Terraria 1.4.5 Update Reveals Vampire Bat Transformation and Crafting Overhaul

Terraria fans can look forward to transforming into a bat and enhanced Demon Altar Crafting in the upcoming 1.4.5 update.

First announced in the Terraria State of the Game October 2023 blog post, the devs detail players’ ability to transform into vampires while wearing Lilith’s Necklace, much like the Werewolf transformation in 1.4.4.

However, this new update allows players to take it further and actively fly around as a bat at night for plenty of “nighttime aerial hijinks.”

Though players can expect it to resemble riding a Bee or leveraging wings, playing as the mount could be a fun change of pace for players looking to take their roleplaying to the next level and let those nasty bat caves have a taste of their own medicine.

Besides enhanced flying and potentially the ability to fit through narrow cracks, PC Games N details the new capability to create placable Demon Altars, used for crafting Crimson and Shadow equipment, boss summoning consumables, as well as other unethical items like bunny explosives.

While players previously had to trek back and forth between Crimson and Corrupted zones to find these altars, runs that are especially brutal on Hardcore and Master Mode, this reveal should allow players to craft the powerful pre-hard mode gear from the safety of their house.

Frankly, given the hostile nature of these zones and the frustration of realizing you forgot to bring the bunnies for explosive bunny bomb pranks, this update is a godsend for players who neglect to build the valuable or goofy items for fear of the track into the deadly environment.

Besides a host of other features like boulder rain, skyblock, and meteor showers, Terraria’s 1.4.5 update is shaping up to be a fantastic addition to the main game with plenty of spooky new features.

Between flying around as a vampire bat and filling your friend’s house with explosive bunnies, there’s plenty to look forward to with the upcoming update.

Is Turning Into a Terraria Vampire Permanent?

No, turning into a vampire is tied to wearing Lilith’s Necklace, so players don’t have to worry about undergoing a draconic cleansing ritual to become a regular person again.

Aside from players choosing never to take the necklace off, turning into a vampire is a voluntary cosmetic choice that allows players to turn into a vampire bat at night.

Even so, you can still give your friend with a growing fear of cave bats a fright!

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