Core Keeper Announces Shimmering Frontier Update

Core Keeper is one game that is constantly banging out new updates every few months, and this new update keeps the conveyor belt of new content moving!

We’re once again witnessing one of those times where a new update is dropping, and we’re receiving a bunch of new content all at once, namely focused on mining crystals.

This update’s main appeal is the titular Shimmering Frontier, a massive new biome filled with crystals, new bosses, beautifully blue water, and a whole host of secrets to uncover. On top of this headlining feature, several other additions are dropping with the update on October 4th, like cattle, new ores, and a ton of features made by the community.

Breaking Down The Core Keeper Shimmering Frontier Trailer

The primary focus of the trailer is the crystalline biome, and given it used to be called “the Crystal update,” you’d probably guess it would be. Aside from that, though, it shows off quite a few various additions and improvements that are all interesting. Half of this update focuses on making changes to improve things rather than strictly adding new stuff.

Image from Fireshine Games.

The crystalline biome’s flora seems to be entirely composed of grass that looks like crystals, which can be harvested for materials, alongside yellow crystals that likely give even better materials, presumably for the new tool upgrades listed in the trailer description.

We see a glimpse at a few enemies within the biome; most have crystals attached and rush you down, but we also see a giant boss-type creature.

This creature is like a massive snail on a treadmill, being a damage sponge for whatever the players can throw at it.

This means it’ll probably be a decently uncommon thing to find in this biome, but it will be pretty rewarding if you want to put up with the endurance test of taking it on. We can also see some automation, namely what looks like a processing plant for some of the bigger crystals in the biome.

Finally, we get a peek at the more dangerous areas in the Crystalline biome, so toxic it requires a gas mask and a hazmat suit to enter.

This is where you can harvest Radioactive crystals, which I assume will have to be pretty valuable in crafting to be worth going through the extra effort for, but we don’t see their use. After leaving the biome, we can finally see what else the update offers.

Image from Fireshine Games.

The rest of the features shown off are simple and easy to understand and affect the entire game. You can raise cattle on your base and leash animals to make acquiring and raising them way easier.

On top of that, water travel has been reworked, and now you can travel across boats with entirely redone water visuals, hopefully not running into any giant water worms.

All in all, this update is letting you travel through a brand new, exciting part of the world, find a bunch of brand new things to discover in the depths of the ocean, start a farm with any of the creatures you can see in the world, and start a business peddling crystals.

All of this is on top of some reworked and fixed features from previous updates, and you’ve got a banger update on the horizon on October 4th.

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