Stardew Valley Wordle Clone Pufferdle Released

Stardew fans looking for their next fix before update 1.6 can check out Pufferdle, a free Wordle-esk fishing minigame available now!

As Polygon details, Pufferdle combines Stardew Valley’s fishing mechanics with Wordle, forcing us to catch a particular fish and then deduce its identity based on the weather, location, time of day, and season. 

While this minigame may confuse players unfamiliar with Stardew’s fishing minigame or selection of fish, Kotaku adds how seasoned Stardew Valley fishing fans are likely to get a kick out of figuring out what fish they caught based on the difficulty of the catch and challenge their hard-earned fishing knowledge.

Indeed, even if we’re wrong on our first attempt, the minigame at least tells us what we got right. For example, when we guessed Tuna, while Winter was the correct season, the beach was the incorrect location, thus narrowing down the massive list of fish to a select few.

While this minigame currently lacks a reward system, online rankings, or even a story, the Escapist details that it’s an excellent addition to fans of Stardew looking to put their knowledge of catching fish for the Community Center or obtaining True Perfection to the test.

Regardless of whether this adorable little minigame sees any more development, Pufferdle offers some satisfaction to hold over Stardew Valley fans until the next update.

Who knows? Maybe Concerned Ape will add Pufferdle into the next patch!

Is Pufferdle Safe

Something’s undoubtedly fishy!

Fair word of warning, while I never ran into any issues checking out Pufferdle, Norton Security said this site was unsafe. Though this issue is likely to get rectified with the increasing popularity of this game, consider putting off Pufferdle if you have sensitive information on your computer you want to protect.

Indeed, while Escapist details that the creator of Stardew initially praised the fishing minigame in a tweet, calling it “a really cool idea [that’s] great and well executed,” that post has since been taken down, inferring that there might be some suspicion on the site that the developer no longer endorses.

Regardless, given the minigame’s simple mechanics and supreme fishing fun, players can likely expect a safer, endorsed version soon or an enterprising game developer to ape it and make an even more spectacular Pufferdle clone.

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