DREDGE adds Boat Paint, Shipwrecks, and Craberrations

Just announced on their YouTube channel and Steam page a few hours ago, DREDGE has dropped the third major free update to the game, this time coming with a few new changes to liven up the experience for most players, namely Boat Customization, which every other feature added serves to make fully in-depth and intricate.

For this new customization, they’re adding some new shipwrecks, new “Craberrations,” and a new character to at least one of the towns.

This is the third of updates that have gradually added more to the game, with the other two adding Photo Mode, Wildlife, map markers, and more, all on the way to the fourth update, which will be paid DLC.

How Can You Customize the Boat?

In the trailer, we see a bunch of new customizations, namely an aberration flag with some red highlights on the ship, a brown ship with a pirate flag, and a few others throughout the trailer.

When you talk to the Painter, you can get the boat painted, change the flag, or adjust the bunting (With bunting just being the smaller flags strewn about).

The paint will change your boat’s roof and interior color, and we see at least five different colors to choose from. You can get quite a few different flags to fly atop your boat, most of them from salvaging.

The bunting is similar to the paint, coming in several different colors. All of these things can be customized independently to your liking.

What Else is in The Update?

Image from Team17

There are two other features, but as stated previously, they only add to the customization. The first is shipwrecks, occasionally letting you dredge up a new flag.

This adds a few extra shipwrecks to the game and a new icon showing that there is specifically a flag in that spot, so you won’t have to do any guesswork to get them.

The other feature added is called Craberrations. These appear when you’re going slightly insane and are phantom Crab Pots you didn’t place down.

These will usually contain mutated sea life and be used to create dyes for new colors; though we weren’t shown exactly how that part would work, this is still a great way to get some extra money and crab pots early-game.

Overall, this update is on the smaller side. Still, Craberrations and boat customization are enough to bring me back to DREDGE and explore for a while, mainly because that blue ship looks really nice.

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