Dang, Studio behind Boomerang X, Shuts Down

Another victim of the recent video game shutdowns and layoffs has struck with Dang, the studio behind Boomerang X.

Unfortunately, as Game Industry Biz details, “the small five-person team posted a note to social media yesterday announcing the disbanding of the team,” claiming they could not “find funding for [their] next game and [they] are out of money.”

Boomerang X on Steam

Though the post coming on a notepad screenshot feels like a bizarre in-joke, IGN details that the Dang is serious and that while “they might work on on some small stuff together in the future, for now [they’re] all going [their] separate ways.”

While the studio has only worked on two games, Boomerang X and IO Interloper, Boomerang X was a well-received arena shooter with deliciously violent traversal and a bombastic boomerang.

Even as some fans have floated the idea of crowdfunding following Boomerang X’s overwhelmingly positive score on Steam, Destructoid details Dang, stating that “it’s never quite made sense for our situation” and is unlikely to happen.”

Boomerang X Preview - You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

This past week has been a nightmare for indie and AAA studios as Game Industry Biz reviews layoffs from Epic, Team17, Activision, Blizzard, Naughty Dog, Gearbox, Rainbow Studios, Ascendant Studios, Beamdog, Crystal Dynamics, Roblox, and Volition, as well as other smaller indie studios like Puny Human closing down.

Though devout Dang fans could still await a follow-up to Boomerang X or IO Interloper’s release, it’ll likely be some time until more content is released.

Hopefully, the team can reconnect and make high-octane arena shooter content later, but it’ll be some time until this period of videogame layoffs and shutdowns comes to a close.

Will Boomerang X Remain Available?

Yes, even while Dang’s studio is officially ending, Destructoid details that Boomerang X should remain available for players to purchase. 

Boomerang X release date announced, dashing through the air in July

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for their next title, IO Interloper, a hacking heist game about robbing involving security cameras, piloting drones, duping rubes, and delivering a gruff “I’M IN.”

Though the game teased the heist spiraling into a metaphysical thriller, likely in the realm of Dusk, players will have to wait much longer for the hacking adventure to release, if it comes out.

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