Xbox Partner Showcase Shows Off Ark: Survival Ascended and Dungeons of Hinterberg

Xbox has a bit of a history of working with indie devs to try and get their stuff in their showcases and lineups, to the point people complain about the raw amount of indies on Game Pass.

I don’t mind, though, and just today, we got news that we’re seeing at least two more games be closely linked with this strategy in their new Xbox Partner Showcase, coming on October 25th.

Those two games are Dungeons of Hinterberg and Ark: Survival Ascended. This is on top of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Alan Wake 2, but those aren’t indies, so naturally, we don’t care.

In the announcement, we get a cheeky “and more!” at the end of the list of games, so we can probably expect to see a few more, and no, probably not THAT one, but we can dream!

Ark: Survival Ascended

Image from Studio Wildcard.

This one barely counts as an “indie” game since it’s from a decently large but still completely independent studio, but bear with me here. ARK: Survival Ascended is a remake of that one game you probably know of because of YouTube, Ark: Survival Evolved.

It’s mostly just a little in-between title to keep fans on hold for Ark 2.

This game is set to release in late October 2023; you may have noticed it is currently late October 2023. This means it’s pretty likely they’ll announce a shadow-drop release date for Survival Ascended at the partner showcase; either that or it’ll be just a few days after.

Either way, it’s exciting stuff to get a game to play so soon after the presentation!

Dungeons of Hinterberg

You may have seen this announcement earlier this year, and it’s pretty cool. Dungeons of Hinterberg is an exploration-focused action RPG with an art style that looks like it meshes both Sable and Hi-Fi Rush, and I’ve been curious to learn more about it ever since we saw it for the first time. And luckily, we will in just a few more days.

Watching the trailer is the only way to do this game justice since it looks wild. It goes from typical exploration, snowboarding, magical combat, more hack-and-slash style combat, puzzle solving, minecart riding, and even more.

It looks inspired by Kingdom Hearts with this amount of gameplay variety in an action RPG, and that has me excited.

The Bug-Shaped Elephant in the Room

Hollow Knight: Silksong
Image from Team Cherry.

I think the experience of being a fan of indie games on Twitter is funny, sometimes, because any time there’s a presentation from either Xbox or Nintendo, there will always be a ton of people in the replies asking if Hollow Knight: Silksong will be a part of the presentation.

Of course, it never is (until it actually is), but they’re still going after four and a half years, so I respect it.

Needless to say, I don’t think they will put Silksong in this showcase. I’d love to be proven wrong, of course, but at this point, Hollow Knight is such a big brand and indie gaming icon that it deserves a spot in a more significant presentation like Summer Games Fest or the Game Awards. Maybe next year, guys, keep holding on.

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