Fan-Made Bloodborne Kart Demake Announced for January

Bloodborne fans looking forward to the Mario Kart-esque demake of the popular Lovecraftian Soulslike can eagerly await the release of Bloodborne Kart this January 1st.

First announced on the developer’s Twitter with a hilariously retro trailer showcasing poorly rendered Bloodborne characters on Victorian motorbikes shooting each other, Bloodborne Kart promises to be a violent retelling of Bloodborne as an epic racing adventure.

Though the spinoff game initially began as a “meme born from a fake joke leak posted anonymously in 2017,” Fan Software (a parody of From Software) details on their website how the community spawned fanart and mods, inspiring them to develop Bloodborne Kart as the “logical conclusion” of a six-year communal art project.

As a result, the team of three has created a PS1-era Mario Kart-esk demake of Bloodborne, arranging hunters and beasts against each other on a host of mad Victorian Bikes, motor carriages, and wheelchairs battling with collectible hunter pistols, gatling guns, blades of mercy, and boss fights!

Even if the game’s existence is a living meme, Eurogamer details that Bloodborne Kart boasts an impressive 16 tracks set across the streets of Yharnam with 12 playable racers, including stoic hunter Lady Maria, vicious Father Gascoigne, and Gehrman speeding along on a wheelchair.

To take this meme a bit further, Bloodborne Kart is releasing with a dedicated single-player campaign, local split-screen, and a competitive battle mode, where hunters can prove themselves on the only battlefield that matters: the road.

Victorian racers interested in hunting the eldritch streets from the confines of their car can enjoy the free demake on their page as well as Bloodborne PSX, a demake of the original section of the game minus the Kart Racing and speedy Gehrman wheelchair shenanigans.

As of the time of writing, no, Bloodborne Kart is not safe from copyright claims as From Software could, at any point, issue a cease and desist order and have Bloodborne Kart taken down.

The developers have even acknowledged this outcome, as Kotaku notes that while they’re nervous “over the project getting taken down…there isn’t anything [they] can do about it except hope it doesn’t happen.”

Though Bloodborne Kart could potentially suffer a premature death like the fate of other From Soft fangames, the passion and popularity the game has accrued over its six years of development could be enough to preserve the game as a bizarre racing homage to the main game.

Hopefully, From Soft will let Bloodborne Kart be and let Bloodborne fans enjoy a silly spinoff of the popular game and ride their Victorian bike into Yharnam’s night.

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