Little Nightmares 3 Gameplay Video Reveals Nasty Necropolis and Creepy Coop

Little Nightmares 3 is shaping up to be an exciting new, cooperative-themed addition to the series, and right now, you can watch an 18-minute gameplay trailer revealing more of the haunting settings, tiny heroes, and massive monsters.

For those unfamiliar with Little Nightmares, the surrealist puzzle series follows a series of children navigating intimidatingly large and horrific nightmare worlds, hiding from bulky chefs trying to mix them into stew or gaunt-limbed librarians plucking players from the darkness.

While the previous two entries have been single-player experiences, Game Informer notes how Little Nightmares 3 introduces cooperative play with the children Low and Alone, forced to work together to navigate the treacherous environments.

As for the video, the gameplay reveal begins with the tiny duo awakening near a broken window, hiking through a sandy corpse-strewn necropolis, and climbing a ladder over massive bricks and doorways that hammer home their dwarfed sizes.

Throughout the ruined city, the determined youth work together, pulling in a gigantic box blocking a doorway, raising a bridge so the other can shoot a lock, or jumping on a trapdoor together like two kids trying to break an elevator.

Even if they’re not the most complicated puzzles, the bleak visuals communicate the world’s dilapidated state while hinting at a small shantytown civilization that had managed to eke out a living before their ruin.

Another exciting development in the video centers around a bug invasion, where giant beetles target the two players, forcing crow-masked Low to fire off an arrow to stun the insect before the goggle-clad Alone finishes them with an oversized pipe wrench.

Overall, these character-specific interactions expertly highlight each player’s role as a smasher or shooter and how working in tandem will be crucial to the story’s progress.

Also, even while the previous entries have been highly linear, GamesRadar details a later scene introduces an umbrella that allows the puny humans to ride wind gusts, hinting at potential gear-based Metroidvania elements prompting Low and Alone to return to previous areas and confront further corrupted Monster Baby.

Speaking of which, at the trailer’s climax, Little Nightmares 3 introduces a massive autonomous doll infant that hunts the two players with a gigantic childlike hand and mechanical eye, forcing the two children to hide in the shadows and city streets away from the creeping menace.

Eventually, the malevolent toddler catches Low and Alone, and the game cuts to the duo in a dirty bed (potentially in the real world), cowering as darkness covers them from all angles.

All-in-all, the trailer’s combat, equipment, and unsettling baby doll monster offer a more enhanced look at Little Nightmare 3’s world, offering a less lonely but intimately creepy experience.

Does Little Nightmares 3 Have Multiplayer?

Yes, Little Nightmares 3 has multiplayer, requiring the input of two partners to solve puzzles and outwit the many dastardly foes throughout the horrific trek.

However, if a player has poor connectivity or they’d prefer to play it alone for a more competent companion, GamesRadar reviews how the game offers an AI partner that can sub in, much like Six from Little Nightmares 2.

Though the game may feel less silly, with you and a friend heckling at the horrifying monsters and the children’s awful fates, it’s sure to offer a dreadful experience you can enjoy together.

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