Lies of P Screenshots Confirm Sequel and Tease Upcoming Whale DLC

Would-be Pinocchios looking for more Lies of P content can grind their gears for the confirmation of the game’s sequel and nautical DLC!

First announced in the Director’s Letter Video, Lies of P’s Developer thanks players for the success of their soulslike retelling of Pinocchio and confirms the team is working on the game’s sequel while offering a few screenshots hinting at the game’s upcoming DLC.

While they’re keeping Lies of P’s DLC under wraps, the end of the game gives a clear indication of where they could take an expansion, so read at your discretion for spoilers below.

Lies of P DLC: White Whale or Peter Pan

Chief among the two screenshots was a decaying colonial-era ship with dead bodies strewn about and an ominous laboratory with a massive turbine dominating the center.

Given Lies of P’s lack of the infamous whale scene in Pinocchio, where the wooden puppet delves into a giant whale to rescue Geppetto, this could mean introducing a scene where players get to explore the innards of an eldritch sea creature and hunt for the remnants of their pseudo father.

Alternatively, as Game Informer suggests, the end of Lies of P focuses on the introduction of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, hinting at the puppet soulslike turning into the Kingdom Hearts of Dark Souls with dark retellings of every Disney-inspired fairytale.

Therefore, this upcoming DLC could see players join Peter Pan and travel to Neverland, where they battle Captain Hook and save Sophia-Turned-Tinkerbell while fighting undead pirates and corrupted children.

Frankly, the focus on the dark Laboratory further suggests Neverland, the fabled land where kids stay young forever, could have been twisted into a disturbing recreation of the setting with alchemists conducting vile experiments on children to attain immortality.

Whatever the case, Dorothy’s introduction and the not-so-subtle Picture of Dorian Gray portrait in the Black Rabbit Brotherhood confirm the developer’s intention of bringing more worlds from dark Victorian novels and nostalgic Disney films.

Will Lies of P Get Easier?

Yes, as Kotaku details in the director’s video, the team plans to make several changes to account for Lies of P’s severe difficulty, including making the P-Organ Rising Dodge into a default ability and adding more purchasable Quartz for P-Organ abilities.

In addition, the team plans to revamp weapon assembly to make it more worthwhile to experiment with weapon blades and handles rather than gravitating toward Alidoro’s Legendary weapons.

Speaking of ‘trustworthy’ wolf-men, the developers discussed adding Alidoro’s costume as a wearable cosmetic item and making hats and glasses interchangeable between costumes.

For players committed to the donkey ensemble, this change should allow them to wear spectacles and hats and play as a more respectable, buck-toothed steed.

Whatever the case, the developer’s steady release of updates has ultimately made the challenging puppet soulslike much more approachable for players that bounced off the extreme difficulty, so aspiring Pinocchios don’t have to worry about the King of Puppets reducing them into a pile of puppet goop.

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