Deep Rock Galactic Gets a Spinoff Called Rogue Core

Deep Rock Galactic, the hectic procedurally-generated co-op FPS, is finally getting something of a spinoff, one more focused on roguelite gameplay, called Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core.

Today, we’ve reached the initial teaser trailer and a complete roadmap for what we can expect from Rogue Core and when to play it.

On top of these two looks at the game, we can expect more blog posts, developer interviews, and other little tidbits of information dropped along the way to release.

They’re looking to finish the Early Access release on Steam around November of 2024, which means it’ll be quite a while before we get to try Armored Core, so keep your eye on it.

What Will Be in the Game?

From the roadmap, we can tell that a very basic amount of the game has been finished, mostly just the main gameplay loop and the necessary elements to get everything in a playable state.

The actual visual identity, character designs, and generally all those pretty little details that get things looking as good as they can are all still being worked on.

The fundamentals of the game have been laid, though. From that, we know that Rogue Core will be far different, a complete shift to Roguelite gameplay where you start each run with only the essentials, getting upgrades and abilities along the way, the missions each being a lot longer so you can go through the whole Roguelite experience.

Image from Ghost Ship Games.

On top of this, unlike other Rougelite/like games that might throw in co-op on top of a singleplayer game, Rogue Core is being designed with co-op first and foremost, featuring all the co-op mechanics of Deep Rock Galactic while also experimenting with the idea of team-builds that amount to more than four separate builds would.

This experimental rougelite gameplay began as a prototype game mode inside Deep Rock Galactic. For around seven years, they’ve been slowly developing it from ideas to prototypes until it eventually became its own thing entirely, having players travel to a new planet to explore a lost mining operation and uncover the horrors within.

Image from Ghost Ship Games.

This doesn’t interrupt Season 5 of Deep Rock Galactic’s content, but it will be postponed to June 2024, and Season 5 will work as a prequel to Rogue Core. It’s not an expansion to Deep Rock Galactic, though; this is an entirely new game that will be sold separately and bundled with the original, so all owners of Deep Rock Galactic get a discount.

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