Sable The Shade of Eccria Guide

Sable is an Open World game that really loves to send the player out into the world with little to no handholding from the developer’s side, meaning that there aren’t any quest markers or waypoints to guide you.

You’ll have a map, and a Glider you get around, and that’s about it. The rest comes through exploration, conversing with NPCs, and generally being very good at reading between the lines. 

One quest that epitomes this is the Shade of Eccria Quest, a quest that will have you track down a notorious figure’s mask and roleplay as the vigilante to free a wrongfully accused prisoner.

The only problem is, the game doesn’t do a fantastic job of hinting at where the mask is. So, if you want answers, we know where it’s hiding. 

The Shade of Eccria Walkthrough

How To Start The Shade of Eccria Quest

The Shade of Eccria quest originates in the aptly named town of Eccria, so you’ll have to make your way to what is quite easily the biggest settlement in the game.

A good way to find Eccria in Redsee, is if you find yourself at Burnt Oak Station. From there, head westward with a slight tilt towards the north, and you should glide your way to Eccria in no time. If you need a hand, here it is on the map as well.

Once here, beneath the bridge that acts as an entrance to the city, you’ll meet a character named Maz. He is the quest giver for The Shade of Eccria. 

Maz, a resident of Eccria, is in a predicament. His young son, known for his altruistic nature, has been imprisoned by the town guards for allegedly Illegally tapping into the town’s water supply. So naturally, it’s down to you to help free his son.

But heading up to the guards and asking nicely won’t cut it. You’ll have to do something pretty outlandish to spook them, like, oh, I don’t know, donning the mantle of a local legend – the Shade of Eccria.

For those unaware, the Shade of Eccria is a vigilante figure shrouded in mystery, acting as a thorn in the side of the Eccria guard.

The Shade was known to don a mask covered with an unsettling number of eyes, and even though the guards do their best to write The Shade off as an urban legend, the mere sight of the Mask would send them packing. 

Finding The Shade of Eccria Mask

So that begs the question, where the hell is this mask? well, to procure the Shade of Eccria mask, players must follow a series of sigils spread across Eccria.

These act as an insignia depicting the Mask, and serve as breadcrumbs leading you to the hiding place where the real Shade of Eccria hides their famous mask. 

So, let’s break down the route to the Chest containing the Shade of Eccria Mask

Although most players will probably skip right to the second sigil, missing this one altogether, the trail begins on the rooftops of Eccria.

You’ll spot the initial Sigil, and if you stand beside it and have a look around, you should see the next one down below. If you don’t, then just follow the pipes.

You’ll then reach a lower area in the town, which is an entrance to the lower water pipes. Swimming through sewer pipes wasn’t on the to-do list for today, but needs must, we suppose.

Take a swim through these pipes and pick up a pair of Eccrine Trousers along the way. You’ll see more sigils along the way like this one.

This will lead you outside the city walls to a Jetty overlooking the Oasis pond near the city. You can probably guess where to go next, but for those not quite picking up the clues, you’ll need to do some more swimming. So head north from the Jetty’s edge.

you should eventually come to a little Alcove hidden by some rocks and plants.

head inside this Alcove, and you’ll find a chest containing your prize, the Shade of Eccria Mask. 

Be sure to put that bad boy on immediately and get a feel for your new vigilante persona, then when you are ready, head back to Maz and confirm that you are ready to go through with his Jailbreak plan. 

This will have the rest of the quest play out as a cutscene that will have you listen to a pair of guards chatting while they guard the Prisoner, but before long, they’ll sense the presence of The Shade of Eccria and will hightail it, allowing you to free The Child. 

After this, all you have to do to conclude the quest is return to Maz, at which point you can confront him about not being entirely truthful about his link to The Child and The Shade of Eccria.

After that, this quest will wrap up, and you’ll be able to keep the Shade of Eccria mask, which is a blessing because, in my humble opinion, it’s the coolest mask in the game. 

Become An Antihero

All in all, The Shade of Eccria is actually a really short quest, and there isn’t that much the player has to do. The issue comes through the fact that the game gives you little to no guidance on how to find the Shade of Eccria Mask.

However, with the help of this guide, you should be able to track it down in no time and check this quest off your list. I hope this was helpful, and as always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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