Lies of P Best Legion Arms + Legion Plug Locations

If you are someone who really got a kick out of Sekiro’s prosthetic Arm system, which allowed you to chop and change your secondary weapon over the course of the game, then we have good news. Lies of P implements a similar mechanic that allows the player to switch out their regular Puppet Arm for something a little more potent.

You’ll start off with just a plain old heavy-hitting arm that effectively acts as a dual-wield option in a pinch, but before you know it, you’ll have Electro-Blitzers, Flamethrowers, Missile Launchers, and more to choose from.

This all sounds great, but two pressing questions remain. Which of these Legion Arms are the best, and how can you find the Legion Plugs needed to unlock the Legion Arms in the first place?

Valid questions that deserve answers. Answers I am more than happy to share with my fellow sadistic Soulsborne fans out there.

In this guide, we will rank each of the Legion Arms in the game, plus, we will also give you the skinny on where to find all of the Legion Plugs that are carefully hidden around Krat. So without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s Lies of P Best Legion Arms Guide.

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TL;DR – Locations and Rankings

For those of you in a rush, here is all the info you will need upfront. For those looking for finer detail, keep scrolling!

Legion Plug Locations

  • Location #1 – Earned for Defeating The Scrapped Watchman (Overcharged Storage Battery)
  • Location #2 – Earned for Defeating King’s Flame Fuoco (High-powered Flame Amplifier)
  • Location #3 – In St Franceligo’s Cathedral (Halfway up Shortcut Elevator)
  • Location #4 – Rosa Isabelle Street (In area with Chimney Sweep Enemies)
  • Location #5 – Grand Exhibition Gallery (Near Cable Car)
  • Location #6 – Return To Central Krat Station After A Certain Storybeat

Our Legion Arm Rankings (Worst to Best)

  • #8 – Left Arm of Steel
  • #7- Deus Ex Machina
  • #6 – Falcon Eyes
  • #5 – Pandemonium
  • #4 – Aegis
  • #3 – Flamberge
  • #2 – Fulminis
  • #1 – Puppet String

How to Unlock Legion Arm Crafting

crafting new legion arms
Image by Callum Marshall

If you are still early into the game, you may be wondering how you go about crafting these new Legion Arms with your recently acquired Legion Plugs. Well, this service will not be unlocked until you take down King’s Flame Fuoco, who is the main boss of Venigni Works.

When you beat them, Venigni will return to Hotel Krat, and after a discussion with them, they will not only change the elemental effect of your Grindstone, but will also give you access to the workshop, allowing you to craft and modify your Legion arms.

Here is some important info you’ll need to know before crafting Legion Arms:

  • You will need Legion Plugs to craft Legion Arms; these can be found in the overworld. There are enough to craft every Legion Arm in the game.
  • You should really focus on your two favorite Legion Arms when using Legion Caliber for upgrades, as there are only 15x Legion Caliber in the game
  • Legion Arms can be swapped out on the go when you stop at a Stargazer

Legion Plug Locations Revealed

As mentioned, you can’t unlock a Legion Arm unless you have a Legion Plug to do so. Two of these will be handed to you simply by progressing through the early game, but the other four plugs will need to be acquired through thorough exploration. Here is a rundown of where to find each of them:

Location #1 – Earned for Defeating the Scrapped Watchman (Overcharged Storage Battery)

scrapped watchman Lies of P Legion Plug Locations

This one is earned by defeating the Scrapped Watchman, which is the Boss encountered in the Krat City Hall Courtyard. This boss serves as a decent test when compared to the first two bosses the game throws at you, but nothing compared to what’s about to come after.

After you defeat the Scrapped Watchman, you will receive The Broken Hero’s Ergo used to trade for Legendary Weapons, Quartz used to upgrade your P-Organs, and a Small Wooden Officer’s Puppet. Not to mention the Overcharged Storage Battery, which is a Legion Plug in all but name that can be used to craft Fulminis.

Location #2 – Earned for Defeating King’s Flame Fuoco (High-Powered Flame Amplifier)

king's flame fuoco Lies of P Legion Plug Locations
Image by Callum Marshall

After the Scrapped Watchman, the next mandatory boss is King’s Flame Fuoco, who serves as the first real test for seasoned Souls players.

You’ll need to work your way through Venigni Works to get to them, and when you do manage to defeat them, you will earn 6,438 Ergo, the King’s Flame Ergo, a Flame Grindstone, and the High-Powered Flame Amplifier, which will allow you to craft Flamberge.

If you want some hints and tips on how to reach this boss and how to beat them, we have a guide that will help you out right here! 

Location #3 – In St Franceligo’s Cathedral (Halfway Up Shortcut Elevator)

st franceligo's cathedral Lies of P Legion Plug Locations
The elevator is around the corner to the right. Image by Callum Marshall

Next up, as you navigate the horrible platforming section as you descend into the bowels of the St Franceligo Cathedral, you will eventually leap over a gap, avoiding rotating cogwheels, and on the other side, you will find a lever that changes the rotation direction of a platform belt, creating a shortcut from the decay pool below to the top level.

You can teleport to the previous Stargazer and then take the belt halfway up, at which point you will see an opening with a few Petrified enemies. Do a roll to get off the platform, kill them, and then open the chest, which contains a Legion Plug. Onto the Fallen Archbishop fight you go!

Location #4 – Rosa Isabelle Street (in the Area with Chimney Sweep Enemies)

rosa isabelle street Lies of P Legion Plug Locations
Image by Callum Marshall

You’ll eventually gain access to Rosa Isabelle Street after defeating the Nefarious Eldest of the Black Brotherhood Boss, which we have a handy guide for if you’re struggling.

As you navigate these streets littered with Puppet Corpses and towering infernos, you’ll get to a building where you’ll have to fight a series of Chimney Sweep enemies.

Kill them and then remain on guard, as there will be a handful of Puppet Babies to deal with also. Once you take all of them out, clamber to the top floor, and you’ll find a Safe with the next Legion Plug.

grand exhibition gallery Lies of P Legion Plug Locations
Image by Callum Marshall

Our penultimate Legion Plug is found in the Grand Exhibition Gallery;  in the area where you find the Cable Car, have a good explore around, and up on the second floor, you’ll find a chest protected by a White Puppet.

Kill them, and when you do this will give you a window to open the chest and retrieve the Legion Plug.

Location #6 – Return to Central Krat Station after a Certain Storybeat

central krat station Lies of P Legion Plug Locations
Image by Callum Marshall

Then, lastly, we have a Legion Plug that can only be obtained after you reach a certain point in the main story where the City of Krat takes a turn for the worst. No spoilers, but you’ll know it when it happens.

After this occurs, you can head back to Krat Central Station, and if you head down a nearly side-street, you’ll encounter a mini-boss who is thumping on an apartment door.

He hits hard and deals decay status, but by this point, defeating this enemy should be run-of-the-mill stuff. When you defeat them, they will drop the final Legion Plug, and your collection will be complete.

Lies of P Legion Arm Rankings from Worst to Best

Now, into this article’s grand finale, the ranking of each Legion Arm. Every Legion arm can be useful depending on the situation, but there is definitely a hierarchy that we can establish here based on a number of factors, which are:

  • The upgrades available
  • The potential damage output
  • Elemental Status effects
  • The point they are obtained in the game
  • Effectiveness in the overworld/against bosses

So, with this all in mind, here is our ranking of each Legion Arm from worst to best:

#8 – Left Arm of Steel

Lies of P Best Legion Arms left arm of steel
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Best Upgrade: N/A
  • Weight: 6.5
  • Base Phys ATK: 120+30

The wooden spoon obviously goes to the default arm that the player gets right at the beginning of the game. This isn’t completely useless, as in the beginning, this allows you to deal higher base damage than your weapon, and allows you to continue attacks when stamina is low.

However, as soon as you have other options like Puppet String or Fulminis, it’s not unlikely that you will never even consider using this Legion Arm option again.

#7 -Deus Ex Machina

deus ex machina Lies of P Best Legion Arms
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Best Upgrade: High-Performance Cell
  • Weight: 110
  • Base Phys ATK: 124

While Deus Ex Machina undoubtedly has the coolest name on this list, and also has some situational uses, it’s one of those Legion Arms that requires too much precise setup to actually make effective. This Legion Arm allows the player to place Landmines on the ground, and with upgrades, you can make these hit harder, and pick up enemy movement faster.

However, because you have to stop dead to place these, and the fact that you have to guide enemies into their path most of the time, it makes this Legion Arm more trouble than it’s worth.

#6 – Falcon Eyes

Lies of P Best Legion Arms falcon eyes
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Best Upgrade: Emergency Shot
  • Weight: 10.8
  • Base Phys ATK: 126+31

The other Legion Arm that I would say is too situational and cumbersome for its own good is Falcon Eyes, which effectively allows the player to shoot sticky grenades or missiles on the enemy, and they will explode for a decent amount of damage.

This can be a good way to chip away at a mini-bosses health from a distance for an advantage going into the fight, but generally speaking, when in the heat of battle, it’s very hard to find a window to get shots off with this thing.

The caveat I would add is that you can make this more effective with upgrades that allow you to shoot while dodging, and also fire two shots in quick succession. But considering the amount of resources needed just to make this Legion Arm moderately effective, we see this one rank rather low on the list.

#5 – Pandemonium

Lies of P Best Legion Arms pandemonium
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Best Upgrade: Polymerization Explosion
  • Weight: 107
  • Base Phys ATK: 50+17

Pandemonium is the Decay/Acid counterpart to Fulminis and Flamberge, but unlike those options, it’s a little heavier, has a longer animation time, leaving you open to hits, and the damage payoff and status infliction isn’t a huge payoff for timing your uses well.

This one does become a lot more useful when you upgrade to Polymerization Explosion, as this sees the acid sprays explode after a small period of time, and can be a good way to back off and control a crowd. But overall, it’s a lesser form of the other two available elemental Legion Arms.

#4 – Aegis

aegis Lies of P Best Legion Arms
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Best Upgrade: Counter Charge
  • Weight: 124
  • Base Phys ATK: 105+34

I don’t know about you, but I was someone who got through about 90% of what Lies of P had to throw at me through rapid movement and spamming the dodge button. Perfect blocks were never my forte, and that’s where Aegis came in handy.

This is a defensive/counter-attacking Legion Arm that allows you to block and also deals explosive damage to the enemy when they make contact.

Then, as you upgrade this Legion Arm, you can eventually get to a point where you can block, deal explosive damage, and then immediately commit to a charge attack to deal another heavy attack in a smooth transition.

It’s not one that will appeal to those who have mastered the Perfect Block mechanic all that much, but it’s a way to bridge the gap for players like me, and a great addition to the game.

#3 – Flamberge

flamberge Lies of P Best Legion Arms
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Best Upgrade: Flame Explosion
  • Weight: 8.2
  • Base Phys ATK: 40+13

Flamberge isn’t the flashiest of Legion Arms on the list, as it’s effectively a glorified flamethrower, but due to the lightweight design, and the ease with which you can start and cancel this attack, it makes this one a very effective and versatile option for players.

I will concede that the upgrades for this Legion Arm are a little underwhelming when compared to other options on this list, but due to the ease with which you can inflict overheat status with this Legion Arm, it deserves the bronze medal.

#2 – Fulminis

Lies of P Best Legion Arms fulminis
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Best Upgrade: Movable Charge
  • Weight: 7.9
  • Base Phys ATK: 157+53

Fulminis is a little like Flamberge as it allows players (when upgraded) to move around freely, inflicting Electro-Blitz status with ease; it has a lightweight design and best of all, it has a really strong base damage as well.

All of this, plus, if you time this attack correctly when enemies are charging, it will cancel their attack and leave them open to a combo, making open-world exploration a breeze. It’s not the best, but it’s pretty damn close.

#1 – Puppet String

puppet string Lies of P Best Legion Arms
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Best Upgrade: Attack Limit
  • Weight: 8.5
  • Base Phys ATK: 60+19

Our winner is the Legion Arm you obtain earliest in the game, the Puppet String. This is a Legion Arm that allows you to attack from range, hooking enemies at a distance and pulling them in close, allowing you to close the gap and get a series of attacks off.

As you upgrade this tool, you can then use this tool while dodging for light ranged attacks to chip away at enemy health and potentially cancel their attacks; plus, you can eventually use this as a link attack, which pulls you closer to the enemy instead of them to you, throwing you into the air to deal an airborne slam attack.

We will concede that the fact that it’s pretty ineffective against larger enemies is a bit of a bummer, but all in all, I think many will agree that Puppet String is the best of the bunch by some distance.

We Are Legion

As you can see, there are some really good secondary weapon options in Lies of P that allow you to find your preferred playstyle and show those frenzied puppets what’s good.

While some are a little too situational for their own good, the range of options and builds on offer is impressive, and I hope that this guide allows you to experiment and find your preferred Legion Arm with ease. As always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture.

Question: How Many Legion Arms In Lies of P?

Answer: There are a total of eight Legion Arms if we count the default arm we have at the start of the game.

Question: How Many Legion Plugs In Lies of P?

Answer: There are a total of 6x Legion Plugs in Lies of P, enough to unlock every option in the game.

Question: Can You Upgrade All Legion Arms?

Answer: No, not in one playthrough, at least, as there is only 15x Legion Caliber in Krat. meaning you can upgrade two Legion arms fully, and partially upgrade another.

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