Vampire Survivors 1.8.0 Adventure Update Introduces Story Mode

Vampire Survivors fans excited for a story addition to their violent survival adventures can look forward to Adventure Update’s Story Mode.

Though the game currently lacks a cohesive narrative or ending, PC Games N details the update introducing a mini-campaign” mode for members of the Vampire Survivors cast with “self-contained miniature story modes that reset and remix the game’s content along on a series of wacky sidequests.”

Essentially, these mini-quests start the game from scratch without affecting the player’s progress in the main game while giving the player a limited selection of weapons and items to complete the custom challenge.

Currently, only two of the characters, plus a third one if players have the Legacy of the Moonspell, are getting their story quests, though more are likely on the way if the mode is well received.

While this sounds like a fine addition, the developer Poncile has discussed the update in a strange manner, PC Gamer details, claiming that maybe “the real official lore was the friends we made along the way” and the deep lore of the update promises to be a “deeplorable.”

Even Vampire Survivors’s story trailer for the update embraces its absurdity with an over-the-top intro screen, telling players to brace themselves for “a bunch of deep lore lmao.”

Frankly, the story aspects of the update could be nonsensical narrative to prank players looking to find a story out of the minimalist game or tell a series of in-jokes that fans who’ve sunk hundreds of hours into the game can appreciate.

Whether Ponicle is serious about adding lore to the story remains unclear; the challenge modes should allow players to reexperience Vampire Survivors without losing all their hard-earned coins and upgrades.

Who knows, just as the game has enjoyed meteoric success, so could Vampire Survivors generate a compelling narrative from its ceaseless slaughter of zombies and bats.

Is Vampire Survivors’ Story Mode Coop Compatible?

Yes, PC Gamer details that these story modes are fully compatible with Vampire Survivors couch coop, in which players in the same household can game on a single PC or console.

However, while Poncile has stated their intentions for adding online multiplayer, Steam users can leverage remote play, in which a player streams their game to a friend’s computer, to essentially play together if they have a connection that’s strong enough bandwidth to support the feature.

While it’s unclear whether other players will face the same gameplay restrictions imposed in these challenge modes, it should offer a fun opportunity to reexperience the game with friends.

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