Devolver Digital To Avoid Xbox Game Pass Moving Forward

I get it, finance stuff is really boring, and you don’t want to read Devolver Digital’s recently published half-year results. Still, there’s quite a bit of interesting things buried under all the legal and technical speak, especially if you’re a fan of them. Namely, Xbox Game Pass and other subscription services are now a no-go for them for 2023 and 2024.

For everyone who tuned in to their 2021 Devolver Direct, this should probably come as no surprise since they’ve directly made fun of every modern gaming subscription service with Devolver Max Pass+.

Still, this, on top of a few other things revealed in this half-time report, should tell you where the future of Devolver and your favorite games from the publisher might be going.

Why Devolver Digital Are Axing Subscription Services

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Simply put, when they had titles on subscription services, Devolver Digital noticed a trend where those games would give them quite a bit less than other games in their extensive back catalog.

They plan to decline every subscription deal they receive for the next year and a half, which means no Plucky Squire or Skate Story on Gamepass or PS Plus.

On top of that, their general outlook isn’t great, given the only back-catalog titles that still perform well are Inscryption and Cult of the Lamb.

That is still better than their new titles, which, due to the games they’ve recently delayed, there aren’t much of, only four having been released in the entire first half of 2023, leading to a loss of $10 million.

All that to say, Devolver will likely be focusing more on big-hitting new titles that are likely to be hits, like the Talos Principle 2, or smaller titles that take minimal funding to get off the ground, like Gunbrella.

Of course, things are not always as cut and dry as this, so things might still get delayed and push back the schedule, but they’re looking towards a bright and packed 2024.

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On top of this, they’re planning to improve the money they get from their back catalog, which usually means free updates and DLC to drive more players.

We’re already seeing a bit of that in the Cult of the Lamb update that crosses over with Don’t Starve Together, and we will probably see more of that on top of new games released in between.

All this to say, instead of focusing on Gamepass or PS Plus, we’re getting a shift in focus to supporting old titles, making a bunch of new ones, and attempting to recover financially from what has been a pretty bad year for Devolver.

While this does leave players reliant on these services in the dust, it will hopefully help bring sales back in 2023.

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