Hades 2 Overtakes Hollow Knight: Silksong as Most Wishlisted Steam Game

It seems we have a new hottest anticipated indie as Hades 2 has overtaken Hollow Knight Silksong as the most wish-listed game on Steam!

For the past few years, we’d had a reigning champion for what game would pop up if you searched for games on Steam by most wishlisted.

Hollow Knight Silksong is not only an obvious choice for all PC players to be incredibly excited about, but it’s also one of the most anticipated games ever. However, a new game has taken the reigns, namely Hades 2.

Now, I don’t think anyone particularly predicted that the top 2 would be the sequels to indie hits focused on combat and exploring a deep system of caves and caverns, but I think it’s funny, so it’s cool that it’s like this.

I’ll be going into why I think Hades 2 managed to skyrocket in wishlists and popularity like this, even though it’s over as soon as Valve announces Portal 3 in 2036.

Hades’ Rise to Popularity

Image from Steam

The original Hades in 2018 quickly rose as one of those indie hits you’d see nearly unanimously praised on all fronts for its lovely isometric visuals, game design that makes you want to throw your controller into the wall (in a good way), and incredible music. This would naturally make a sequel to the game quite the hit with everyone.

Fast forward to just a few months later, in 2019, when Team Cherry announces Silksong. You’ll all feel old when I tell you that despite this trailer having come four years ago, we’ve only gotten a bit of extra gameplay and a second trailer.

Despite how great Hollow Knight is and how anticipated this game is, the lack of information has killed much hype.

Just nine months ago, after Silksong had just gotten boosted from its second trailer at Xbox’s E3 presentation, Supergiant Games showed off Hades 2, the direct sequel to Hades, at the game awards.

The game is immediately a massive hit, given it’s pretty much a surefire win, being a sequel to a massively popular, extremely high-quality indie title.

Already, supergiant games have given us a decent idea of the release window. When Early Access for Hades 2 drops, and unlike the now infamous tweet from Xbox about Silksong, we can probably trust it’s true.

In summary, while Silksong has been slowly drip-feeding us information, Hades 2 only came up recently and already has communicated more, so it’s evident in hindsight that this would be coming.

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If you want to hear more about Hades 2 soon and read up on some information about Silksong when the next trailer drops in 2027, stick right here for more.

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