The Talos Principle 2 Announced for November

Fans of the beloved Talos Principle can eagerly await its sequel this November 2nd. Set in a world where humanity has gone extinct and robots have taken over, Talos Principle 2 is a cozy puzzler following a set of robots unraveling the mystery between a giant megastructure. 

While the first game was more of a puzzler to test our humanity while detailing the story of the humans that came before, Rock Paper Shotgun reviews how the Talos Principle 2 embraces its robotic roots with glee, throwing alongside a lovable cast of mechanical friends.

Even while the first game was a primarily solitary adventure akin to Portal, Talos Principle 2’s trailer shows a vast robot city brimming with robots that have bested the apocalypse and built a flourishing robotic society to put ours to shame.

While much of the story remains unknown, whether this outside force is humans, aliens, or another set of robot friends, the Talos Principle 2 boasts a plethora of puzzling fun for players to dig their robot hands into.

Boasting a variety of puzzle mechanics like portals, gravity boosters, mind transference, and lasers, Eurogamer details how the Talos Principle 2 promises to bring much of the same puzzler mechanics and the philosophical story of the first alongside a variety of stunning settings.

From massive robot cities to exploring monumental ruins with your robot companions, Engadget details how the Talos Principle 2 promises to be an optimistic, thought-provoking story with a slower-paced, cozier feel.

Regardless, players interested in continuing their robot adventures can look forward to Talos Principle 2 coming out on November 2nd. 

Can I Play Talos Principle 2 Without Prior Knowledge?

While stunning, you may need more context behind the world’s destruction that the Talos Principle set up in its first game to better understand the second game’s story and your place in it.

Luckily, the first game is currently 90% off on Steam, approximately $3, if you haven’t played it before and want to try out the robot classic before the second one’s release.

Even if puzzles aren’t your cup of tea, the Talos Principle offers a phenomenal science fiction story to reward your every success.

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