Mettaton Undertale Guide

Mettaton Undertale Guide

You meet Mettaton after you talk with Dr. Alphus. According to the good doctor, Mettaton was built to be an entertainment robot. This gave me flashbacks to a South Park episode where the German government created a robot to tell jokes.

Unfortunately, Dr. Alphus gave Mettaton some anti-human combat features. I’m not sure how they knew what those features should be. He’s the one with a doctorate; I guess that means he knows something about fighting humans.

The Underworld is a fascinating place. I keep wondering what I will find next and how it will make me think about strange things. Like where Dr. Alphus got her doctorate and what a robotics school would look like in the game.

We find out that Mettaton is an “unstoppable killing machine with a thirst for human blood!” Why can’t scientists make robots that want to hug people?

Anyway, let’s get on with our Mettaton Undertale guide and discover the character of Mettaton and everything I found out about him.

Key Details Up Front

  • Character Type: Boss/NPC
  • Difficulty: Easy if you pay attention to what is said.
  • First Encounter: In Alphys Lab
  • Optional: You need to fight him
  • Personality: Mettaton is a robot with a soul. It comes across as a stereotypical game show host. He has a few forms which change based on your path in the game.
  • Skills: His attacks come in the form of questions. It’s a unique boss fight in a game filled with unique boss fights.
  • Side Quests:



You first hear about Mettaton when you meet Alphys. This feels a bit like Papyrus and Undyne. You hear about them first and are introduced to them through another character. I like this because it can build some anticipation for what you’re about to see.

His design is kind of cool. It reminds me of what people thought robots would look like when I was a kid.

He has a show that seems to be watched by the other monsters in the Hotlands. It creates some funny moments as you talk to them, and all of them like his show. You also learn he has a fan club.

You see all of his shows throughout the different fights, or at least I think all of his shows. You also hear him talk about how few viewers he has at one point, but it seems like everyone in the Hotlands, and the CORE knows about him.

The more you talk with Mettaton and Alphys, the more things get complicated. I wasn’t sure who was telling me the truth at times. Especially at the end of this section.

Mettaton tells you that this was supposed to help Alphys look like a hero. I wasn’t sure if I should believe the murderous robot or not.

Anyway, let’s get into the different times you meet Mettaton and some of the strange things you might encounter during this section of Undertale!

Key features/Moments

When you first encounter Mettaton, he bursts through a wall right after Alphys warns you about him. The fight is unique! Instead of dodging his attacks, you have to answer a series of questions.

You can take action, but they don’t do anything aside from saying how you can’t hurt Mettaton with attacks. I didn’t try to attack him.

Let’s walk through the different times you encounter Mettaton. I like these different fights and puzzles. It adds to the fun of the game!


This is the first fight you have with Mettaton. It’s pretty fun! You need to answer questions. Some of the answers are given away when you check Mettaton or Alpyus when you speak with her.

You do get a lot of information here about Mettaton and Alphys. Some of the questions seem designed for you to get wrong, like counting flies in a jar and the question with increasing numbers.

It’s a great boss fight! From here, you make your way through some puzzles. Some of them are easy, and others are more of a joke. I like them a lot!

Cooking with a Killer Robot Show

Cooking with a Killer Robot Show

In this fight, you walk into a dark room, and Alphys calls you to say she will turn on the lights. Unfortunately, this leads to Mettaton’s cooking show! I’m sure the monsters watching it will enjoy it.

He tells you or the audience that there is a special recipe today. I thought this would be a cooking humans joke, but it was a cake. He gives you a list of ingredients that are right behind you.

At this time, Mettaton says he forgot the most crucial ingredient, a human soul. I was expecting a better payoff to the joke, but whatever.

Mettaton moves towards you with a chainsaw until Alphys call him. She asks if he could replace the human soul with something else if someone is vegan. I’m having flashbacks to ordering pizza for my co-workers.

Mettaton likes the idea and tells you the substitute ingredient is on a shelf. He then explains you have one minute to get it, or he will go back to the “original plan,” which would be a problem for your character.

This leads to a jetpack level! Sometimes I think too much about what is happening in video games. This is one of those times you need to enjoy the insanity!

It’s a pretty easy level. You have to avoid the projectiles that Mettaton throws at you. These include breadcrumbs, marshmallows, and, I think, steam. I think that’s what these things were.

Once you win, Mettaton congratulates you and says that he has already baked the cake. He also seems to show some remorse for making you do this. Once this is over, you can move on to the next section.

Royal Guards Fight

This doesn’t have much to do with Mettaton aside from happening after a puzzle in the Hotlands. It requires you to remember the green attacks you might have learned from fighting a monster earlier in the game.

You need to clean the armor of the second Guard. You have to interact with the green icon on the attack screen five times when the attack is attacked. This causes the second guard to remove his armor; then, you have to whisper to the first guard and spare them.

It’s a bit of a distraction from the goofiness you deal with during the Mettaton parts of the story.

MTT News

MTT News

After the Royal Guards, you find yourself in another dark room. Alphys calls and says she will turn the lights on. This leads you to another encounter with Mettaton. I wonder if this could have been avoided by leaving the lights off.

This time, he is on a news show. Mettaton asks you to move around the room and report something. I found a basketball which turned out to be a bomb. Everything was a bomb, according to Mettaton.

In this challenge, Mettaton tells you that the goal is to defuse all the bombs in two minutes. Once you defuse the bombs, Mettaton tells you the giant bomb will blow you up in two seconds! It doesn’t because Alphys defused it while Mettaton was talking.

Muffet and Spider Pastries

After completing an easy puzzle, you are trapped in a spider web. The lady selling spider pastries is upset and wants to make you into the next batch. I wonder if this would be different if I had bought something from them earlier.

This starts a fight with Muffet. I’m assuming she has some knowledge of tuffets and a few strong opinions about curds and whey.

This is one of the more annoying boss fights. She won’t fight you if you bought something from her bake sale. If you didn’t, like me, then you have to survive 17 rounds with her, eat something you got from the spiders in the Ruins, or kill her.

The Musical

This is the third encounter with Mettaton before you have to fight him. This was fun, but I liked the MTT segment a bit more. Something about defusing bombs being more fun to me.

Mettaton sings a song before sending you to a dungeon. Here you deal with a colored tile puzzle that reminds me of the one Papyrus tried to make the player navigate earlier. I’m not sure if this was the intention, but I would like to think of it that way!

This tile puzzle is different because it has fire, and if you don’t solve it in time, the fire will kill you. Mettaton turns the fire off when you complete it saying he knew Alphys would have used her super hacking powers on it if he didn’t.

If you aren’t fast enough or want to see what happens (like I did), then Alphys does turn the flames off. This made me wonder why she didn’t just do it right away!

Once you beat the puzzle, Mettaton attacks you. There are two ways to get through this. The first is by using a feature on the phone that Alphys gave you, and the other is to let Mettaton beat you up. Either way, he leaves.

Mettaton and Mettaton EX

Mettaton and Mettaton EX

Once you reach the end of this section, you reencounter Mettaton. He tells you that he wants to kill you this time and is super serious this time! The other times were to make Alphys feel like a hero.

This made me rethink some stuff. Specifically, all of the times that Alphys had helped me. I thought the puzzles and other encounters with Mettaton felt a bit off, but I assumed it was the game’s weirdness.

Now, he really wants to kill me, which feels a bit mean. Even though that is what he was programmed to do, it still feels mean to me.

Mettaton does tell us why in a rather Saturday morning cartoon villain way. He wants our soul so he can go to the human world and become a star! If it didn’t mean my death, I would consider helping him.

Thankfully, Alphys told you about a switch on Mettaton’s back, making him vulnerable to attacks. You trick him into turning around, flip the switch, and Mettaton transforms into Mettaton EX, a more human-looking form.

This starts another game show like a battle. You need to get the ratings up to 10,000 or 12,000 if Mettaton has legs. I know that sounds weird. This will cause Napstablook to call into the show and convince Mettaton to stop fighting. It’s probably the best outcome.

Once this is done, you can move on. If you’re like me, you start wondering what you experienced and why it was necessary.

Mettaton Neo

This is a form that you see if you go the Genocide route. I didn’t do that, but I thought I should mention it here.

This version looks like it’s ready for a fight but can be beaten with a single hit. It’s anti-climactic.

Key relationships

Mettaton has three relationships in the game. They are with your character, Alphys, and Napstablook. Let’s talk a bit about them now.



Mettaton wants to kill you because he has been programmed to do so. Granted, Alphys tried to change the programming; she didn’t finish it before you showed up.

However, Mettaton is just acting like he wants to kill you and the rest of humanity. I wonder how long he was going to take this. He was probably just really wrapped up in the role he was playing.

He does want to take your soul, but this is an effort to avoid a war between humans and monsters. Once you beat him, Mettaton changes his tune and thinks you’re strong enough to beat Asgore.


Mettaton’s relationship with Alphys is a strange one. When I first played this, it felt like Mettaton was that friend who was trying to shame Alphys into being more outgoing. Granted, he was trying to kill me at the time, so my analysis might have been a little rushed.

I didn’t think Mettaton was going out of his way to be mean. He was going along with what Alphys originally wanted until he had a chance to do his own thing.

In one of the endings, you can see that Mettaton felt terrible about how he treated Alphys. It’s like how he expressed remorse for trying to hurt the protagonist.



Mettaton is Napstablook’s cousin, and before he got his robot body, he was working on the two of them worked on the snail farm. The snail farm is something you see before you fight Undyne.

As a side note, I like the snail farm! I’m not sure why. It’s one of those things in the game that I find very charming, anyway, back to Mettaton.

The two of them are very close. Once Mettaton got his new body, he recruited Napstablook to work with him.

 He sends you a friend request on the weird social media app on your phone. However, it’s immediately deleted if you try to accept.


There are some funny things said when you talk to him. I wanted to grab a few quotes that I thought were funny, strange, or were just bizarre. Here are some of my favorite quotes from our robot, Mettaton.

“There is only one rule. Answer Correctly, or you die!”

Mettaton says this when you first meet him. He’s just crashed through a wall, told you this was a game show, and gave you a round of applause. I wonder if this is what Dr. Alphus has to deal with every day?

“Screaming is against the rules.”

Mettaton says this during battle. When you try to take action, you have to choose between check and cry. If you choose to cry, then you’re met with this gem. I wish he had told us the rules before the game started!

“She names programming variables after her. She even writes stories of them together, sharing a domestic life. Probability of Crush: 101 Percent.”

Here is another quote from the battle. It comes after Mettaton asks you who Alphys has a crush on. Up till this point, I didn’t know Alphys was a woman.

“I forgot the most important ingredient. A HUMAN SOUL!!!”

Mettaton says this during the cooking show. I like it but would have enjoyed how-to cooking with humans joke.


Question: What is Mettaton’s real name?

Answer: Mettaton’s name was Hapstablook. You hear about this in a conversation between Papyrus and Undyne.

Question: What is the easiest way to spare Mettaton EX?

Answer: If you are like me, you made many mistakes during this fight and the other fights. Here is an easy way to spare Mettaton EX:

• When the bombs start falling, shoot them so they can’t destroy the blocks.
• When arms start falling, shoot the yellow blocks. If you shoot anywhere else, the arms will fall faster.
• When the disco ball shows up, shoot it so the beams turn blue, then standstill.
• This should allow you to spare him.

Question: Is Muffet a boss?

Answer: She is a mini-boss that can be avoided. If you don’t do what I did, don’t be like me. Buy some spider cookies.

Question: What happens if you kill Mettaton EX?

Answer: He will show back up in his original form if you kill him. However, he will be all beat up and lying on his side.


This moment in Undertale made me think a bit about what I was doing in the game. Mettaton is one of the many interesting characters, and I think his relationships make him more interesting.

On his own, Mettaton seems like he wants to help people. I’m not too fond of how he goes about it, though. It does make me question why he did it. Maybe it’s the only way he knows how to interact with people.

It would be different if we knew more about him before he got his robot body. Alphys programmed him to do something, even if we know Mettaton can ignore the programming.

Mettaton is one of the more entertaining boss fights. Especially the first one where you have to answer questions.

As I made it to the end of all these fights and moved past this part, I started thinking more about Alphys. It seemed like she wanted to make friends but wasn’t sure how to do it. So, she made a killer robot and then tried to save me from it so I would like her. It all seems strange to me.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you learned a little about Mettaton!

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