Loom Terraria Guide

Loom Terraria Guide

While you may think you can get away with having a workbench in Terraria, you’ll soon realize you need more crafting stations to make everything you want. For example, if you’re going to make clothes or beds, you’ll want a Loom, specifically.

The Loom mostly makes aesthetic things but can also be used to craft more helpful stuff. It’s essential if you want silk for the many recipes that use it. If you want to find out how to get a Loom, what you can make with it, and how to use it, then this Loom Terraria guide is for you.

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Bottom Line Up Front

The Loom can be found either randomly underground or crafted with 12 pieces of wood at a Sawmill. Using the Loom you can make silk, a large variety of vanity outfits, and certain armor pieces for Mage and Summoner.

Key Info

  • Item Type: Crafting Station
  • Usage: Crafting Vanity and Armor
  • Found Naturally: Yes
  • Difficulty To Obtain: Very Easy
  • Availability: Near the beginning of the game
  • Rarity: White

How to Get a Loom

getting a loom terraria

You can get a loom in two ways, the most direct being by obtaining a sawmill and crafting it with only 12 pieces of wood. This is the more straightforward way to do it, and if you’re having trouble finding it out in the world, you should definitely craft it.

If you’re lucky, though, you could find it the same way you might come across an anvil; in underground houses that contain golden chests. I usually obtain my Loom this way since it’s not too uncommon to find these houses when you’re just casually spelunking. So, pick it up if you’re ever underground and see a Loom!

Types of Loom Creations

While there are only a few categories of things to make with a Loom, each one is unique and offers different things for every player. Therefore, it would be best to consider the options this crafting station will allow you but know that most of these require a ton of cobwebs.

Usually, you’ll need to turn your cobwebs into silk, then get a secondary resource or two, gems, wood, or whatever else the recipe may require. Again, I’d recommend looking at the Guide’s crafting menu and putting silk in to see everything easily.

Theres a few miscellaneous outliers that don’t fall into any of these categories, but I’ll be sure to cover them in the next section of the guide.


vanity loom terraria

Vanity items are purely just for drip. Do you want to show off to your friends? Then maybe craft some of the copious sets of vanity armor you have available with the Loom. There are sets ranging from CRT heads to maid outfits to the Legend of Zelda reference.

You can use these by putting them in your vanity armor slots (the ones to the left of your standard armor) or just by right-clicking them. While you can put any armor in these vanity slots, vanity armor is only for aesthetic purposes and provides no benefit other than looking cool.


loom armor terraria

While there are only a few real armor sets to make with the Loom, the ones you can make are all bangers. If you play Mage or Summoner, you’re practically required to go for the Loom when you’re early on in pre-hardmode; there are no other better options now.

A few mage coats make a cobbled-together set combined with the Wizard hat that drops from Tim, an actual real summoner set, and another summoner coat with niche uses. The armor is negligible for Melee and Ranger, but for Mage and Summoner, grab it early on.


loom banners terraria

For some reason, you can make a few banners with the Loom. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to these; unlike the banners dropped by enemies, they provide no benefits and are just for aesthetics but are barely noticeable, to be honest.

Crafting Ingredients

A few crafting ingredients made with the Loom exist almost entirely to craft more things with the Loom, an actual modern-day economy. For example, you can make silk and several colors of threads; while silk has its uses outside of the Loom, the thread is almost entirely for this crafting station.

You’ll probably end up crafting most of your cobweb into silk; that’s what it’s made for. Everything you can make with silk is either dripped out or incredibly useful. Thread is just there, with very few recipes outside of vanity sets.

Everything You Can Make with a Loom

Now that you have an idea of the categories of items you can create, I’ll review every Loom creation individually, highlighting the vanities I love and what I find to be exceedingly helpful. There are also a few other creations that didn’t fit into a category; I’ll go over them too.


You’ll need Silk for most of the recipes with the Loom, but it’s also pretty useful outside of just the Loom. For example, if you want to make any furniture or clothing, it’s probably made with silk.

Beds, sofas, robes, vanity, and Molotov cocktails. Even some armor sets require silk, and the summon for the Frost moon also requires it. The usefulness of silk goes far beyond what you’d probably think for such a simple item.


Only green thread can be made with jungle grass seeds at the Loom, but a variety of other threads can be sourced from other sources. Thread is almost exclusively used to make items mentioned in this guide, stucco blocks and the pink snow set, crafted at a workbench. Outside of vanity, it is almost useless.

Ancient Vanity

loom ancient vanity terraria

Please don’t confuse it with the Ancient Armor, despite the similar ingredients, look, and theme. This set is entirely different, completely for vanity. You can make this armor with silk and ancient cloth, which drops from enemies in the desert in hardmode.

This is pretty great if you want a blue and yellow deserty armor and don’t quite like the look of the actual Ancient armor. This set looks neat, but the real desert armor sets usually look better, even if they’re harder to craft.

Capricorn Vanity

loom capricorn vanity terraria

One of the six fanmade armor sets to be officially added to Terraria in the 1.4.1 update; the Capricon set is incredibly unique. Whenever you right-click on the leggings of the armor, they swap between either regular leggings or a mermaid-like tail. This set takes Silk, Coral, Silver dye, and Fallen Stars to craft.

Every single fanmade set is incredibly creative; that’s why they won the contest to get in the game, after all. This one is great, I love the white, blue, and gold color combination, and the tail legs are a super neat touch that I believe is a unique feature for this set.

Firestarter Vanity

loom firestarter vanity terraria

A relatively obscure vanity set, this one is a neat reference to Willow from the game Don’t Starve, added in 1.4.3, the same update that added Deerclops and quite a bit of other Don’t Starve content.

This set is straightforward to obtain, only taking silk and no other ingredients. I feel like I should see this more often for that reason, but I never have. Weird, too, considering it looks excellent. Though, I am a sucker for the black and red color combo on anything, especially a video game’s UI.

Floret Protector Vanity

loom floret protector vanity terraria

Potentially one of my favorite sets in the whole game, this one is another fanmade contest winner, and it looks incredible. It looks great, from the general vibe of a stuffy and bloated spacesuit to the head being a flower in a glass case.

This set is made with silk, glass, dirt, and Daybloom. And man, does it look great. It’s just an insanely creative idea executed super well, and I always want to go out of my way to get this one whenever I’m in the mood to grab some unique and exciting vanity.

Gentleman’s Vanity

loom gentleman's vanity terraria

The equivalent to the Firestarter set, the Gentleman’s set is another vanity based on Don’t Starve. This one looks incredibly similar to the Firestarter set and is also crafted with silk and nothing else again, though you can also find the Stylist and grab the Gentleman’s beard to go with it.

This set feels segmented in its color scheme to me; I don’t know how exactly to explain it. It just feels less cohesive and unified than the Firestarter set. It is still neat as a reference, and the beard is a nice touch, but it’s not made with a loom, so it’s lame.

Hero’s Vanity

loom hero's vanity terraria

Take one look at this set and tell me you don’t already know what it’s based on. The set is very clearly based. And is inspired by the Legend of Zelda, specifically Link’s outfit in Ocarina of time. It’s also pretty quickly made with silk and green thread.

Quite a neat reference, in my opinion. The set used to be purple when Terraria came to the 3DS, and Re-Logic was scared of Nintendo being upset at them, but now Terraria is on the Switch, and the Hero’s set is green, just as Cthulu intended. If you like Zelda, you’ll love this.

TV Head Vanity

loom tv head vanity terraria

Now, this is some great content. This set not only has a Lemon Demon reference in its tooltip, but it’s also one of the fanmade contest winners, and man, it’s great.

The TV head changes screens based on the biome, health, or if you’re fighting a boss, and various other things. It’s also easy to make with silk, purple dye, wire, and glass.

The purple suit, oversized CRT screen head, and animation with details that change depending on the situation make for one of my favorite vanities in the game: such a great set, incredibly unique and well made, props to Dr. Zootsuit.

Maid Vanities

Both maid sets are created at the Loom, and both look pretty nice, in my opinion. I use the pink maid dress on many of the screenshots in my articles because I think it looks pretty good, and it’s made with silk and either pink or black thread, depending on your preferred color.

Especially with two different colors, there isn’t too much to complain about with this poofy, lovely dress that looks quite nice in combination with things like the giant bow or garland—a super elegant and pretty set, to be sure.

Plaguebringer’s Vanity

loom plaguebringer's vanity terraria

Keeping with the trend of the community contest winners being the best vanity sets in the entire game, the Plaguebringer set brings not only plague but also an awesome-looking coat, skull helmet, and fire surrounding you whenever you wear it. It’s made with silk, vertebrae, bones, and black dye. As it should be.

Such an incredible-looking set. I keep repeating that the community sets are great, but you can tell they just pulled ahead of every other submission by being super unique and well-designed, with this one looking supremely raw. I love the intimidating coat with the flames.

Superhero Vanity

loom superhero vanity terraria

The Superhero set is relatively recent, despite having the look and design of an old 1.2 vanity outfit. It looks like a Ninja turtle combined with Green Lantern to make the most mid superhero ever, yet I like it, to be honest. It’s made entirely of silk and green thread, making it cheap.

There isn’t much else to say about this other than that the Halloween costumes you get from goodie bags usually look a bit cleaner and are more direct on the reference than this set. Although, it’s decent, and maybe it should be something other than neon green.

Timeless Traveler’s Vanity

loom timeless traveler's vanity terraria

This set is the corruption equivalent to the Plaguebringer’s set, which shows that in the strikingly similar design. You still have the skull, flames, and big coat, but all more subdued and gray, leading to a more unique and mysterious take on a similar concept.

You can make this set with silk, rotten chunks, black dye, and bones. Most everything I said about the Plaguebringer’s set applies to this one just the same; it’s just super cool. I love how two different concepts involved skulls, fire, and coats in a muted color scheme, and they decided to make them counterparts.

Tuxedo Vanity

loom tuxedo vanity terraria

Two parts of this three-piece suit are made at the Loom with black thread and silk, but the Groom drops the top hat. Either way, this one is a really simple and classy tuxedo you should make for the one weird friend you know who decided to marry in Terraria.

Wandering Vanity

loom wandering vanity terraria

This set is super cool. Inspired by ancient Japanese culture, the set comprises a Jingasa, Yukata, and Geta that all look cool together. If you want to make your entire Terraria world look like ancient Asian cultures, then Terraria has a surprising amount of options.

It’s made with silk, fireflies, and clay. If you’re wondering why fireflies are a part of it, it’s because when you’re wearing it, you’ll have the light bugs hovering around you. This effect is elegant; if only it lit things up, but I suppose that’s a bit too much for vanity armor.

Gem Robes

loom gem robes terraria

If you’re an early-game mage player, you’re probably overly familiar with these. They’re easily made with 10 of your gem of choice, plus a robe made with 20 silk. They provide some decent buffs and are one of the only sets you can go for early on that don’t force you to risk it all in the Jungle.

They can also be combined with Tim’s wizard hat or the Traveling Merchant’s magic hat for some extra buffs. The look of these is decent, especially the elegant and crystal-clear silver color of the diamond set, and if you’re playing as a mage, they’re essential.

Flinx Fur Coat

loom flinx fur coat terraria

This fluffy coat is like the summoner equivalent to the gem robes, with only one variant, which is a little more expensive and tricky to get. It also has no headpieces for extra buffs or set bonuses, so it’s just kind of a summoner armor only for the chest piece. It requires silk, Flinx fur, and gold bars.

It does give an extra minion slot and a bit of additional minion damage. However, I think it would be more beneficial to fight the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulu instead of farming Flinxes.

Even if you lose, you can still get some Shadow Scales or Tissue Samples and get a way better armor set in the Obsidian armor. The fur coat is very drippy, though.

Obsidian Armor Set

loom obsidian armor set terraria

Speaking of the better early-game summoner armor, the Obsidian armor is made with silk, tissue samples/shadow scales, and of course, obsidian. This set gives an extra summon, quite a bit of extra summon damage, and a lot of additional whip damage and speed.

This set looks incredibly cool. I wish it never got nerfed because its pre-nerf state was nothing other than incredible. I understand why, considering it used to be the best summoner set in the game until the very late game, but now this super slick-looking armor will carry you through all of pre-hardmode, and that’s ok.


Banners come in three different colors, and as mentioned above, they do not have any unique attributes, unlike the banners that drop from enemies. So the only situation you’d need these for is if you’re making a regal castle and want many aesthetic banners hanging from the ceiling.

Goblin Battle Standard

A rather weird one, this will summon the Goblin Army, but only if you can get the wood and tattered cloth required to make it. Tattered cloth requires going to the edges of the world and hoping that a goblin scout will spawn, then once again hoping they drop cloth.

I rarely use this item, the Goblin Army is a random event, and the odds of it happening are low. Still, those odds get re-rolled constantly, so I seldom go too long without seeing one and fight it early on in pre-hardmode and hardmode naturally.

Silk Rope

loom silk rope terraria

Perhaps the least practical item with a functional purpose, the silk rope, takes one silk per 30 ropes. If you’re wondering why it’s particularly impractical, you could buy rope on the cheap from the merchant or craft web rope if you’re in a pinch.

The silk rope gives you more rope per web, but the fact you need to take an extra crafting station on top of turning your cobwebs into silk first makes this inconvenient. You should also buy rope from the merchant regardless because that’s easier.

White String

loom white string terraria

This item is handy… for a particular subclass. Yo-yo users probably always grab a loom to make this accessory, as it’s easy to make, just requiring cobwebs at a loom with no extra steps required.

You can equip this accessory to increase your yo-yo range, dye it different colors in a dye vat, and turn it into the yo-yo bag in hardmode. It is an incredibly useful accessory if you want to use yo-yos; otherwise, it is useless.

Questions and Answers

Question: How Do I Craft Vanity Sets in Terraria?

Answer: Making or obtaining a loom and using silk with a few other materials (checking the Guide’s crafting menu is helpful) will lead to a load of new vanity armor sets to craft.

Question: How Do I Get a Loom in Terraria?

Answer: You can find it in underground houses or craft it at a sawmill for 12 wood.

Question: How Do I Summon the Goblin Army in Terraria?

Answer: You can either wait for it to naturally occur via random chance or craft the Goblin Battle Standard at a Loom.


The Loom is one of the Terraria items I will always pick up at some point. Even if I’m not sure I’ll need or use it, I still grab one if I want to take advantage of the copious vanity sets, sawmill items, and armor sets it provides.

I especially recommend this crafting station for poor early-game summoners and mages struggling through the game and wanting a boost to their magic and summoning capabilities. The Loom is just incredibly useful, not only for game progression but for style as well.

Craft Your Adventure in Terraria’s Pixelated Realm | GOG

Embark on a boundless adventure in the pixelated sandbox world of Terraria, where you can dig, build, and explore to your heart's content. With endless possibilities for creativity and discovery, join millions of players in crafting your own epic journey.

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