Lies of P All Quartz Locations

I love Lies of P’s Quartz and the P-Organ system. The utter joy of knowing I’ll have a new game-changing perk when I get back to Hotel Krat is a veritable thrill each time I pluck one from a dead Eldritch horror or Farmer puppet.

lies of p quartz locations guide
Image by JT Hussey

However, finding Quartz is painfully irregular, forcing us to cater to a sadistic puppet’s strange whims and defeat each mini-boss to see what is in that circus puppet’s pockets. If we want to deck our Pinocchio out with regenerating pulse charges, unstoppable Fable Arts, and more effective perfect guards, it means scouring every inch of Krat for Quartz

In this Lies of P Quartz Locations guide, I’ll review how to obtain all 27 Quartz in the game, from mini-bosses, treasure chests, and character quests. As a bonus, I’ll detail how we can avoid losing up to four Quartz if we mess up a Character Quest and pick the wrong boss reward.

Quartz in Lies of P Explained

Unlike the standard, real-world crystal, Quartz is a rare material used to obtain P-Organ perks that augment our ability to deal damage, use pulse charges, and leverage fable arts to obliterate enemies. While several of these abilities are adequate (i.e. increasing our Ergo gain or the amount of consumables we can use), others are critical to our ability to heal during boss battles or bring an enemy to stagger.

Though the game gives us Quartz quite early, we’ll have to wait a few hours before we save Geppetto from the Mad Donkey and leverage his chair to install the perks at our convenience. Fortunately, even if we make a P-Organ selection we’re unhappy with, we can respec them with the statue of the goddess with Golden Coin Fruit once we progress to Krat’s Grand Exhibition.

WARNING: Missable Quartz

Up to four of Lies of P’s Quartz are missable, chiefly the ones related to the King of All Riddles quest and the Frozen Feast boss weapon. While obtaining all Quartz isn’t critical to beating the game, we’ll be unable to unlock a 5th phase synergy and miss out on some other 5th stage perks.

If you’re unsure about the Riddle Answers and Trinity Sanctum Locations, check out our guide here, where I review every step of the sadistic side quest. As for Frozen Feast, I detail finding Alidoro, the dog-headed NPC that trades us legendary weapons here.

Lies of P Quartz Locations

While some Quartz locations require us to backtrack to previous areas after decoding cryptic vessels, I’ll review each site from start to finish.

Chapters 1 – 4: The Scarce Start

Quartz 1 – Parade Master

lies of p Parade Master quartz
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Cerasani Alley

We can obtain our first Lies of P Quartz by defeating Parade Master, the first boss in the game. While we won’t be able to spend it for a few hours, we can come back and quickly acquire our first P-Organ synergy with it.

Quartz 2: Puppet Police

lies of p quartz Puppet Police
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Krat City Hall

For our next Quartz, we’ll have to defeat the Scrapped Watchman Boss behind Krat’s City Hall. Like the boss beforehand, this Quartz is unmissable, and we’ll get the Quartz naturally just by playing through the game.

Quartz 3: Giant Swamp Robot

lies of p number 3 quartz giant robot
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Workshop Union Entrance

After making it to Venigi’s factory, we can follow the left path past two puppets and a giant foe beating the wall to find a massive robot wading through green sewage. While we can fight the Puppet of the Future now, I recommend waiting until later when we’ve drained the swamp below and can battle the robot without having to fat roll or deal with the decay status effect.

Quartz 4: Riveting Riddle

lies of p quartz number 4 riddle
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Workshop Union Culvert

Our fourth piece of Quartz involves the King of All Riddles quest, forcing us to pick up the phone outside of Venigi’s factory on the other side of the bridge, answer with “human,” then head to the Trinity door in a later part of the factory past the Red Fox and Black Cat. After unlocking the door, we’ll find the Quartz in a safe with a Blueblood’s Tailcoat.

Quartz 5: Factory Office

lies of p quartz number 5 factory office
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Workshop Union Culvert

After progressing far enough in the Venigi’s Factory and fighting the human enemy wearing a mouse head, we can loot the nearby office of Doctor-Cure-All to find the Quartz in a nearby safe.

Quartz 6: Shield Arm Monster

lies of p quartz number 6 monster with a shield arm
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

After climbing up the hectic platform area beneath St Francis Chapel, we’ll encounter a large enemy with a shield arm that fights us in a tough battle.

After staggering the foe and using status effects like overheat, we can loot the Quartz from their body.

Chapters 5 – 8: The Middling Middle

Quartz 7: Malum District Courtyard Chest

lies of p quartz number 7 malum disticut
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Malum District

We can find our Seventh Quartz in Malum District in a room right behind the burning bunny pyre in a courtyard. I recommend fighting or luring away the giant enemy before entering the building so we can safely access the treasure.

Quartz 8: Black Rabbit Brotherhood Chest

lies of p quartz number 8 black rabbit brotherhood reward
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Malum District Town Hall

After defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, we can access their treasure room with a chest containing a single Quartz, a picture of ourselves with a nose that grows for every lie we tell, and the Golden Coin Fruit Tree above.

Quartz 9: Rosa Isabella Clown

lies of p number 9 rosa isabella clown quartz
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Estella Opera House Entrance

After reaching the top of Rosa Isabella Street, we’ll find a giant puppet clown guarding access to the Orchestra building. Before fighting this formidable enemy, however, I advise running past them and resting at the nearby Stargazer so we don’t have to worry about running back and restarting the fight.

Quartz 10: Mansion Backrooms

lies of p quartz number 10 mansion backrooms
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Estella Opera House Entrance

In the backrooms of the Estella Opera House, we can find a few stone corridor backrooms we can get to by jumping down the area with the burning chandelier and following the path to the chest that holds the Quartz.

Quartz 11: Outside Grand Exhibition

lies of p number 11 outside grand exhibition
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Grand Exhibition Gallery

In the area outside the Grand Expedition, we’ll find a tough mini-boss guarding a chest containing the Quartz. I recommend obtaining the Quartz and returning to the mini-boss later, as they deal frustrating damage for our current level.

Quartz 12: Sturdy Krat Supply Box – Shop

lies of p quartz number 12 sturdy krat supply box
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Grand Exhibition Gallery

A chest on the upper floor of the Grand Exhibition contains the Sturdy Krat Supply Box, which we can give Polendina at Hotel Krat to expand their selection. Besides selling moonstone, Polendina now sells a sing Quartz for a little over a thousand Ergo.

Quartz 13: Barren Swamp Robot Returns

lies of p quartz number 13 barens swamp robot
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Barren Swamp

For our 13th and 14th Quartz, we’ll have to defeat the two massive Puppet of the Future mini-bosses we saw earlier while getting the 3rd Quartz. While enemies share the same attack patterns, we now worry about a giant ballista targeting us from afar. To more easily deal with these enemies, I recommend destroying the ballista and killing all the nearby enemies before engaging the first Robot mech.

Quartz 14: Barrens Swamp Robot 2: Electric Boogaloo

lies of p quartz number 14 barens swamp robot 2
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Barren Swamp

With the same strategy as before, destroy the remaining mech and watch out for their stomp and spin attacks. I recommend watching out for the legless puppets that can stagger us into some of the robot’s monstrous attacks.

Quartz 15: Orchestra Trinity Door

lies of p quartz number 15 orcastram trinity door
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Estella Opera House Entrance

For our next Quartz, we’ll have to answer another enigma in Krat’s Exhibition from the King of All Riddles and head back to the Ochastra Stargazer. After dropping down from the burning chandelier, we can find the Trinity Sanctum just ahead.

Chapters 9-12: An Abundant End

Quartz 16: Ruined Krat

lies of p quartz number 16 ruined krat
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Krat Central Station Platform

After returning to a ruined Krat Central Station, we’ll find the next Quartz in a chest among the poisonous fog between the two trains. After destroying the nearby enemies and the spore cloud responsible for the bad air, we can safely open the chest without much trouble.

Quartz 17: Parade Master again

lies of p quartz number 17 parade boss again
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Krat Central Station Street

For our next Quartz, we’ll fight a revamped version of the Parade Master who drops the Quartz alongside a large helping of Ergo. While they’re still a relatively easy boss with some of the same moves as before, their attacks now have decaying tentacles on the end that can wear down our weapons if we’re not paying attention.

I recommend coming into the fight with several Attribute Purification Flasks and a potent Motivity weapon, ideally Frozen Feast, to deal with the boss safely.

Quartz 18: Riddler Quest Completion

lies of p quartz number 18 riddlers quest
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Arche Abby Outer Wall

We can get our next Quartz far later in the game for completing the King of All Riddles’ quest by answering the phone at Relic of Trismegistus Entrance and hopping down through some rafters to find a door containing the last Trinity Sanctum.

After entering the room and chatting with the Puppet, we obtain the next Quartz.

Quartz 19: Outer Abby inside

lies of p quartz number 19 temple ruins
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Arche Abbey Broken Rift

On a ledge further on in the dim inside of the Outer Abby, we’ll find a Chest containing a Quartz past a large bulky enemy with seemingly no head.

Quartz 20: Horrific Hugging Robot

lies of p quartz number 22 temple hugging robot
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Arche Abbey Broken Rift

A giant hugging Puppet likely from a Circus, we can find this seemingly out of place Puppet past the gate we used a lever to open up. While we can fight them on our own, we can also lure a few carcass enemies that’ll take the boss’s attention and lower their health so we can finish them off effortlessly.

Quartz 21: Outer Abby outside

lies of p quartz number 20 more temple ruins
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Arche Abbey Broken Rift

As we scale the outside of the Abby on our way to the top, we’ll find a few chests, one of them containing the Quartz in question. These chests also include more powerful amulets, chiefly the Red Fox Amulet, that increase our Motivity and Technique stat by 4 points.

Quartz 22: Final Fighting Robot

lies of p quartz number 21 temple robot
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Arche Abbey Upper Part – Internal Bridge

Before making it to Simon Manus, we’ll encounter a fighting robot like Champion Victor. While most of their attacks are a less dangerous version than the boss, their slower attacks make it easier to abuse staggering attacks and fable arts to demolish the enemy.

Defeating the boxing enemy earns us the Quartz and the Heavyweight title!

Quartz 23: Cryptic Vessel Frozen Feast

lies of p quartz number 23 part 1 cryptic vessel
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Collapsed Street

The next Quartz requires us to obtain a mechanical Cryptic Vessel from the chest near where we found a Quartz in a dimmer part of the lower abby. After decoding the Cryptic Vessel, we can travel to a back alleyway of ruined Krat near where a host of disruptor dogs lie to find a Wandering Merchant.

lies of p quartz number 23 part 2
Image by JT Hussey

Before interacting with the Merchant, ensure we have the legendary weapon Frozen Feast we obtained for trading Champion Victor’s Rare Ergo to Alidoro, equipped and on our person.

After talking to the Merchant, the bandaged-man gives us the Quartz.

Quartz 24: Krat Supply Box & Fire Folk

number 24 part 1 krat supply box
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Collapsed Street

While we’re back in ruined Krat, we can head to the top of one of the roofs near two fire-breathing enemies and scale around the top of the building to find a chest we can drop down towards. After opening the chest and taking the item to Polendina to expand their shop, we can purchase the Quartz for 4,400 Ergo.

Quartz 25: Hermit’s Chest

lies of p quartz number 25 hermits area
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Barren Swamp Bridge

Following expanding Polendia’s shop for the last Quartz, we can also purchase a cryptic vessel from the puppet merchant that, after being decoded, leads to a new region in the Barren Swamp titled the Hermit’s Cave.

To reach this area, we’ll proceed from the Barren Swamp Bridge to the opposite side of the boss arena to find that an earlier gate has opened.

This area has two Quartz, with the first lying in a wooden house in a nearby chest, past several carcass enemies.

Quartz 26: Hermit’s Safe

lies of p quartz number 26 safe at the end of hermits
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Hermit’s Cave

We can find the very last of Quartz at the end of the Hermit’s Cave in a small safe. Be warned that a formidable foe is guarding this safe, so ensure we lure them away or take them out before opening the safe.

Quartz 27: Broken Puppet Quest Completion

lies of p number 27 quartz Barren Swamp
Image by JT Hussey

Stargazer: Barren Swamp

We can obtain the final Quartz as part of the Broken Puppet in the Barren Swamp, in which we’ll find an immobile awakened puppet that wants us to teach them what it means to be human. After returning to them with enough gestures like sad, happy, and angry, the Broken Puppet thanks us for becoming their first friend and rewards us with a Quartz for our trouble.


Question: Where Can I Find Lies of P Quartz?

Answer: You can find Quartz in chests, from defeating bosses and completing character quests. You can also attain more through expanding Polendia’s shop and pursuing Cryptic Vessels locations.

Question: How Do I Use Quartz?

Answer: After defeating Scrapped Watchman, you can use Quartz to obtain P-Organs on the second floor of Hotel Krat. Once you interact with the chair in Geppetto’s office, you can spend any Quartz in your inventory.

Question: What Should P-Organs should I spend Quartz on?

Answer: P-Organs related to increasing the amount and potency of Pulse Cells will likely be your best starting bet for a versatile and survivable build. Spending an extra Quartz on making enemies easier to stagger and Fable Arts more effective is another excellent choice for P-Organs.


lies of p quartz conclusion
Image by JT Hussey

Excellent finding, Puppet-slayer! You’ve scoured the remains of Krat for the most precious resource in all the game!

Even if I found Quartz’s P-Organ skill tree as an alien element in soulslikes, increasing the power of our fable arts and charged attacks at the expense of our health was a juicy tradeoff that made me hungry for more. While I wish Quartz had been more common to use more of the incredible perks, I never ceased to shout with joy when an insignificant mini-boss dropped the material or a chest decided I deserved one for all my hard work.

Regardless, with every Quartz in our possession, we have abundant leeway with how we’d like to design our playstyle! Whether we’ll become an agile swordsman who can unleash the power of perfect blocks or a risky maniac who deals absurd damage with low health and zero pulse cells is up to you!

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