Games For Gaza Bundle Raises Over $200,000

The world is a cruel place sometimes; you don’t need me to tell you that. However, thanks to and the Games for Gaza Bundle, gamers have raised over $200,000 to offer aid to Palestinians during this difficult time.

To help offer medical care during the civil war between Israel and Palestine, some kind people have stepped up to help with a bundle called “Games for Gaza”, where all the funds raised from this bundle go to the organization Medical Aid for Palestinians. It’s essentially a $10 donation with many free games attached.

What’s in the Games For Gaza Bundle?

Image from Necrosoft Games.

If you want to know what games you’d get by donating, then the answer is around 48 games, 197 physical games (which all pretty much come in the form of a printable PDF file), five asset packs to freely use if you dabble in game development, four soundtracks, and two books.

You’ll get all these for just $10, but you can donate more if you wish.

If you want to see everything inside (and buy the bundle if you’re already itching to do so), you can find it at

But, if you want to know just a few of the games you’d be getting by buying this, here’s a little rundown of the ones that stood out to me.

  • Orchids to Dusk is kind of a walking simulator mixed with Journey’s silent multiplayer, plus the theme of being an astronaut stranded on a planet with limited oxygen and no hope of leaving, making for a contemplative and stellar-looking experience.
  • Gunhouse is a puzzler mixed with a Tower Defense game, having you try to match blocks in patterns (similar to Puyo Puyo or Tetris Attack), then have those charge your cannons to push back the oncoming enemy. It’s got a wonderfully weird story, infinite levels, and some great music.
  • Hyper Gunsport is cyberpunk volleyball with guns, delivering precisely what you’d expect from that premise. You’ve got several different classes of characters that all play differently, and play by yourself or with others, trying to hit the ball into the goals behind your opponent by shooting it.
  • Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia is a fishing game in a PS1 style, where you go to a mysterious lake that seems to keep creating more and more fish, and no one knows why, so you have to figure that out while just trying to catch some fish.
  • Super is Hot is somehow not a mod and is an unofficial crossover between Baba is You and Superhot. You essentially control Baba first, having to change the rules of the game of Superhot that you’ll play, like maybe time doesn’t move when you move, but rather when you stop.
Image from Pyrofoux.

There’s plenty more I didn’t mention, but this gives you a flavor of what’s on offer. Within a few hours of it dropping, Games for Gaza has already smashed well past its first goal of $10,000 and is currently on track to hit its highest goal of $300,000.

It will only be available until November 9th, though, so grab it soon if you’re interested but on the fence.

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