Open Roads Achievements Guide

Here’s the thing about Walking Simulators: they’re great, but they tend to be a one-and-done sort of deal. After you absorb the story and walk everywhere the game wants you to walk, the desire for another lap is rarely there when the credits roll. 

This is why it’s so important that you unlock all the achievements the first time around, or you’ll be forced to replay chapters again and experiment to find what makes those final achievements pop.

Well, thankfully, we have all the tips and tricks needed to get all the Open Roads Achievements and 100% this narrative-driven epic before moving on to your next gaming venture. So, without further delay, this is Indie Game Culture’s Open Road Achievements Guide. 

Open Roads Achievements Overview – Quick Facts 

  • Genre: Walking Simulator
  • Difficulty: 1/10
  • Average time: 2-3 Hours
  • Total Trophies: 16
  • # Of Required Playthroughs: 1

Open Roads Achievements – Our Guide

Okay, let’s get down to business; these are all the achievements you’ll need to unlock to 100% Open Roads, in the order that you will likely achieve them: 

A Lot to Unpack

open roads Achievements A Lot to Unpack

First up, we have an achievement that you can earn before you have even left Tess’ room at the beginning of the game. Your beginning objective is to pack up all the things in her room, which teaches you how to interact with objects in the game, and you can actually duck out anytime you like. 

However, to earn this achievement, you will need to pack away every item within the game that allows for that option. Some items will need to stay in the room, but you can pack away combs, pictures, posters, and more. 

This is pretty straightforward, but if you are struggling, the ones you are probably missing will be inside drawers or be lying underneath each side of Tess’ bed. When you collect all the items, the achievement will pop. 

Born In a Barn

open roads Achievements Born In a Barn

Here’s another one that can be earned within the opening section of the game. While exploring the house, you’ll have the opportunity to open cabinets, drawers, and containers all over the place, but you’ll want to focus on the Fridge Freezer.

Head into the Kitchen, open both doors of the Fridge Freezer, and then walk away, ensuring the whole house gets nice and chilly. When all the doors are open, Opal will reprimand you, asking if you were born in a barn, and after this scolding, you’ll get the achievement. 

Just Checking It Out

open roads Achievements Just Checking It Out

Again, you can earn this achievement in the first area of the game, and this one will have you go dumpster diving if you want to add it to your collection.

Downstairs, you’ll find a wastebasket with a number of items of trash. Examine each one of them, and, again, Opol will scold you for rooting around in the bins, and this achievement will be yours. 

Problem Attic

open roads Achievements Problem Attic

This achievement is a story-related one that will pop when the player ends the scene in the attic after finding Tess’ Grandma’s secret suitcase

Are We There Yet

open roads Achievements Are We There Yet

This achievement is a story-related one that will pop when the player completes their first car journey. 

The Signal 

open roads Achievements The Signal 

This can be achieved on the first car journey. Players will first need to ask Opol if it’s okay if you can turn on the radio. Then when she says yes, you’ll want to tune the radio until you fit the frequency 106.7.

When you do this, Tess will ask what the heck she is listening to, and after a brief discussion about X-files and Aliens, the achievement will pop. 

Does This Bug You?

open roads Achievements Does This Bug You?

This achievement is earned on the first car journey. To earn this one, the player will need to flick the Car Air Freshener a handful of times, and eventually, Opol will crack and tell Tess to stop being annoying, and after this discussion, the achievement will pop. 

Waiter Skater

open roads Achievements Waiter Skater

This is an achievement that is achieved in the Mobile Home section of the game. Firstly, when the player enters the Mobile Home, they must examine a pair of roller boots on the floor; upon doing so, Opol will reveal that they were a rollerskating waitress in a diner. 

Then, your objective is to find a photo of her in action. This photo is found in the bathroom, which is only accessible when you go under the home and through the Crawlspace to access the second half of the home. 

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night(Shade)

open roads Achievements Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

This achievement is earned during the Mobile Home section of the game. Players will need to follow the narrative thread surrounding August and her imaginary friend, Nightshade.

This will eventually lead you to her room, and in the bottom drawer in this room, you will find a trowel and a hand-drawn map leading to a burial site near the Dog Kennel outside. 

Head there and dig up the hidden trinkets, revealing that August effectively buried her feelings, as Opol so warmly put it. When you do this, the achievement will pop.

Going Mobile

open roads Achievements Going Mobile

This achievement is a story-related one that will pop when the player completes the scene at Opol’s Summer Mobile Home

Mother’s Little Helper

open roads Achievements Mother's Little Helper

This achievement is earned in the Motel section of the game. As you are left to your own devices in the Motel Room, you will be able to check your texts, and after doing this, you can fill your friend Francine in on all the interesting things in the general vicinity.

The one you need to find to earn this achievement is in Opol’s Suitcase. You’ll find a tube of Fluoxitine, and when you text Francine to fill her in on your mother’s prescription, this achievement will pop. 

Just note, unless you check your texts first, you won’t be able to examine these pills and get the achievement. 

Clean Plate Club

open roads Achievements Clean Plate Club

This one is also earned within the Motel section of the game. When you sit down to do your homework, and your mother returns before heading into the bathroom to speak to August, she’ll set down a Burger for you to devour.

So be sure to pop the lid open and click on that sucker until there is nothing left, earning you a spot in the Clean Plate Club. 

Room Service

open roads Achievements Room Service

This achievement is a story-related one that will pop when the player completes the scene at the Motel. 

The Road Worrier

open roads Achievements The Road Worrier

This achievement is a story-related one that will pop when the player completes their second car journey.

Pier Pressure

open roads Achievements Pier Pressure

This achievement is a story-related one that will pop when the player completes the section at Pierre’s Houseboat. 

The Road Less Travelled 

open roads Achievements The Road Less Travelled 

This is a story-related achievement that will pop when the player completes the final car journey and finishes the game. 

Road Trip Complete

So there you have it, a guide to unlocking every single achievement in Open Roads. This may not be a hard game, but there are a few achievements that you will likely miss without a guide the first time around. So I hope this guide helped you out, and as always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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