, the Sentinel of the Emery guards the double jump ability, one of the best abilities in Blasphemous 2 and our only way to access the Elevated Temple after fighting Orospina, Lesmes, and Radames. If we want to progress the plot or free that cherub that’s just out of reach, it’s time to slay a fiery troll at the bottom of this religious world.

In this Sentinel of the Emery guide, I’ll review how to find and defeat Blasphemous 2’s giant mute troll for their double jump ability. As a bonus, I’ll detail how to get the A Sharp Rendezvous achievement for reaching the Sentinel within 30 minutes of starting the game.

Quick Facts

  • Quest Locations: Profundo Lamento, Mother of Mothers, Beneath her Sacred Grounds
  • Quest Giver: Anunciada
  • Requirements: Veredicto, Ruego Al Alba, Sarmiento and Centella
  • Length of Quest: 40 minutes
  • Difficulty: Medium

The Forgotten Religious Troll

troll Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

A silent, stoic guardian hidden Beneath Her Sacred Grounds, Afilaor, Sentinel of the Emery is a massive foe that guards the double jump ability. Though we’ll need Veredicto, Ruego Al Alba, and Sarmiento and Centella to access the fight, going in without sufficient health and fervor upgrades can prove just as fatal.

While we can fight this boss towards the start of the game, the Sentinel can prove a challenging foe with its significant health bar and dreadful attacks that dwarf anything we’ve seen thus far. Even still, tackling this boss earlier trivializes any other boss we were having trouble with and grants us access to areas with chalices, kisses, and cherubs.

How to Find the Sentinel of the Emery

Getting to the Sentinel of the Emery requires traveling far beneath the City of the Blessed Name to Beneath Her Sacred Grounds (yes, that’s a real area name).

While the game expects us to search for the Emery after reaching the top of the Elevated Tower, we can come as soon as we’ve obtained every weapon in the game to get past each one’s puzzle.

A Sharp Rendezvous Achievement

One of the most challenging achievements throughout Blasphemous 2, A Sharp Rendezvous, tasks us with reaching the room of the Sentinel of the Emery within 30 minutes of starting the game. Even if this is a midgame boss, we can get to the room as soon as we’ve obtained Veredicto, Ruego Al Alba, and Sarmiento and Centella.

To pursue this achievement, I recommend picking Veredicto as our starting weapon for its high damage and reach and heading downward into Profundo Lamento for the Wall Jump ability. After we follow the fairly straightforward path, we quickly return to the City of the Blessed Name, then head rightwards into the Grilles and Ruins.

Though it would take too long to go over how to reach each weapon, I’ve already covered how to get Veredicto, Ruego Al Alba, Sarmiento and Centella here. What matters is that we look for the hand teleport doors and warp back to the City of Blessed Name once we’ve obtained that area’s weapon.

With all three weapons in tow, we can continue from Step 1 below to obtain this challenging achievement.

#Note: We don’t have to beat the Sentinel of the Emery to attain this achievement; we only have to reach their boss room. After gaining the achievement, we can leverage the teleporter door to the right of the boss room to head back to the City of the Blessed Name and tackle a different boss if we find the Sentinel of the Emery too challenging.

Step 1 Dangerous Descent

city of the blessed name Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
We can return to this massive pit at the starting city with every weapon in tow. Image by JT Hussey

Starting from the City of the Blessed name, we’ll return to Profundo Lamento from earlier, heading down this pit to the right of the City. After falling past a few jar enemies and reaching the bottom, we’ll continue past the doorway to our right and follow the passage down past more jar enemies and a few of the wall creatures tossing rocks at us.

profundo 1st doorway Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

As we find two stone sword enemies in the next room, we can follow the ladder downward to reach an exit to our right. From here, head rightwards into the room with the prie dieu and leverage Veredicto and Sarmiento and Centella to get past the bell and mirror puzzle ahead.

puzzle entrance into Mothers Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
We can use Veredicto to thwack the bell and break the door, then apply Sarmiento and Centella to teleport through the windows. Image by JT Hussey

Unfortunately, we’ll encounter a massive lightning foe we can’t dodge past who guards the path ahead. I recommend equipping Veredicto’s flame mode to make quick work out of this electro foe but retreating each time they perform an electric strike; their range is quite long.

electro foe Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
I advise playing it safe with these massive electro foes; chipping away at their health and retreating allows us to take care of this boss safely. Image by JT Hussey

After a prolonged battle of us cautiously chipping away at their health, we can enter the next room and proceed down the ladder to find a spiked-filled passageway we can jump over. I advise sliding down the walls to control our descent and jumping leftwards to find ourselves in the Mother of Mothers.

Step 2: No Bell, No Problem

the bell Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Never has such destruction filled me with utter joy. Image by JT Hussey

Players of the original Blasphemous will likely recognize this area as the Mother of Mothers, a massive cathedral with a particularly punishing swinging bell. Luckily, the bell has been destroyed (likely by an aggrieved player), filling the area with rubble.

We can begin by heading down the ladder and taking an immediate right into the next room. Here, we’ll find swinging incense burners that strike us when their icon flashes white, a floating chair enemy, and a bell charger ahead.

After baiting the bell enemy to charge, jump over them and head into the rightwards room to find more of the swinging burners and a torch-bearing foe at the bottom. Proceeding through the left passage at its bottom puts us in a massive chamber swarming with enemies.

jump over bell enemy Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Ensure you jump at the apex of the bell enemy’s charge. Image by JT Hussey

After jumping down some ledges and heading towards the bottom, we’ll find two locked doors, with one of them being a metal door we can remove with the bell to our right guarded by an electro foe. I recommend dealing with the electro foe to give us enough time to ring the bell, destroy the door, and head into the next room.

bell to metal door Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

Upon entering, we’ll find two floating-chair enemies we can dodge past and a ladder by a switch. We can ignore the button for now and head up the ladder into a room packed with hopping enemies, a bell enemy, and another chair enemy.

If we’re low on health, we can proceed more cautiously through this passageway, leveraging Veredicto’s massive range to deal with enemies from afar; if not, however, we can dodge into the next room to find a prie dieu waiting for us.

Step 3 Mortifying Mother

central mother's switch Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

Upon entering the room, we’ll find a switch above us we can hit that opens the path to the prie dieu above us. After a brief rest, head down the stone platform and take a left into the next to find a few enemies guarding the switch at the top beside a mirror.

Activating the switch lets us adjust the position of the mirror, lowering it so we can hit it with Sarmiento and Centella, teleport past the metal barrier ahead, and take the ladder into the room beneath.

mirror switch activate Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

However, this location is bustling with enemies, with a challenging bronze enemy at the end and several swinging incense burners to punish our movement. I recommend dashing past these foes, employing Sarmiento and Centella’s lunge attack to grant us invincibility, and doing our best to slide past the brutal enemy at the end.

harrowing corridor Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
I advise trying to dodge past the bronze enemy after climbing the edge; there’s just enough room. Image by JT Hussey

With that, we can enjoy a moment of respite as we enter a room with several mirrors leading to a locked door at the end.

Luckily, we can temporarily raise the door with a nearby switch to the left of the room’s upper level and leverage Sarmiento and Centella to glide through the mirrors to reach the end. Even if some enemies are in the way, we can avoid them entirely if we stick to the mirrors.

mirror room Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
After activating the switch, we can follow the path of mirrors to reach the end effortlessly. Image by JT Hussey

Entering the following room leads to an incredible throwback to the original Blasphemous: the tree of the first Miracle.

Step 4 The Terrible Tree

the first miracle Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
The literal root of our trouble, this tree is the birthplace of the first miracle and is responsible for all the religious nightmares and ministerial madness we’ve faced thus far. Image by JT Hussey

While the tree ahead may look like a bizarre piece of botanical scenery, it’s actually where the first Miracle took place in which a guilty youth sat atop a log, begging for pain to ease their guilty heart. Upon hearing the youth’s plea, the Miracle grew roots from the dead tree, torturing and killing wayward soul, easing his guilt at the cost of his life.

This act spawned the worship of the miracle and the eventual horrors that followed, including our quest to foil the Miracle. If we’re still confused about the story or reasons for the fate that has befallen this cursed land, we can blame this tree for all our trouble.

After cursing the school of botany and entering the next room, we’ll find we’re back in the central area leading up to the prie dieu. However, we must complete a set of puzzles to return to the rest area.

back to the center Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Ringing this bell can take us back to the prie dieu for a bile flask refill. Image by JT Hussey

To begin, we can ring the bell at the room’s bottom, use the mirror to teleport up, and quickly go through the door at the top to reach the prie die. After returning, we can head back to the bottom floor and head rightwards over the tree branch into the next room.

We’ll notice a platform at the room’s start we’ll have to reach, but first, we should start by ringing the bell, creating steps that lead to a nearby ledge, and slashing the mirror to get to the next platform. From here, we’ll want to perform a weight of sin attack directly downwards to access the nearby metal door.

weight of sin penultimate room Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
We have to trigger the Ruego Al Alba’s Weight of Sin attack from a high enough height for it to break the branches below. Image by JT Hussey

Following our downward attack, we’ll have to head back up and ring the bell to the upper right before proceeding downwards and passing through the door. Following this, we’re at the last stage of the puzzle, as we’ll have to hit the mirror to reach a button that unlocks the door.

bell in the second to last room Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

Beside the mirror lies a switch we can interact with to raise the platform at the room’s start, leveraging the two mirrors ahead and hitting the button lock at the room’s end to lower the ladder and proceed into the prior room.

giant weight of sin Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

As we reenter the center room, we can perform a massive weight of sin attack to destroy the roots below and head into Beneath Her Sacred Grounds, the last step of our journey. I recommend resting at the prie dieu above and descending downwards into the depths below.

Step 6: Sordid Spikes

beneath her sacred grounds Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Though they no longer insta kill us, the spikes still give me plenty of terror. Image by JT Hussey

As we jump into the depths below, we’ll notice an ominous lack of music and enemies beside a sea of spikes lining the floors.

Even if the devs have removed the insta-kill spikes from the last game, I recommend approaching these platforms with full health, as they can still kill us if we only have a fraction of our health left.

spike death Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Don’t suffer my fate! Image by JT Hussey

Regardless, we can continue downwards through this vertical passage, jumping across the breakable platforms while watching the abyss beneath. I advise climbing down any ladders you see and sliding down the walls, ensuring we can see the floor before throwing ourselves into the bleak unknown.

After a tense but easy set of platforms, we can rejoice to find a prie dieu with Yerma to the entrance to the Sentinel of the Emery; we’ve made it!

Following a brief rest and deciding whether we require Yerma’s help for this fight (I highly recommend asking her for help here), we can take the rightward passage to a teleporter room back to the Everlasting City to adjust any Figurines or ride ourselves of any guilt with the confessor.

Once we’ve stocked ourselves up on bile flasks and properly adjusted our Figures, we can prepare for a vicious fight!

Tips for Sentinel of the Emery Fight

Weapon of Choice: Veredicto

Given its incredible damage, range, and powerful fire mode, Veredicto is an excellent tool for the Sentinel of the Emery fight. Even if the Sentinel of the Emery moves quickly, Veredicto is perfect for burning through its massive health bar and speeding through its challenging final phase.

We can pick Veredicto as a starting weapon or find it at the top left of the Sacred Entombments if we choose another weapon. However, accessing the Sentinel of the Emery fight requires Veredicto for several bell puzzles, so we should already have it in our inventory before starting the battle.

Best Veredicto Weapon Memories

Though we can explore the Elevated Temple before this fight to find the second stage of Veredicto unlocking more powerful weapon memories, that area is much more challenging to explore without the double jump ability. I highly recommend beating the Sentinel of the Emery before exploring that complex area and leveraging Veredicto’s Weapon Memories below to make the most of our Marks of Martyrdom.

  • Ignition Strike (Marks of Martyrdom: 1) – Perform a flaming follow-up attack that activates Veredicto, Ignition Strike is a remarkable ability to leverage during a flurry of attacks. I recommend using Ignition strike as a follow-up to the Sentinel’s Great Slash or at the end of its Spinning Wheel attack.
  • Aerial Ignition (Marks of Martyrdom: 2) – Activate Veredicto’s flame mode while midair; Aerial Ignition is excellent for capitalizing on the Sentinel’s backflip attack to activate Veredicto’s high damage mode. While I recommend leveraging Ignition Strike over this ability, Aerial Ignition is great for making more use of our time in midair.
  • Fiery Striker (Marks of Martyrdom: 1)  – Increases the amount of fire damage Veredicto deals, Fiery Strike further augments Veredicto’s fire mode, allowing us to obliterate the Sentinel’s health. Although I recommend the other two weapon masteries over Fiery Striker, this weapon mastery’s low cost can make it a great choice if we have one extra Marks of Martyrdom point to spend.

Best Figurines

Unless we’re aiming for the A Sharp Rendezvous achievement, we should have room for at least four Figurines by now. While one of the best Figurine synergies (alchemical time, which pauses time for every Bile flask we drink) is still out of reach, we can obtain several Figurines to raise Veredicto’s damage drastically.

I highly recommend the Figurines below to augment Veredicto’s damage:

The Unwavering One – A particularly gross charm covered in honey, the Unwavering One increases our damage by 15% and our critical chance by 10%. I highly advise this charm for its moderate boost to damage and critical hit chance.

To get this charm, we must head to the Choir of Thorns and follow a long vertical path of mirrors to find a man covered in honey who gives us a Figurine titled the Maiden. After equipping the charm, dying, and returning to the Honey Man thrice, he dissolves into honey and gives us the Unwarvering One Figurine.

The Anointed One: Raises Veredicto’s damage by 15%; I recommend the Anointed One Figurine for cutting down the length of the Sentinel’s last stage. However, I only advise equipping this Figurine if we chose Veredicto as our starting weapon, as we require the double jump ability to obtain this Figurine from a Merchant in the Streets of Wakes for 12000 tears of atonement.

Otherwise, we can find the Anointed One at the left end of the Sacred Entombments.

The Scribe – Heightens the fervor gained from each attack by 5%; the Scribe is an excellent Figurine for Veredicto’s fire mode. While the increased fervor complements Veredicto’s fire mode, the Scribe also synergizes with the Anointed One to create Gregal’s Favor, which increases Veredicto’s damage.

We can purchase the Scribe for 1200 tears of atonement from the Merchant in the City of the Blessed Name.

The Traitor – Raises our physical damage by 10%; the Traitor further increases Veredicto’s damage. Though it lacks a powerful initial synergy, it’s still a remarkable Figurine for maximizing Veredicto’s damage.

The City of the Blessed Name sculptor gives us the Traitor as our starting Figurine.

Sentinel of the Emery Fight

After entering the Arena, we’ll find the Sentine of the Emery polishing his blade on a grindstone. Upon noticing our arrival, the Sentinal tosses the grindstone on its back and wordlessly challenges us to battle.

Phase 1: Bronze Beating

To begin, the Sentinel of the Emery attacks us with a wooden bronze sword in a series of slow, high-damage attacks. While these attacks are relatively easy to dodge and exploit, they can still send us flying, so look out for the maneuvers below.

Burdensome Backflip

backflip and dive Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
I advise jumping just as the Sentinel impacts the floor to avoid the brunt of their dive. Image by JT Hussey

A wild backflip that causes an AoE rock explosion upon landing, the Sentinel’s backflip attack is one of the easier attacks to exploit. While we should avoid the air during this attack, we can jump just as the Sentinel lands to deliver a single hit.

In the further stages, the AoE rock explosion that the landing creates expands, punishing everything still on the ground. Luckily, we can still jump just as the Sentinal lands to avoid the attack and deal some wicked damage.

Great Slash

wide slash Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

The Sentinal performs a massive Slash that obliterates anything in front of him. Though this attack is easy to predict and outmaneuver in the earlier stages, the later stages create a gigantic wave we must dodge. All-in-all, I recommend running away from the Sentinel during the first set of attacks, then positioning ourselves to slide through their wave on the next few.

Spinning Wheel

spinning wheel Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

The Sentinel of the Emery transforms into a spinning wheel, dashing back and forth across the Arena. Even if this attack deals massive damage and can quickly sneak up on us, we can effortlessly dodge it if we dash into the wheel.

I advise dashing through this attack and preparing for a return dash; we can expect two or three spins of this wheel in later stages and even a flaming variant at the battle’s end.

Alarming Arrows

shooting arrows stage Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

The Sentinel spins in place, shooting a volley of arrows rebounding across the Arena. Despite the arrows’s high speed, the Sentinel does an excellent job of telegraphing this attack so we can identify the projectile’s path and identify a safe zone away from the carnage.

Phase 2: Irritating Iron

stage 2 bombard Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

After we bring the Sentinel down to half health, they begin launching swords and spears from above, forcing us to dodge away from these harrowing weapons. These raining spears are relatively easy to avoid and deal minor damage if we’re hit.

Wheel of Doom

afilaor Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

The Sentinel spins in the air, firing arrows at a 45-degree angle directly above us. Avoiding this attack is laughably easy; all we have to do is stand under them, and we can leverage this moment to deal with fiery Veredicto attacks.

Phase 3: Furious Flames

fire slash Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

After bringing the Sentinel down to a quarter of its health, they perform an identical rain of swords before returning with a flaming sword.

The Sentinel’s attacks now deal fire damage and are faster-paced, so we should leverage Veredicto’s flame mode to end the fight quickly.

I recommend paying greater attention to the Sentinel’s Great Slash and Spinning Wheel attack to avoid the wrath of the more punishing variants.


victory against the emery Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
It’s both delightful and horrifying watching the Sentinel crumble apart. Image by JT Hussey

Upon our victory, the mask covering the Sentinel’s face explodes, and the Sentinel looks upon it in horror as their fiery weapon sets them alight. Following this satisfyingly violent demise, we’re transported to a scene with the Miracle’s Child giving us our mission to free five ravens from their cages.

powerup Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

After this lore dump, we can head leftwards to find the double jump ability from a glowing bot, head back to the Elevated Temple, and confront the Miracle Child’s lifeless corpse. Our penance has just begun!

Sentinel of the Emery Rewards

  • Abilities

    • Double Jump
  • Currency

    • 2500 Tears of Atonement
    • 2 Marks of Martyrdom


Question: Where is the Sentinel of the Emery?

Answer: You can find the Sentinel of the Emery at the bottom of the Beneath her Sacred Ground, below the Mother of Mothers and Profundo Lamento. To access this boss, however, you need every weapon (Veredicto, Ruego Al Alba, and Sarmiento and Centellato) to get past the Mother of Mother’s puzzles to reach the bottom.

Question: How Do I Double Jump in Blasphemous 2?

Answer: After defeating the Sentinel of the Emery at the bottom of Beneath her Sacred Grounds, you obtain the double jump ability, allowing you to access the top of the Elevated Temple and reach new areas in the game. While you don’t need to defeat Orosphina, Lesmes, or Radames before obtaining this ability, you do need to gather every weapon beforehand.

Question: How do I Reach the Top of the Elevated Temple?

Answer: After obtaining the double jump ability from the Sentinel of the Emery in Beneath her Sacred Grounds, you can perform a jump that takes you to the funeral area housing the body of the Miracle’s Child. To progress further from this point, however, you must open the five cages to free the raven-like doves and gain access to the final area of Blasphemous 2.


bird man Blasphemous 2 Sentinel of the Emery
Image by JT Hussey

Well done, Penitent One! We defeated an evil troll at the bottom of the world and gained ourselves a double jump ability for all our trouble.

Even if the Sentinel of the Emery’s motivations and backstory remain mysterious, I appreciated the ferocity and challenge behind their attacks. Though I found most of Blasphemous 2’s boss a bit on the easy side, the Sentinel of the Emery proved a worthy foe that offered me a fun, punishing battle.

Despite Sentinel’s mysterious past, we can now explore a new area of the world. Whether we’re sticking to the main plot or exploring every cherub-covered nook and cranny of this religious nightmare, the Miracle has a hopping new Penitent to fear.

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