Lies of P Update Makes Game Drastically Easier

Players who bounced off Lies of P’s challenging late-game content can rejoice at an update to make the demanding soulslike game much more accessible.

From reducing bosses’ health and damage and increasing the health of spectators and gold coin fruit generation, Rock Paper Shotgun details Lies of P cutting down on much of the challenging content that likely frustrated players on their first playthrough.

Specifically, players who suffered against late-game bosses like Simon Manus Awakened God can appreciate the boss’s reduced health and damage so they can finally access the game’s end.

Even if players haven’t gotten that far, GameInformer details other bosses like the King of Puppets and Fallen Archbishop Andreus have similarly had their health and damage decreased, so players won’t have to fight through their first phase over and over.

Besides that, Eurogamer adds that several changes have been made to the mechanics governing Gold Coin Fruit, as the tree now generates fruit much more quickly, and it costs far less fruit to respec than earlier.

Frankly, while some of these changes are welcome as they cut down on waiting for the Gold Coin Fruit to generate, GameInformer details how increasing the Spector’s health could serve to break much of the challenge of the ending area boss fights.

While the Spector functioned much like an accessibility feature that made fighting the boss easier by temporarily drawing the boss’s attention, its increased health and damage could effectively allow players to skip the boss and bypass some of the best fights in the game.

In addition to these changes, Rock Paper Shotgun reviews a few altercations have been made to the game’s drop rate of Ergo, making enemies more likely to drop some of the Moonstone resources and Ergo required to upgrade weapons and level up.

While initial playthroughs usually only gave players enough materials to upgrade two legendary weapons, players can now appreciate experimenting with more of the game’s wacky weapons.

Finally, with increased carrying capacity and decreased weight of heavier boss amulets, players can enjoy increased protection and wield heavier weapons without sacrificing their movement.

All-in-all, this Lies of P update has effectively made the game much more manageable and will likely be more approachable if your first attempt was too harrowing.

Is Lies of P Easy Now?

No, while the endgame of Lies of P is likely to be much more accessible with more straightforward boss combat, the soulslike retelling of Pinocchio is still a challenging affair.

With multistage boss battles, brutal action, and a grim story governing the player’s attempts to become human, Lies of P is a spiritual successor to Bloodborne with a unique Pinocchio twist.

Luckily, if you’re still struggling with the game, you can check out our guide on Lies of P’s legendary boss weapons, Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss, Fallen Archbishop, and others to make your trek through ruined Krat survivable.

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