The Finals Best Build Guide

I have been a bit of a hater in recent years when it comes to FPS titles. Aside from Boomer Shooters, until recently, I reckon the last truly engaging FPS game I had played would have been Overwatch or SUPERHOT.

However, after a long time of waiting for something to pop up out of the blue, we finally have a new FPS game to champion, and it’s an AA game from a debut studio, no less. Pretty impressive, even if you do have a lot of the heads who made Battlefield behind you. 

The Finals has burst onto the scene and has quickly become one of the most played titles of the moment, but with this rapid success comes an influx of new players, each unsure of what weapons, gadgets, and skills will see them exit the arena with the most cash possible. 

Well, we aim to bridge that gap for you beginners and have you pop into your next game with a build that will give you the best chance of stealing the show. So, without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s The Finals Best Build Guide. 

How Do Builds Work In The Finals? 

The Finals builds Best build for Heavy Medium and Light

Builds in the finals work a little differently to most shooters out there, offering a mix of Call of Duty’s Class build system, and Overwatch’s Hero Build system. It all begins by choosing a character type. These are either Light, Medium, or Heavy. 

Light, Medium, Or Heavy

You might think that these are pretty self-explanatory, but just in case you’re still confused, here is what each character type has to offer generally: 

Character ClassDescription
Light CharacterThe light character class is made for those who like to move at pace, ducking, and weaving while dealing damage to enemies. This build offers superior movement and traversal options compared to other classes, along with unique weapon varieties. It’s the only class that can use melee weapons and can be used as a sniper, allowing for melee, DPS, or ranged gameplay.
Medium CharacterThe medium class offers a balance, with reasonable traversal options and a decent health bar. It’s akin to the typical ‘boots on the ground soldier’ from traditional FPS games. This class mainly focuses on Rifles and Shotguns, offering a variety of weapons.
Heavy CharacterThe Heavy Class is a beefy character with poor traversal and movement speeds, but it compensates with the ability to soak up damage, acting as a Tank. Suitable for those preferring a ‘one-man-army’ approach, it has a variety of heavy weaponry like Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, Flamethrowers, and more.

Weapons and Gear

Then, after you have chosen the type of contestant you want to run with, you can then customize their build, which means choosing their weapon, their gadgets, their core skill, and their projectiles. Here is a rundown of what’s on offer: 

SpecializationsThese are core skills that your character can use throughout the match. Similar to the Ultimate in Overwatch, but with more generous cooldowns.
WeaponsThese are the primary weapons used to take out opponents during the match. There is no secondary weapon like a pistol; what you choose is your only option, so selection is crucial.
GadgetsGadgets are additional weapons and tech that come in various forms. These can include grenades, turrets, mines, C4, Tracking Beacons, Stun Guns, and more. Each contestant build allows the choice of three gadgets.

Generally speaking, that’s all there is to it. You will need to play matches to build up enough credits to unlock more weapons, gadgets, and specializations outside of the starting loadout options, but over time, you will gain access to whatever you want. But if you want to prioritize spending credits on the items you actually need, then stick around. 

The Best Builds In The Finals 

Knowing how the builds work is half the battle, but the other piece of the puzzle is knowing what weapons are most powerful within the meta, which gadgets are most useful in sticky situations, and what specifications can turn a game on its head. So, with that in mind, here is what we consider to be the best build for each contestant class: 

Best Light Build In The Finals 

Best Light Build In The Finals 
SpecificationGrappling Hook
GadgetsBreach Charges, Flashbang, Frag Grenade

Firstly, we have the light build, which is easily the most nimble and versatile build in the game. I’ve said it since this game came to prominence. If you can play a light build well, then you’ll have a very good time playing this game.

Firstly, when it comes to weapon choices, you can’t do much better than the V9S, a pistol that packs a lot of power. It does take a little bit of practice to get good at firing rounds rapidly with precision, but when you get this down, you’ll learn that there aren’t many weapons that can cut down enemies as fast as this one. 

However, it’s not all about killing in The Finals; you need to play the objective. Something I wish was advertised better in most of the random matches I find myself in. So to be an asset to your team, you’ll want to choose the Grappling Hook Specification, and ensure you also choose Breach Charges.

The Grappling Hook is a great traversal tool generally, but with the addition of breach charges, you can climb to where the objective is fast, and burst through walls, attacking from areas that the opponent would never expect, giving you the element of surprise as you aim to steal cashouts and bank coins. 

There is some room for experimentation with the other gadgets, but for me, having an offensive and a stun option makes sense.

So I often go with a Frag Grenade so you can force enemies away from the objective, or perhaps blow them to kingdom come. Plus, a flashbang can aid you with the whole ‘element of surprise’ thing I mentioned before. 

Best Medium Build In The Finals

Best Medium Build In The Finals
SpecificationHealing Beam
GadgetsDefibrillator, Jump Pad, Goo Grenade

Wait a second, isn’t this the default build for a Medium Class? Why yes, yes, it is. Despite being the build that most players will use to try out the Medium Class in The Finals, this one often proves to be the best way to go when playing a Medium character.

Here’s the thing: the medium build is decent at all aspects of The Finals gameplay, but it doesn’t really excel in any one area. So, the best way to play a medium build is by acting as a support for those who are stronger and faster than you. 

This build, for that reason, is all about utility, so for a weapon, we have gone with the trusty AKM. This weapon offers steady, consistent damage from range and up close. You can also use the FCAR, but for me, the AKM is the superior of the two. 

However, where this build really excels is in its ability to prop up light and heavy builds. For specification, you’ll want to go with a Healing Beam, as this will allow you to stick close to stronger teammates, hide behind corners, and heal them while they battle it out with other players, giving them the upper hand. 

Then, as for gadgets, you’ll want a Jump Pad so you can keep up with any light builds on your team that race ahead and then need assistance when they inevitably run into trouble.

You’ll want Goo Grenades so you can create barricades for your allies when they need to be healed, revived, or need to make a quick escape. Then most importantly, you need a Defribiliator to immediately revive downed teammates when things don’t quite go your way. 

It’s not the most glamorous role; being a Support/Healer never is. But at the end of the day, someone’s got to do it!

Best Heavy Build In The Finals

Best Heavy Build In The Finals and tips
SpecificationMesh Shield
GadgetsRPG-7, Goo Grenade, Frag Grenade

Then, lastly, we have the Heavy Build, which is best when played as an out-and-out tank. Now, just for clarification, this build is made under the assumption that you are playing with the other two builds listed above.

If it wasn’t, I would consider a heavy build that has more destructive qualities with the Charge N Slam specification, but since the Light Build has Breach Charges, this one works better. 

For a weapon, I feel that there is no better option than the flamethrower. This is a weapon that works incredibly well in interiors and close-quarters environments.

So the way to play this one is by having your two teammates back you up when out in the open, and generally avoid occupying spaces where you can’t rush your opponent.

This weapon really shows its value when attacking the objective, as it can target multiple enemies when in close proximity, and it deals great damage, too. 

This choice is supported by the Mesh Shield. This is a skill not too unlike Reinhardt’s shield in Overwatch, allowing players to pop a shield up to protect themselves, and allow teammates to blast through from safety.

This requires a tight formation from you and your two allies, but if you can pull this off, you can facilitate them as they partake in a killing spree, and if that doesn’t work, you can use it to close a gap before letting loose with your flamethrower. 

As for gadgets, the only one I would definitely equip is the RPG-7, as this gives you an alternative way to breach areas without your Light Build present and allows you to take out enemies from range in a pinch.

As for the others, I would personally choose a Frag Grenade and a Goo Grenade, but these can be swapped out for whatever suits your preference. The only one I would urge against would be the Dome Shield, as you already have a shield, and it’s overkill. 

A Dream Team

While there are lots of great combinations, builds, and load-outs that work within The Finals, and the meta will likely change in the weeks and months to come, I believe that the options listed above offer a well-rounded and timeless strategy that will suit both beginner players and experienced Finalists alike.

I hope that this has helped you decide a loadout that works for you, and as always, thank you for reading Indie Game Culture! 

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