Stardew Valley Dev Celebrates 1-Million Fallowers with Haunted Chocolatier Update

After hitting 1 million followers on Twitter, Stardew Valley developer Concerned Ape celebrated by sharing more screenshots of Haunted Chocolatier, the long-awaited sequel to the hit farming sim.

Among the screenshots found in the post above are a blushy fellow in a jungle-themed storeroom, another figure shooting a bow and arrow at a walking fern, a water fountain with three mermaids, and a vast reading room predominated with a spooky Skeleton

While the jungle-themed room likely has some connection to Stardew Valley’s Ginger Islands, given the abundance of bananas, palm trees, and other tropical plants, it’s unclear whether this is meant to be the player’s house or an absent NPC.

However, the abundance of crated food, barrels of melons, and an elongated Temmie monster from Undertale in the room’s far left end indicates that a quirky merchant or strange shopkeeper likely owns the building.

Meanwhile, the combat screenshot reveals more of Haunted Chocolatier’s nuanced fighting, with a more overhauled battle system that eliminates much of the excessive inventory management that forced Stardew players to sort through three pages of items to find their weapons, food, and bombs. 

Indeed, Eurogamer details how Haunted Chocolatier plans to have boss battles, which will likely require revamping Stardew’s somewhat limited combat system.

As for the mermaid screenshot, this is likely more of a reference to the Mermaids from Stardew, who would sing to you on Winter Night Market on the Mermaid Boat and reward you with a pearl if you play their song back to them.

While Stardew wasn’t afraid to embrace its fantasy elements with wizards, dwarves, and talking bears, it’s unclear whether Haunted Chocolatier will follow suit or contain more juicy references or genuine mermaids for Stardew veterans to enjoy.

The last screenshot in the crowded library potentially hints towards the mysterious grandpa figure shown in earlier updates of Haunted Chocolatier.

As GamerRant notes, previous updates of an elderly, wizard-like gentleman sleeping in a huge bed surrounded by books resemble the Grandpa that gave players the farm in Stardew Valley.

This suggests that this room is a study belonging to the same senior fellow and could be used to read and research this strange for combat or to converse with the town wizard.

Regardless, Haunted Chocolatier is shaping up to be a highly anticipated title sure to send Stardew players screaming for cholate.

Is Haunted Chocolatier a Sequel to Stardew

Probably yes. While the setting and visuals seem to be in the same world as Stardew Valley, Polygon notes, it’s unclear whether the Haunted Chocolatier is a prequel to Stardew as the elderly figure could be the Grandpa from Stardew before their demise or after faking their death.

Even so, players can likely expect various references to Stardew Valley spread throughout the game. 

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