Lies of P Best Weapon Combos

Lies of P’s Weapon Combos astound me. Between creating unholy concoctions between an indomitable Greatsword blade and a puny dagger handle or devising a spear with a machete plastered on the end, Lies of P has an almost nauseating level of weapon variety and customization.

Lies of P's Weapon Combo ranked
Image by JT Hussey

It’s a shame, then, that we’ll likely ignore Weapon Combos on the first playthrough, gravitating toward the powerful preset legendary weapons that we can’t disassemble or rearrange. Still, if we’re interested in experimenting with monster-killing machines, we have an almost limitless supply of devious designs, Fable Arts, and mischievous movesets to play with.

In this Lies of P Best Weapon Combos guide, I’ll review the top five weapon combos we can leverage to maximize attack power, inflict status effects, and increase our attack speed. As a bonus, I’ll review how to alter the handle of a weapon we create so it can scale better with our stats.


For high-damage weapon combos, I recommend assembling the Coil Mjolnir Head and the Clock Sword Handle or the Live Puppet’s Axe Blade and the Booster Glaive Handle. For Weapon Combos with a fantastic moveset or dealing elemental damage, I advise the Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade and the Electric Coil Stick Handle, the Black Steel Cutter Blade and the Spear of Honor Handle, or the Salamander Dagger Blade and Acidic Great Curved Sword Handle.

Here are our top five Lies of P Best Weapon Combos up front:

  • #5 – Salamander Dagger Blade + Acidic Great Curved Sword Handle
  • #4 – Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade + Electric Coil Stick Handle
  • #3 – Black Steel Cutter Blade + Spear of Honor Handle
  • #2 – Live Puppet’s Axe Blade + Booster Glaive Handle
  • #1 – Coil Mjolner Head + Clock Sword Handle

How to Create Weapon Combos

After acquiring more than two weapons in our arsenal, we can talk to Eugenie at Hotel Krat to dissemble the blade and handle to use a particular handle’s unique fable art or enjoy increased range or less weight. Once disassembled, we can pick the option to assemble a weapon, choosing any blades or handles we’ve taken apart and combining them at our leisure.

While any blade we’ve upgraded will retain the upgrade level from all the moonstones we’ve invested, the weapon handles are entirely customizable, allowing us to mix and max without forfeiting any Ergo or upgrade materials. Even if we prefer the original combination of a particular weapon, we can always reassemble it without spending any Ergo, Moonstone, or other resources.

Note: Alterable Scaling

Even if a weapon below looks like it won’t fit your particular build, we can spend a Motivity, Technique, or Advance Crank to scale it to a specific stat. I recommend Motivity builds for their severe damage and range and altering a particular weapon’s handle with Eugenie to reflect that stat.

Even if we decide to respec our character with the Grand Exhibition Goddess statue, effectively removing the point of altering the handle, we can always reset the altercation with a Balance Crank to better account for our new skillset.

Top 5 Best Weapon Combos

While we can make various powerful combos, five among them are fantastic amalgamations that can deal a tremendous amount of damage or inflict a potent status effect. I highly recommend the weapons below to make the most out of weapon combos.

5. Fiery Acidic Salamander

lies of p salamander dagger review
Image by JT Hussey
  • Type: Dagger
  • Blade: Salamander Dagger Blade
  • Handle: Acidic Great Curved Sword Handle
  • Weight: 10.5
  • Attack Damage
    • Physical: 45
    • Fire: 45
  • Scaling
    • Motivity: D
    • Technique: C
    • Advance: B
  • Fable Arts
    • Ignite (Fable: 2) – significantly increases the weapon’s fire damage for a brief period.
    • Absolute Defense (Fable: 1) – Perfectly guard the enemies’ subsequent few attacks.
salamander dagger Lies of P Best Weapon Combos
Image by JT Hussey

Excellent if we enjoy quickly inflicting overheat and decay, Fiery Acidic Salamander is a perfect elemental weapon if you want to leverage status effects without relying on abrasives or our grindstone. While its low damage compromises compared to other weapons, its lighter weight and elemental potential make it an excellent second weapon to switch to.

acidic handle abby Lies of P Best Weapon Combos
Image by JT Hussey

We can find the Salamander Dagger Blade in Venegi’s factory at the end of a protracted wind corridor. As for the Acidic Great Curved Sword Handle, we can obtain that at the end of the game in the Lower Abby inside one of the temple’s chests.

4. Hyper Electric Pizza Cutter

lies of p hyper puppet weapon
Image by JT Hussey
  • Type: Blunt
  • Blade: Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade
  • Handle: Electric Coil Stick Handle
  • Weight: 16.0
  • Attack Damage
    • Physical: 68
    • Electric Blitz: 61
  • Scaling
    • Motivity: C
    • Technique: D
    • Advance: B
  • Fable Arts
    • Condensing Slash (3 Fable) – Perform a Powerful Slash with up to three more slashes if we charged the strike beforehand
    • Rush Smash (3 Fable) – Perform a leaping attack and strike down at the enemy beneath you.

Fans of the “Pizza Cutter” weapon, Ghiza’s Wheel, from Elden Ring, will be right at home with this highly electric combination that quickly inflicts shock damage.

lies of p electric handle
Image by JT Hussey

While this combination has decreased damage and range compared to the vanilla Circular Electric Chainsaw, its quicker attack speed and increased electric attacks mean we can deal damage and bring foes to a stagger almost immediately. Unfortunately, its scaling in Advance, one of the less valuable stats in the game, pushes it toward the bottom of the list, though we can still recorrect the scaling with a particular crank.

We can purchase the Electric Coil Stick Handle from the Wandering Merchant in the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer for 1200 Ergo. As for the Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade, we can purchase it from the Wandering Merchant in Lorenzini Arcade for about 3000 Ergo.

3. Flaming Furious Charge

lies of p charger weapon
Image by JT Hussey
  • Type: Greatsword
  • Blade: Black Steel Cutter Blade
  • Handle: Spear of Honor Handle
  • Weight: 15.8
  • Attack Damage
    • Physical: 65
    • Fire: 65
  • Scaling
    • Motivity: D
    • Technique: B
  • Fable Arts
    • Storm Slash (3 Fable) – Powerfully slash at an enemy in front of you several times.
    • Rush Swing (2 Fable) – Rush forward from a long distance and deliver an explosive strike.

Furious Charge is a fantastic weapon if we enjoy charging into battle. It has all the brutal staggering damage of a giant machete with a long spear charge that can effectively cross long distances to reach an enemy or push them off a nearby cliff.

black steel cutter hermit's cave Lies of P Best Weapon Combos
Image by JT Hussey

While its scaling with Technique can make this a less ideal weapon in battle, its Fire damage can serve it well to overheat bosses without needing a fire abrasive or grindstone.

Lies of P Best Weapon Combos spear of honor lorenzi arcade
Image by JT Hussey

We can find the blade in a chest in Hermit’s Cave after unlocking the area with a Cryptic Vessel we can purchase from Polendia after expanding their shop. As for the Spear of Honor, we can find it in a safe in Lorenzini Arcade near a rotting black mass.

2. Elongated Living Death

Lies of P Hyper Electric Chainsaw
Image by JT Hussey
  • Type: Greatsword
  • Blade: Live Puppet’s Axe Blade
  • Handle: Booster Glaive Handle
  • Weight: 23.4
  • Attack Damage
    • Physical: 174
  • Scaling
    • Motivity: D
    • Technique: B
  • Fable Arts
    • Killer Attack (2 Fable) – Perform a heavy swing attack that deals extra damage to attacking enemies.
    • Patient Slash (2 Fable) – Execute high damage charged attack more likely to stagger enemies the longer it’s held

A massive ranged boost to one of the heaviest, high-damage weapons in the game, Elongated Death is an excellent high-damage weapon, keeping enemies at bay with impeccable range and the ability to one-shot most foes.

live puppets axe handel barren swamp Lies of P Best Weapon Combos
Image by JT Hussey

While the weapon’s large swings can often leave us compromised to enemy damage, Elongated Death’s high stagger damage allows us to unlock most foes effectively and quickly riposte bosses. Also, its Killer Attack Fable Art is fantastic for delivering a brutal attack with extended reach to a distant puppet or carcass.

lies of p glave handle
Image by JT Hussey

We can find the blade in the Barren Swamps in a chest by the Ballista Turret that targets us on our way in. As for the handle, we can find it earlier on in Venigni’s factory at the end of a drainage gate.

1. Odin’s Cursed Creation

lies of p odin's hammer
Image by JT Hussey
  • Large Blunt
  • Blade: Coil Mjolner Head
  • Handle: Clock Sword Handle
  • Weight: 17.8
  • Attack Damage
    • Physical: 157
  • Scaling
    • Motivity: C
    • Technique: C
  • Fable Arts
    • Thunderstrike (Fable: 3) Swings the weapon downward in a thunderous lightning AoE attack that damages all around and briefly infuses the weapon with Electric Blitz.
    • Bell of Provocation (Fable: 1) Briefly increases your ATK and the enemies’ danger.
oden head ruined krat Lies of P Best Weapon Combos
Image by JT Hussey

The best combined weapon we can assemble, Odin’s weapon is an incredibly high-damage weapon that we can curse ourselves to make stronger and naturally imbue with electrical damage. While it has the same pitfalls as other Motivity weapons regarding its slow swings, its massive damage and the ability to naturally coat it with Electric Blitz make it a superb choice for demolishing enemies.

clockwork sword rosa isabella alley Lies of P Best Weapon Combos
Image by JT Hussey

We can find the Coil Mjolner Head after returning to ruined Krat Station and exiting the station to find a weapon in a chest near the courtyard statue. As for the Clock Sword Handle, we can acquire it in Rosa Isabella Street in a chest in one of the many alleyways.


Question: What are the best Lies of P Weapon Combinations?

Answer: Combing Mjolner’s Head with a Clockwork Sword handle is an excellent combination for maximizing damage, leveraging Electric Blitz, and increasing our ATK damage. Besides that weapon combo, combining Black Steel Cutter Blade with the Spear of Honor Handle offers a fun moveset that can punish foes at close range and Charge after opponents from far away.

Question: How Do I Assemble Lies of P Weapons?

Answer: After acquiring two weapons, you can talk to Eugenie, who offers to disassemble weapons into their blades and handles and combine them at your leisure. Also, there’s no need to worry about losing an upgraded armament; the sword in question will retain the same level as before disassembly.

Question: Where Do I Find More Weapons in Lies of P?

Answer: You can find more weapons in Lies of P by searching Treasure Chests and purchasing them from the Wandering Merchant. While Alidoro also exchanges Rare ergo obtained from bosses for legendary weapons, they cannot be disassembled.


lies of p top five best weapon combos
Image by JT Hussey

Well done, Puppet Slayer! You’ve crafted an arsenal of nightmarish weapons sure to make an eldritch blacksmith squeal!

While I still imagine myself and other players will cling to prebuilt legendary weapons for their fantastic damage and Fable Arts, introducing customizable weapons was a noteworthy new addition to the soulslike genre that excited me each time I took a new sword, broke it apart, and made it stronger than before. Even if I expect this mechanic to be underused, I appreciate that there is fun experimenting with weapons and making a silly sword that should not be.

Regardless, with a set of peerless weapons in our hands, we’re ready to tear apart more puppets and send those Eldritch beings back to the slimy depths from whence they came. This puppet of fortune won’t run out of tricks anytime soon!

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