coffee talk 2 drinks guide

Coffee Talk 2 Drinks Guide

I’ll be honest, I’m not normally into visual novels. I see gaming and reading as two completely separate hobbies, and I rarely fancy both of them at the same time. However, Coffee Talk was a rare exception for me, and I loved playing the first one. The sequel came out recently, and I was thrilled to get back into the story.

However, not only does Coffee Talk 2 introduce brand-new characters and plots, but there are also new drinks to brew! It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices, and that’s where this article comes in handy. There are hundreds of potential orders you could make, but only some of them are official drinks in the Brewpad.

To save you from having to rely purely on trial and error, this Coffee Talk 2 drinks guide will contain everything in the Brewpad.

This is necessary to unlock the Master Brewer achievement. Some of the drinks were available in Coffee Talk, and others are new exclusively for the sequel. Without further ado, here are all the drinks in the game!

Coffee Based Drinks

Coffee was available as a base in Coffee Talk, but the sequel has added 5 new drinks on top of all the old ones for a total of 14. It makes sense that coffee would have the largest range of options given the title of the game.

Personally, I think seeing the comparisons between the new and old drinks shows just how far Coffee Talk 2 has come in terms of the drink appearances. I’m a huge fan of the new ones and definitely prefer them, although the old ones did look pretty cool. But I think Bee’n Buzzy is a clear example of how much extra detail there is in the new game.

As with all the drink bases, I’m going to list the specialty drinks in the order that they appear in the Brewpad. I’ll put a star next to the ones which are new to the sequel.

  • Black Lemon  Coffee, Coffee, Lemon
  • Black Magic  Coffee, Mint, Honey
  • Caffé Latte  Coffee, Milk, Milk
  • Cappuccino  Coffee, Coffee, Milk
  • Espresso  Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
  • Gingerbread Coffee  Coffee, Ginger, Cinnamon
  • Ginger Latte  Coffee, Ginger, Milk
  • Jahe Tubruk  Coffee, Coffee, Ginger
  • Sugar and Spice – Coffee, Honey, Cinnamon
Bee'n Buzzy Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
Look at the gorgeous details on this one. It looks so utterly delicious even through the screen! / Image by Melika Jeddi
  • Bee’n Buzzy Coffee, Honey, Milk
  • Cinnamon Latte  Coffee, Milk, Cinnamon
  • Sweet Coffee – Coffee, Coffee, Honey
  • Queimada  Coffee, Honey, Lemon
  • Jingle Beans  Coffee, Coffee, Cinnamon
Jingle Beans Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
I love how the silhouette of Santa Clause is visible in the froth. / Image by Melika Jeddi

Tea Based Drinks

For whatever reason, Coffee Talk 2 doesn’t introduce any new drinks made with tea as a base. Perhaps this was a deliberate choice due to the fact that there are two new tea varieties.

Either way, it means that all the specialty tea drinks in the Brewpad are the ones that were available in the first game. To refresh your memory, here are all the drinks you’ll need.

  • Gala Had  Tea, Milk, Ginger
  • Masala Chai  Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon
Masala Chai Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
You can see the extra spices in this one, such as star anise. / Image by Melika Jeddi
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream  Tea, Lemon, Honey
  • Russian Tea  Tea, Lemon, Cinnamon
  • Shai Adeni – Tea, Milk, Cinnamon
  • Teh Tarik  Tea, Tea, Milk

Green Tea Based Drinks

Green tea is one of the more beautiful bases in Coffee Talk 2, although it can’t compete with the stunning vibrancy of blue pea or hibiscus.

All of the old favorites have returned from the first game, and there are also 3 new drinks for you to try out. Bizarrely, two of them employ the use of speech marks in their title. With “Five Stars!” it makes sense as it’s an exclamation, but the speech marks around “Detox” Tea seem a little redundant.

  • Cough Syrup  Green Tea, Lemon, Honey
  • Green Tea Latte  Green Tea, Milk, Milk
  • Marrakech  Green Tea, Mint, Mint
  • Shin Genmaicha  Green Tea, Green Tea, Ginger
  • The Grinch  Green Tea, Ginger, Cinnamon
  • * Matcha  Green Tea, Green Tea, Green Tea
  • * “Detox” Tea  Green Tea, Ginger, Lemon
  • * “Five Stars!”  Green Tea, Honey, Milk

Hot Chocolate Based Drinks

Technically the ingredient is just called ‘Chocolate’, but I feel the need to specify that it’s hot chocolate. After all, if someone said ‘chocolate-based drink’ to me, I’d assume they were talking about a milkshake. It’s clear from the images that all of these are hot drinks rather than chilled ones, hence my making the distinction. 

These drinks might not be as colorful as some of the tea varieties, but I bet they’re the tastiest. You just can’t beat the creamy sweetness of a delicious hot chocolate, especially with all these wonderfully diverse flavors. There are 2 new specialty hot chocolate drinks for Coffee Talk 2, as well as the 5 that were present in the original game. I’d love to try the Spiced Lady, it sounds satisfyingly tasty with a refreshing kick of cinnamon. 

  • Bitter Heart  Chocolate, Ginger, Cinnamon
  • Chocobee Miruku  Chocolate, Honey, Milk
Chocobee Miruku Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
The little heart on top of this one is just so cute! / Image by Melika Jeddi
  • Dark Chocolate  Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate
  • Spanish Sahara  Chocolate, Milk, Ginger
  • Spiced Lady  Chocolate, Milk, Cinnamon
  • 299.792.458  Chocolate, Honey, Ginger
  • After Midnight  Chocolate, Honey, Mint
After Midnight Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
When I see the name of this one, I can’t help myself from singing the first line of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. / Image by Melika Jeddi

Milk Based Drinks

Weirdly, there are actually fewer milk-based drinks in Coffee Talk 2 than there were in the first game. For some reason, they’ve excluded Honey Milk, I’m not entirely sure why they chose to do that. I guess our barista character had a bout of very specific memory loss and forgot one of their standard drinks.

The game also doesn’t introduce any new milk drinks, meaning there are only 5 of them in this game as opposed to 6 in the original. As such, you should be able to fill up this section of your Brewpad pretty quickly!

Bedchamber Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
This was such a fun yet simple design, using the “zzz”s to represent sleepiness, like they do in cartoons. / Image by Melika Jeddi
  • Bedchamber  Milk, Cinnamon, Honey
  • Le Menthol  Milk, Mint, Lemon
  • Lemony Snippet  Milk, Honey, Lemon
  • Milky Way  Milk, Honey, Mint
  • STMJ  Milk, Ginger, Honey

Blue Pea Based Drinks

One of two new drink bases introduced in Coffee Talk 2, Blue Pea has a beautiful blue shade to it. With it, you can create 8 brand new drinks for your Brewpad.

Each one has a gorgeous design that looks striking and visually appealing. My personal favorite is the Flowerbed, as it has a stunning gradient from red through to purple then blue. There’s also an adorable little bee decoration on the top. I’m not a tea drinker myself, but seeing all the beautiful blue pea drinks makes me wish I was!

  • Butterfly Pea – Blue Pea, Blue Pea, Blue Pea
  • Galaxy Mint-tea – Blue Pea, Mint, Lemon
  • Dreamin’ Blue – Blue Pea, Milk, Honey
  • Aqua’s Tranquilitea – Blue Pea, Mint, Mint
  • Blue Lightning – Blue Pea, Ginger, Ginger

Galaxy Mint-tea Coffee Talk 2 Drinks

The range of colors in this one is simply breath-taking. / Image by Melika Jeddi

Flowerbed Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
Can you see why Flowerbed is my favorite of the new drinks? / Image by Melika Jeddi
  • Flowerbed – Blue Pea, Honey, Mint
  • Gala Tea – Blue Pea, Milk, Ginger
  • Blue Marshmallow – Blue Pea, Honey, Milk
Blue Marshmallow Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
I don’t like tea, and I don’t like honey, but I definitely want to drink this. / Image by Melika Jeddi

Hibiscus Based Drinks

The second new drink base in Coffee Talk 2, Hibiscus is a beautiful red flower that creates equally stunning drinks.

There are 7 in total, each one with its own unique features. It’s hard for me to decide whether I prefer blue pea or hibiscus for the overall aesthetic as they’re both so pretty to look at. My favorite hibiscus-based drink is the Sweetheart Latte. The milk tones down the red so it’s a pleasing shade of pale pink, and the froth on top looks delightfully creamy. The sprinkles of red petals make the look complete.

    • Hibiscus Tea – Hibiscus, Hibiscus, Hibiscus
  • Bissap – Hibiscus, Ginger, Lemon
  • Teh Jahe Rosella – Hibiscus, Ginger, Honey
  • Sweetheart Latte Hibiscus, Milk, Honey
Sweetheart Latte Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
Its simple elegance wins me over every time I see it. / Image by Melika Jeddi
  • Pink Spice – Hibiscus, Milk, Cinnamon
  • Zobo – Hibiscus, Ginger, Ginger
  • Berry-Blue Hibiscus “Pie” – Hibiscus, Honey, Mint

How Each Ingredient Changes a Drink

In Endless Mode, you’ll be expected to brew a series of drinks that people order. Some of them will tell you precisely what they want, but others will be more cryptic. They may ask for drinks that are a certain level of hot/ cold/ bitter/ sweet. To help you solve these orders quickly, here’s how each ingredient affects the drink composition.

Please note that an ingredient will have a different effect depending on whether it’s the base, primary, or secondary ingredient.

I’ve listed how this changes for each ingredient. It’s also worth noting that the maximum level for any of the flavor profiles is 8, so this is where it’ll stop. Even if the ingredient would technically take the score past 8, it will never show higher than that.

  • Coffee – (Base): +3 Warm, +4 Bitter. (Primary): +2 Warm, +3 Bitter. (Secondary): +1 Warm, +2 Bitter.
  • Green Tea – (Base): +2 Warm, +4 Bitter. (Primary): +1 Warm, +3 Bitter. (Secondary): +2 Bitter.
  • Tea – (Base): +4 Warm, +2 Cool, +3 Bitter. (Primary): +3 Warm, +1 Cool, +2 Bitter. (Secondary): +2 Warm, +1 Bitter.
  • Chocolate – (Base): +2 Cool, +2 Sweet, +4 Bitter. (Primary): +1 Cool, +1 Sweet, +3 Bitter. (Secondary): +2 Bitter.
  • Milk – (Base): +2 Warm, +3 Cool, +1 Sweet. (Primary): +1 Warm, +2 Cool. (Secondary): +1 Cool.
  • Blue Pea – (Base): +2 Warm, +2 Cool, +1 Sweet, +3 Bitter. (Primary): +1 Warm, +1 Cool, +2 Bitter. (Secondary): +1 Bitter.
  • Hibiscus – (Base): +3 Cool, +2 Sweet, +2 Bitter. (Primary): +2 Cool, +1 Sweet, +1 Bitter. (Secondary): +1 Cool.
Zobo Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
Hibiscus-based drinks are useful when a customer asks for a drink that isn’t Cool. / Image by Melika Jeddi

The following ingredients can’t be used as a base, so only have values for primary and secondary.

  • Ginger – (Primary): +3 Warm, +3 Bitter. (Secondary): +2 Warm, +2 Bitter.
  • Mint – (Primary): +4 Cool, +1 Sweet, +2 Bitter. (Secondary): +3 Cool, +1 Bitter.
  • Lemon – (Primary): +2 Cool, +3 Bitter. (Secondary): +1 Cool, +2 Bitter.
  • Honey – (Primary): +4 Sweet. (Secondary): +3 Sweet.
  • Cinnamon – (Primary): +3 Warm, +3 Sweet. (Secondary): +2 Warm, +2 Sweet.
Russian Tea Coffee Talk 2 Drinks
Cinnamon adds warmth and sweetness to a drink, without the bitterness of Ginger. / Image by Melika Jeddi


Question: How many new drinks were added for Coffee Talk 2?

Answer: There are 25 new specialty drinks in the Brewpad for Coffee Talk 2 that were not present in the original game.

Question: What is Gala’s special cure in Coffee Talk?

Answer: Gala is a werewolf and requires a special drink to keep his violent side (known as Fury) at bay. It’s called the Gala Had, and you can make it by mixing Tea, Milk, and Ginger in that order.

Question: Will there be a Coffee Talk 3?

Answer: There’s no official news yet, but given the relative success of the franchise and the clear passion of the developers, I certainly wouldn’t rule it out. Coffee Talk 2 was released 3 years after the first one, so if there does end up being a Coffee Talk 3, we may have to wait quite a while!


Hopefully, this guide should’ve ensured you’re able to brew all of the drinks in Coffee Talk 2. In total, there are 55 specialty drinks in the Brewpad, and that includes the ones that were present in the first game. Given that there are hundreds of possible ingredient combinations, it can be hard figuring out the drinks on your own. Believe me, there’s no shame in using a guide!

I also wanted to include the section on how each ingredient affects the overall flavor profile of the drink. Once you’ve finished the campaign, the Endless Mode can be a fun way to still get enjoyment out of the game.

If you can memorize the ways that the ingredients alter the drinks, you should be able to score really high in the Challenge Mode of Endless Mode. You need to get 50 correct orders for one of the achievements, and that’s no easy feat.

If you’ve found this guide useful (which I’m sure you have), check out some of our other articles! We cover all things indie, including reviews and several other guides

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