Indie Horror Showcase 2023 Wrap-Up – Everything Announced

The Indie Horror Showcase is a brand-new event hosted by The MIX, HorrorVisuals, and DreadXP. It seeks to show off some of the latest and greatest in indie horror games.

Most of them are coming quite soon, and all of them are certainly a treat for people who are actively looking for some new horrific content to spice up their lives.

This showcase does run about an hour and a half long, and while a lot of that runtime is game announcements, plenty of it is just filler content that you’re probably not too interested in.

So, today, I’ll give you a rundown on every big announcement shown off during the event so you can look up and find anything you see that sparks your interest.

The Indie Horror Showcase 2023 at a Glance

If you want a bullet-point list of everything announced, this is the place for you. I’ll be running through all of the 50+ games, covering the highlights in more detail. Here’s everything shown off at The Indie Horror Showcase 2023:

  • 1000X Resist is a bizarre game about exploring a child’s drawings and interpretations of traumatic events, done in a cel-shaded art style that looks similar to Shin Megami Tensei. It’s coming in Q1 of 2024 for every PC storefront and Nintendo Switch.
  • Go Home Annie is exploring a concept similar to SCPs, with a massive facility full of strange and anomalistic horrors, each being unnatural and some leaking into the world and coming 2024 to PC & Consoles.
  • Sniper Killer is an FPS in a PS1 or older PC game era art style, where you play as a secret agent receiving orders from the Pentagon, having to track down a killer and investigate several crime scenes.
Image from the Indie Horror Showcase.
  • Sorry, We’re Closed is a throwback to the older Resident Evil games, with a hint of Catherine in its storytelling. It features inventory management, weird camera angles, and, unlike Resident Evil, a chill lo-fi aesthetic despite the horrors you must run through. You can swap between realities, allowing for even more in-depth puzzle-solving. It’s coming to Steam eventually, but has a demo out now.
  • Janet DeMornay is a Slumlord (and a witch) is a semi-comedic exploration game about avoiding your evil landlord (pretty standard for landlords, to be honest), trying not to let her complete an inspection on your home since everything inside is quite strange. You are coming in 2024.
  • Super Rare Mixtape is a compilation from Super Rare Games, featuring games like ColdLine, HellTown, CorpseOcean, Bonnie’s Bakery, Feedvid Live, PortaBoy+ Code Dino-H, and several other games, on top of developer commentary and art for a bunch of different indie horror games. There are 1,500 limited copies out now at
  • Post Trauma is another Resident Evil tribute, this one even more on-the-nose, with a great soundtrack by a dedicated fan of the series. It shows that the game is similar to the familiar, with twists that make it all the more unsettling—coming Spring 2024.
Image from Beautiful Glitch.
  • Monster Roadtrip x Cult of the Lamb is the next crossover that Cult of the Lamb is doing; this time, the Lamb is showing up in Monster Roadtrip, with hijinx promptly ensuing. Nothing is coming to Cult of the Lamb, but Monster Roadtrip will receive this free update on October 26.
  • Hellpunk is a chaotic first-person game where you hack and slash through everything in your way using various Melee weapons. No release date is given, but you can wishlist it on Steam.
  • Horror Stories Harvest Hunt is a walking simulator survival game where you can only stroll to avoid this massive amalgamation as it slowly chases you, your only defense being a small lamp and an ineffective pitchfork. Available to wishlist now on Steam.
  • El Paso Elsewhere is a game combining elements of DOOM and Superhot, allowing you to move through many horrific enemies excellently, shooting at them and clearing a path while trying to look as excellent as possible. It’s available now on Steam and Xbox.
  • Pneumata is similar to the modern Resident Evil games, a narrative-driven first-person shooter where you try to survive after getting put through a house of extreme horrors, your guns and weapons only barely effective against the enemies in your path—coming soon to Steam and PS5.
  • Plastomorphosis is a VHS-styled horror game, similar to older Resident Evil titles (once again), focusing on having slow, ineffective combat options in this dreary world filled with horrors, weird mannequins, cryptids, and terrible people and coming soon to Steam.
Image from Indie Horror Showcase.
  • World of Horror is a narrative-driven game done entirely in super smooth, animated monochrome pixel art, and it’s an RPG Adventure game that looks somewhat similar to Clock Tower, forcing you to make decisions under intense pressure while exploring unique and terrifying environments. Available now on Steam, Switch, and PS4.
  • Scadded is an exploration game made entirely with real-life shaky cam footage, telling a story inspired by a Singapore folk story, having you explore an abandoned hospital with trippy events occurring inside and coming in Q2 2024.
  • Sucker for Love: Date to Die For is a visual novel dating sim that isn’t exactly what it seems on the surface, quickly becoming an analog horror point-and-click game where you explore worn-down, horrific environments, uncovering terrifying creatures along the way and coming Valentine’s Day 2024.
  • Recall: Empty Wishes is another Clock Tower-inspired game, this time with some extra RPG horror inspiration, all against the backdrop of attempting to locate a lost friend by using satanic rituals and other unsavory methods to try and reach him.
  • Gori: Cuddly Carnage is getting a new level, inspired by abandoned theme parks and circuses. You’ll run around and railgrind as a cat against clowns and giant animals trying to kill you. This update to the game is coming soon to all platforms.
Image from Indie Horror Showcase.
  • Hunt the Night is a hack-and-slash RPG where you explore many terrifying environments rendered in a lovely pixel art style, able to dodge, roll, and slash your way through any enemies you come across; it’s available now on Steam.
  • Teleforum is a game told entirely through real-life VHS security cam footage, where you answer questions posed to you and hop through different cams, clicking on anything of interest and unraveling a mystery. Out now on Steam.
  • Regular Home Renovation Simulator is a PS1-styled first-person game where you explore a house, attempting to renovate it, but getting caught up in some terrible and horrifying mystery instead. No release date is given, though.
  • Drowned Lake is an exploration game where you go boating out onto the river, investigating an old ghost story that slowly becomes more about reality than fiction. No release date was given, or much of any info at all.
  • Projecktz is a zombie survival first-person shooter with fully customizable guns, where you get thrown into the jungle and have to shoot to live amongst a massive horde of the undead—coming to Steam eventually.
  • Night: At the Gates of Hell is a PS1-styled first-person shooter where you shoot at slow-moving enemies, get trapped in small rooms with horrific creatures, and explore trippy landscapes with insane aesthetics; out now on Playstation, Switch, and Steam.
  • > One Way is a game where you run down a 3D hallway, fighting with many errors and computer pop-ups while being chased by a 2D animated creature, with a demo available on Steam in 2024.
Image from Indie Horror Showcase.
  • A Little to the Left is not a horror game but is about sorting a bunch of things out in a cutesy art style, and to celebrate Halloween, they’re adding a bunch of spooky content where you have to sort bones, bats, and Tupperware lids that don’t fit the container. This event will be ongoing from October 27 to 31 as a free update.
  • REPOSE is another game in a monochrome pixel art style, this one with gameplay similar to DOOM, having you explore the terrifying depths underneath your workplace and understand what’s going on.
  • Mouthwashing is a game in a PS2-era style, exploring the depths of your boat as your captain has become mangled and near unrecognizable, finding cosmic horrors underneath everything. Available to wishlist now on Steam.
  • The Normal Fishing Experience is not normal, slowly becoming corrupted as your pixel-art fishing adventure gets weirder and weirder, from your catches being unusual to your wife degrading and becoming horrific and coming Q4 2024.
  • Staring Time is a game where you explore an extremely unnerving facility full of strange creatures going about and threatening you, similar to the SCP facility once again. This one has an Extended Demo coming on October 28.
  • Divine Frequency has you trudging down dark hallways in a DOOM-like first-person shooter, exploring what remains of a cult barely hanging on, still performing rituals and casting terrifying magic.
Image from Indie Horror Showcase.
  • Scarlet Lake is a Resident Evil-style game rendered in a well-done pixel art style, where you’ve gone looking through various abandoned structures on the hunt for your wife, all done in a completely faithful fixed camera angle survival horror style. Available to wishlist on Steam.
  • Cabernet is a wonderfully 2D animated point-and-click visual novel about a gothic woman terrified and adverse to the horrors while realizing she’s slowly becoming one of them. Available to wishlist now on Steam.
  • Lum’s Game is another analog horror game based around children’s drawings with a VHS style to it, with very little info given, just a character called Lum that is overly attached to you and a 2024 release date on Steam.
  • Saturnalia is a black-and-white first-person game rendered in a sketchbook style, and when the town slowly shifts to night-time, you’ll find a horrific monster waiting for you, lurking in the dark. It’s coming on November 8, only on Steam.
  • is another monochrome game, this one focusing on a big group of people watching a film on a projector about Horses, with pretty much no other info given.
  • Samurai Unicorn is a PS1-styled, Resident Evil-inspired behind-the-back shooter. You take on strange amalgamations of blood, wires, and cameras, trudging through a massive complex of broken-down machinery.
  • Home Safety Hotline is an analog horror game where you explore an old computer from the early 2000s, trying to trace the old chats, phone calls, and messages left by a few different in distress after seeing something terrifying unearthed in their homes. It’s coming to Steam and on November 6, 2023.
Image from indie Horror Showcase.
  • Hollow Body is another Resident Evil-styled game, this time starting you off in a dystopian, futuristic society before you’re tasked with exploring an abandoned one from the modern day, trying to salvage anything that’s left and uncovering the terrifying secrets underneath.
  • Full Fathom is a first-person adventure on a barely functional boat that has long since sunk. You’re tasked with trying to repair it enough to uncover any secrets that might be hiding within and trying not to die to the horrifying sea life surrounding you.
  • The End of Nowhere is a first-person, low-resolution adventure game with limited ammo, and it’s so dark that you can barely see anything as you trudge through the winter snow. There’s a demo coming soon on Steam.
  • Antireal is a first-person Puzzle Platformer, like Portal if everything was made of weird fleshy textures and in an incredibly Avant Garde art style. You explore, solve puzzles, platform, and cast spells to ward off the demons trying to kill you.
  • Heartworm is another Fixed-Camera Survival Horror, but focusing more on the horror than the survival, having you chat online about a strange house filled with unimaginable things, exploring it, and trying to find the way to talk to the people you’ve lost.
  • System Shock 2 has you exploring a long-abandoned and dilapidated lab; many inhabitants have never seen the sun, their ghosts sticking around, tasking you to uncover the events within a charming PS2 art-style for this first-person shooter.
Image from Indie Horror Showcase.
  • Haunted House is a spooky isometric game where a group of kids winds up trapped in a haunted mansion, trying to find their way out and escape it; you can dodge out of the way, but you have some trouble trying to fight back, so escaping this death trap is pretty urgent. Every time you die, though, you come back more robust, more equipped to take on the mansion again. It’s available now on all platforms.
  • Sylvio Black Waters is a first-person shooter with muted colors where you explore a long-abandoned home, tracking down the spirits within and ghostbusting, trying to purge them from the area. It’s available to wishlist now on Steam.
  • Slave Zero X is an incredible-looking combination of Megaman Zero, Fighting Games, and Resident Evil-styled horror. You play as a soldier sent out on a mission to destroy the enemies in your path, using your sword, meter, and abilities to tear through everything. It’s available on Xbox, PS4, PS5, Switch, Steam, and Good Ol’ Games on February 21, 2024.
  • Devilated is a first-person shooter similar to the newer DOOM games, focused on movement and tearing through the enemies you can find, with an incredibly similar ranking system to Devil May Cry. It’s playable now on Steam.
  • Tamarindo’s Freaking Dinner is like a horrific take on a 90’s sitcom, where you play a first-person shooter, trying to avoid all these scary and wacky monsters around you, all sharing a wacky neon aesthetic.
Image from Indie Horror Showcase
  • My Lovely Empress is a tactical RPG where you witness the events of an empire slowly falling to those surrounding it, with the only option left is to summon the ancient demons and terrifying creatures of your empire’s past, using them to wreak havoc on everyone, including yourself. It’s coming to Xbox, PS5, Steam, and Switch in 2024.
  • My Lovely Wife is a visual novel resource collection game where you try to summon more and more powerful succubi, letting them trap you. It’s out now on IOS.
  • Neighborhorde is a first-person shooter where you take on a bunch of goofy cartoon monsters, trying to get the highest score and combo possible while beating them with guns, wrenches, and anything you can manage to find. It’s out on Steam, with a free update released on October 20.
  • Rise of the Skeletons is a campy horror game done in a very retro, vintage aesthetic, paying homage to classic, cheesy horror films and letting you try to take on a bunch of skeletons. It’s out now on Steam.
  • Among Ashes has you logging into your computer, opening a game your friend sent you, and finding it has strange effects on you and your home when you play it. It’s a meta, first-person exploration game coming to Steam eventually.
  • Zero Losses is a horrific tale about what war does to someone, told in first-person, PS1 style; it showcases a soldier who finds fighting comforting due to the raw human nature it brings, with progressively more terrible things occurring as it continues. It’ll be available on Steam on November 11.
  • The Third Shift is a campy story of a nightguard at a museum. It is told partly with real actors on shaky, 80’s video cameras but mainly on a Gameboy-styled 2D platformer and exploration game, where you explore the museum as it progressively gets distorted.
  • Paleophage is a Resident Evil 4-inspired behind-the-back shooter where you take on a bunch of strange creatures invading a large mansion, namely dinosaurs, giant scorpions, and various prehistoric anomalies. It’s coming to Steam and PS5 in 2024.
Image from Indie Horror Showcase
  • Tales from Candleforth is a storybook-styled puzzle game where you must find the missing pieces of the story, assemble things, and try to get everything in order; it’s coming to Steam eventually.
  • Bane Mubbain: Incarnage Patient Zero is quite similar to DOOM, but with a style that blends hand-drawn artwork and rigid 3D environments, like a modern-day interpretation of what DOOM was. This time, you’re taking on hordes of robots and the undead, all in a cartoonish art style.
  • Pigsaw is a vague horror game; we see no gameplay, and all we know is a bunch of people being locked up and tortured by a pig man with a giant saw blade. It’ll be available on Steam and Epic Games.
  • Bite Size Terrors is another incredibly vague game. All we see is a bunch of strange monsters and noises outside a picture of a real-life house; then, we get told it’ll be available on Steam.
  • Funeral Toll is a game inspired heavily by 80’s dungeon crawlers but with the controls and visuals of DOOM. It features character creation, looting, and fighting monsters deep in the crypts underground.
  • Beneath is a first-person shooter where you explore a broken-down subway station, trying to fend off all the cryptids and Lovecraftian horrors you’ll find underneath. Coming to all platforms (except Switch) eventually.
  • Retro Space is a slightly unserious game where you explore a broken-down futuristic society that’s gone up in flames, filled to the brim with monsters and terrifying creatures you need to avoid.
Image from Indie Horror Showcase
  • Creepshow is a vague game, only showing its premise of being based around one of those fortune teller machines, but evil and coming Soon.
  • Slay The Princess is a story game told in a sketchbook art style, with not much shown except two comedic British narrators. Coming to Steam, Good Ol’ Games, and
  • Pry into the Void is an RPG heavily inspired by the likes of Shin Megami Tensei but with more of an artsy horror vibe to it all, allowing you to see into the past lives of the demons and creatures you have to befriend to have in your party. Available eventually on Steam.
  • Krampen is again part of this “super vague” block of games, only showing a few snippets of gameplay of walking around a scary house in a monochrome art style, coming soon on
  • Flawless Abbey is a puzzle-exploration game where you try to solve mysteries and unravel the secrets a massive tower presents, all told in a wonderfully drawn storybook style.
  • Hello Cruel World is another vague one, only showing some shots of dilapidated modern environments with a robot narrator scoring it all, with no gameplay being shown.
  • Amanda the Explorer is the trendy indie horror title this year, and it’s presumably getting an update of some kind, with a very vague announcement trailer, then followed by the exact same trailer for Sucker for Love from way earlier, so I honestly have no clue what’s going on here.

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