A Little To The Left Gets Major Update and Major Discount

A Little To The Left is a game you might have heard of from Wholesome Directs or just by virtue of it being a great puzzle game about sorting and organizing your household items, and it’s getting a significant update and a big discount today.

This update adds a new mode based around delicious-looking food and makes every limited-time puzzle freely available to play at any time. You can also grab the game at a nice 30% discount for the next few days, which is all very nice.

What’s In The Update?

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While the headlining features of archiving every limited-time puzzle and the new food-themed levels are excellent, there is a variety of new features in the patch notes, mostly centered around bettering the experience and adding accessibility options. Here’s what this update contains:

  • Daily Tidy gets three new puzzle types: Stamps, Pencils, and Post-It Notes.
  • Microscope Levels have been added to Daily Tidy, now with improved navigation.
  • Redesigned Retry Menu lets you take in the solution of a puzzle, retry immediately, or go to the next puzzle while also allowing you to use the full pause menu.
  • “Acceptable” Item Placements have become less strict, giving you more freedom in doing puzzles.
  • Play Button on the Title Screen will now enter your last played set of levels, whether DLC or the Base Game.
  • Petting the Cat will no longer award Stars, meaning you can pet that Cat however you want.
  • Cursor Assist is a new accessibility feature that makes selecting items or objects easier, especially on a controller.
  • A Reduced Wiggling Feature for those prone to motion sickness and wanting the game to remain still.

On top of all these features, there’s a massive list of bug fixes in the patch notes for this update. I can’t cover every single one here as we’d be here all day, but all the jittery cursor nonsense is gone, the game should not fail to boot in specific languages, and the game shouldn’t crash when you reset a level.

Image from Secret Mode

All of these fixes and additions will give you a bunch of content to sort through and make sure the experience is the best it can be. This update resolves many issues with the game, so if you got frustrated by it before, you might want to dive back in.

How Much is the Game on Sale For?

On Steam and Nintendo Switch, the game has gone on sale for 30% off, meaning it’s gone from the usual $15 to $10.49. This sale, combined with the update, means it’s a perfect time to try and get into this game if you’ve been interested in it.

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