Untangling The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria Release Date Mess

After the terrible mess that was the Lord of the Rings: Gollum, you probably didn’t think there would be another Lord of the Rings game this year, but if you haven’t heard already, Lord of the Rings Return to Moria is coming out in a day, or a few months, or a year, or an unspecified amount of time. Honestly, nobody knows.

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This game has an absolute mess of a release calendar. In this era where most studios are figuring out how to release a multiplatform game on at least two consoles simultaneously, Return to Moria decided to have one of the strangest release schedules I’ve ever seen, and even though it’s technically releasing soon, it’ll more than likely be a while before you get your hands on it.

Lord of The Rings Return to Moria on PC

For PC gamers, you’re in luck, but in a Monkey’s Paw curling type way. Return to Moria is launching exclusively for PC on October 24th, but only on the Epic Games Store.

If you didn’t know, most people hate buying anything from EGS since it sticks a terrible DRM on everything and doesn’t have the same amenities Steam typically offers everyone.

Don’t get your hopes up for a Steam release since they’ve not said anything about it. As is the case with a majority of Epic Games exclusives, it’s probably only sticking there for about a year, so if you want to get the game on a decent platform, then you’ll probably be waiting until October 2024, maybe even later or never depending on how the publisher feels.

Lord of The Rings Return to Moria on PlayStation

If you want to experience middle-earth while sitting comfy on your couch with your PS5, you’re in luck since it launches on December 5th as an exclusive.

This is over a month later than the PC release, but at the very least, it’s taking less time to port over than most Indie games, so that’s comforting.

If you’re on the PS4 and wanna partake in the action, you’re entirely out of luck since this is one of the rare occurrences where the game could probably run on the PS4, but they decided not to port it over there anyway. I guess get a PS5 if you want to play this game, but that seems a bit odd.

Lord of The Rings Return to Moria on Xbox

For Xbox players, you don’t even get a proper date, just an early 2024 or coming soon, take your pick. I have no clue what happened with the Xbox version of this game; all I know is it’ll be exclusive to Xbox Series X/S and hopefully come around January-March of next year.

Lord of The Rings Return to Moria on Switch

The answer to “Will this game be on Switch?” is usually a no when it’s not a smaller indie dev or Sega, and guess what the answer is this time… It’s a no.

This game does look at least a bit graphically advanced, so not letting people’s Switches overheat and turn into a time bomb is probably a pretty decent idea on their part.

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