Saltsea Chronicles Announces October 12th Release Date

Die Gute Fabrik, creators of Sportsfriends and Mutazione, have dropped the release date along with a new trailer for Saltsea Chronicles.

It’s their new story-driven adventure game where you sail a ship and meet quirky characters with branching dialogue trees impacting where you go, all told in a beautifully done art style made entirely of flat shapes and colors.

This has all been shown off in this new trailer, which details everything that this little game will have to offer. It is excellent if you want to know exactly what you’d be diving into if you decide to check out Saltsea Chronicles, and considering it’s releasing in only about a week, on October 12, getting to know what you’re in for sounds like a good idea.

What’s in the Saltsea Chronicles Trailer?

In the game, you manage and play as a ship’s entire crew, making their big decisions and deciding where to go on your ship, searching for your captain, Maja.

Your crew of people mainly just looking to find their friend has to manage setting sail across treacherous seas, exploring various towns, forests, and waters to try and find your captain.

Each island of the Saltsea Archipelago is yours to explore, each one you’ve unlocked freely available to chart a course to at any time.

Each island has its people you can find there, some of them even able to join your crew if you manage to talk them into it using the game’s big branching dialogue trees that usually lead to different gameplay.

Image by Die Gute Fabrik.

Each decision you make will impact the gameplay in some form, whether some character development for your crew or unlocking entirely new areas, depending on what you say to the people you find in towns.

Each town you find could lead to another, and each person you find could join your crew, and all of these are brought to life with the incredible art style.

Given this game is one step above a Visual Novel in terms of interactivity, the main draw will be the art and story you’ll find along the way.

Everything in this game is done in a clean style, mainly comprised of shapes with flat colors, all animated beautifully and smoothly, making the game world come alive while looking like a picturebook.

The story isn’t anything to scoff at either, having you explore tons of different areas to reach your goal of finding your captain as a community, like an old ship flipped upside down, an abandoned factory, a long-flooded spiritual town, a village high up in the treetops, fancy diners, seaside beach resorts, and plenty of other lovely locations.

Image by Die Gute Fabrik.

A simple exploration system allows you to interact with and find many exciting things and people. On top of this, the game will have changing times, a save system with branching timelines, a log where you can track the story, a sticker collection, and an entirely new card game designed specifically for Saltsea Chronicles.

These features will be available in one complete package on October 12, 2023, available on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In case you’re curious, the only place it’ll be released on PC is Steam. No version for Xbox, Playstation 4, or any other PC storefront has been announced so far.

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