Enshrouded Fantasy Survival RPG Announced for January

Players who enjoyed the cooperative survival RPG Enshrouded during Steam Next Fest can expect its release date on January 24.

For those who haven’t heard, Enshrouded is a survival game set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where players must survive against an encroaching shroud and rebuild civilization.

While RockPaperShotgun notes that the game emulates similar survival titles like Valheim in terms of its survival-crafting mechanics and ability to tackle bosses together, Enshrouded also boasts an impressive set of traversal powers, like a grappling hook and glider, offering a more thrilling take on exploring the ruined world.

Between a tantalizing corrupted fog that spreads like the corruption/crimson from Terraria and hosts of NPCs to house and an entire perk tree for building your character, the Enshrouded combines various survival elements from beloved indie games for players to enjoy.

Better yet, Gameinformer details Enshrouded’s 16-player limit, allowing an army of friends to work together building underground bases and castles and confronting bosses as a legion of barely dressed and poorly armed warriors.

Besides multiplayer, Enshrouded boasts various building elements that permit digging into the earth and creating elaborate tunnels like Minecraft or massive dungeons spanning beneath or safe passage for escape when navigating the treacherous aboveground.

All-in-all, with the game releasing an 8-hour demo during the Steam Next Fest, Enshrouded became the most played and wishlisted demo from the event. Though the demo has been taken off the Steam page, players can look forward to the game’s early access release this January 24.

Can you Play Enshrouded Alone?

Yes, even if the game taunts a massive player count for building and fighting together, Enshrouded is perfectly playable alone for players who want to build in peace or experience the story alone.

Even so, the game also has a host of NPCs who will come live and work at your settlements, much like Terraria’s NPC system, so you’ll still have to build them rooms and facilities if you want access to their services.

Also, players interested in Enshrouded’s story can dedicate more time to unraveling the mysterious story about righting their ancestor’s wrongs and the source of the spreading shroud.

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