Toby Fox Confirms Deltarune Coming After Chapter 4 Is Complete

Undertale’s spiritual successor/weird alternate timeline game/sequel kinda, Deltarune, has been a free-to-play demo for five years now, which is insane to think about and makes me feel old.

Chapter one was released in 2018, with chapter two in 2021, and now we’re on track to get chapters 3 and 4 in 2024 or 2025, with the news from the recent newsletter.

If you didn’t know, ever since the Twitter buyout, Toby Fox has been personally hosting a Deltarune and Undertale Newsletter, which brings us far more frequent development updates on the upcoming chapters and had included the news that we’d be able to buy Deltarune when they’d finished Chapter 5, which has now been shifted to Chapter 4.

Why Is Deltarune Coming Sooner?

Image from Toby Fox.

Simply put, development is taking too long, and waiting for Chapter 5 would put both the fanbase and Toby Fox himself on edge, so he’s decided to release it once Chapter 4 is finished.

Chapter 3 just wrapped up all the content development (there are still bugs to squash and things to polish up, but everything that will be there is there), so they’re going to be at work on finishing up the release version of the game.

According to Toby, Chapter 4 already has a substantial amount of work done, namely cutscenes and enemy design, as well as the entire story for Deltarune already being written out years ago.

On top of this, he’s hired a new producer who can help speed things along, and for now, he will focus hard on development rather than providing updates, saying “things are going as planned” unless they aren’t.

When Can We Expect Deltarune’s Release?

Image from Toby Fox.

This section will be entirely speculation on my part, so bear with me, but this timeline shift means we can likely expect Chapters 3 and 4 to be released around late 2024 or early 2025, or probably even later than that.

These chapters have taken a significantly long time to produce, but every chapter they complete speeds up the process of making the next.

For example, Chapter One took an unknown, incredibly long amount of time to go from concept to execution, Chapter 2 took three years, and Chapter 3 took two years; this means we can probably expect Chapter Four to take somewhere from one to two years, given the new producer and most of the confusion of early development being worked out.

What Else is in the Newsletter?

Image from Toby Fox.

Regarding actual development updates, the content completion of Chapter Three and the early progress on Chapter Four was about all we got; no fun cut content like last time.

Most of the rest of the newsletter is a fun interview with the rest of the team on Deltarune, asking them how they’ve felt working on the project, and it’s a fun read with some beta screenshots and videos.

Aside from that, though, all we got was a fun story of Chapter Three playtesting proving the chapter to be more difficult than usual, some excellent sprite work of the Undertale characters dressing up for Halloween, as well as a silly plotline involving the Annoying Dog, giving you this very newsletter. It’s a bit light on content, but a quicker release is a big thing, so that’s fair.

Further Reading

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