Risk of Rain 2 Seekers of the Storm DLC Gearbox Livestream Reveals

During Gearbox’s Risk of Rain 2 Twitchstream, the team offered a hearty helping of Risk of Rain 2 Seekers of the Storm DLC story and world reveals, as well as other additions in the series.

First, the presentation began with a trailer for the Seekers of the Storm DLC, with their discussion of the False Sun, the overarching antagonist of the expansion.

Starting with a trailer showcasing their creation and subsequent fall from grace, the developer details the new bosses revamping versions of previous foes like an Aurelionite free from imprisonment and a corrupted Mithrix.

Developer Claire Bian then showcases Seekers of the Storm’s new worlds with a dragon’s corpse spanning a lava biome and a gorgeous overgrown flower with waterfalls streaming down.

Even while focusing on the upcoming maps, the developers discuss adding a day/night cycle to add new locations, enemies, and weapons to previous areas to make them more worthwhile to explore and return to at different times of the day.

As for what’s to come, developer Kayla Larson discusses potentially pursuing a timeline exploring the Highcourt, Heretics, or the space sickness corrupting the planet. Unfortunately, Seekers of the Storms doesn’t have an announcement yet, so fans must wishlist it for the coming months.

Risk of Rain Returns Behind the Scenes

Later on, the presentation went on to go over the motivation of their recent Risk of Rain Returns remake in returning to the 2D sidecroller combat of the original.

While they admit that harkening back to 2D after switching to Risk of Rain 2’s 3D format seems strange, co-founder Paul Morse details that “it had been ten years, and it was showing its age.”

They discuss their love of the original’s world and gameplay and want to ensure players interested in the first game in the franchise could have an ideal experience that captures the game’s world and tense experience.

Further coverage reviewed the game’s mobile release of Risk of Rains Hostile Worlds, an isometric take on the genre, and the console release of Risk of Rain 2 Survivors of the Void.

Even with the mobile’s low poly graphics and isometric point of view, it still promises to incorporate much of Risk of Rain’s worlds and enemies for fans looking to play the game on the go.

Beyond the upcoming Seekers of the Storm DLC, Risk of Rain fans have a near-boundless amount of content to await.

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