Indie Game Movie Adaptions: Why FNAF Is Just The Beginning

If you haven’t heard, the Indie Game movie adaption of Five Nights at Freddy’s was an overwhelming success at the box office; it’s the highest-grossing horror movie of the year at over $217 Million worldwide, all within about two weeks of its release.

This movie sticking to the source material of a game developed by only one man makes you think, what other indies could make for a box office smash hit?

There are plenty of indie game movies on the horizon, probably more than you’d think, and I think it’s high time we discussed the future of them.

I’ll go over a few that are in the works currently and share a few ideas for some indies that could make for incredible films if done well. FNAF has shown us that just about anything is possible at this point.

Indie Game Movies In The Works

Iron Lung

Perhaps the most anticipated of all the movies I’ll be talking about, Iron Lung, is based on the hit game by David Szymanski, and Markiplier is directing it.

It’s said to be expanding upon the lore of the original game while taking its unique spin on things, making for what will probably be a great horror movie experience. It’s coming soon to theaters, so it won’t be too long before we experience this one.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher
Image from Monomi Park.

Story Kitchen is a company that’s shifted into a strategy of almost exclusively buying the rights to make video game film adaptions, and 2017’s Slime Rancher is part of that crew.

We don’t quite know what will come of this one yet, as it’s just in the phase of a company having bought the rights to create the film, but whatever comes of it will surely be exciting.

Stardew Valley

Image by Monica Phillips.

As of this moment, there isn’t anything set in stone on a Stardew Valley movie just yet, but ConcernedApe has said he’s interested in giving a film adaption a go, especially with someone like David Lynch or Studio Ghibli.

However, he did say he’d allow other studios to try it as long as it involved his direct supervision and input on the film.

Indies That Could Be Great Movies


Image from Monica Phillips.

As we get into speculation, I hope you don’t mind me dipping back into horror as I talk about Inscryption. This game already involves quite a bit of live-action, found-footage style video, and I think a film adaption that expands on the game and the story of the people who have traded hands with the floppy disk would be incredible.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Bad Ending
Image from JT Hussey

If you didn’t already know, Hollow Knight has an incredible treasure trove of lore and an epic story spanning generations of bugs that would be incredibly told as a film properly recapping all the history of Hallownest. This would work better as an animated film, but it could also work as an animated television series.


Image from Monica Phillips.

Celeste is perhaps one of the best indie stories suited for a movie, as the struggle of climbing a physical and symbolic mountain could be expertly told through either live-action or animation, and there are so many creative ways to interpret Madeline’s inner conflict with herself visually. I’d be incredibly interested in seeing this one adapted for the big screen.

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