Stardew Dev Discusses Potential Stardew Valley Studio Ghibli Movie Adaptation

Stardew fans can potentially await an animated adaptation of their favorite farming adventures by Studio Ghibli, the creators behind Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Kiki’s Delivery Service!

While there’s no confirmation yet, Stardew Valley’s developer ConcernedApe discussed in an interview with IGN what conditions he’d allow a Stardew Movie.

While ConcernedApe stated that he “is too protective of [his] IP to just hand it over without his supervision” and involvement, he would make an exception if director David Lynch or Studio Ghibli approached him.

Though David Lynch, the director behind surrealist shows and films like Twin Peaks and Elephant Man, would be an odd choice for Stardew’s comfy, slice-of-life setting, CBR notes, Studio Ghibli could be an excellent pick for realizing Stardew’s homey village.

Studio Ghibli, the creators responsible for Spirited Away and My Neighbor Torotoro, wields an incredibly expressive art style remembered for its heartfelt stories, fascinating decrepit characters, and titular Studio Ghibli tears.

Frankly, the Studio would be a fantastic fit telling Stardew’s Story of an overworked desk jockey escaping an unfulfilling career and beginning their life anew as a farmer in Stardew Valley.

Furthermore, the Studio could realize some of the setting’s more magical, fantastical elements, like the community Wizard, Cave Dwarves, and the strange slime and void enemies.

Though the plot could revolve around rebuilding the community center and defeating the JoJo corporation, the ending could focus on building a life there, with a final scene at the summit mirroring players who achieved true perfection.

While there are some apparent kinks to work out, like how much of the farming and mining Studio Ghibli would focus on, Pelican Island’s addition, and whether the protagonist turns their children into doves (you monster), a Stardew Valley movie would have plenty to work with on the screen.

For a year that’s seen several successful games adapted into movies like the Mario Movie and Five Nights at Freddy’s, Stardew’s film potential is promising.

Who Would Be Stardew Valley’s Cannon Romance?

Though there isn’t a cannon spouse in Stardew Valley, as there are 12 romanceable characters (13 if you include Krobus as a roommate), a romance with Shane could have more depth and conflict better captured on film.

To specify, Shane’s story deals with more mature themes like depression and alcoholism, forcing the player to confront his hostility and rescue his drunken form by the river.

With several events like going to a hockey game, raising a strange void egg together, and eventually getting him to believe in himself, Shane’s romance offers one of the more exciting relationships in the game.

Even so, Stardew Still doesn’t have a cannon romance option, so it could just as easily be Haley, Emily, or Krobus (okay maybe not Krobus) that takes the player’s hand. Regardless, if Stardew Valley comes to theatres, we can finally get our answer in the animated Ghibli film.

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