TY The Tasmanian Tiger 4 Gets a Release Date on Switch

You may not remember it, but TY The Tasmanian Tiger is a really old platformer series, among the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Rayman, and the remake of the fourth game has finally gotten a release date.

The gameplay of TY The Tasmanian Tiger is similar to that of the newer Rayman games, a 2D sidescrolling platformer with a cartoony hand-drawn art style and a bunch of collectibles, and the remake is releasing on Switch on September 26th.

What’s in the Trailer?

This trailer starts with an animated cutscene, showing that they’ve faithfully recreated the art style of the original gameplay but now in cinematic form. We then immediately get thrust into gameplay, which also looks remarkably faithful, just with a modern coat of paint.

Every animation looks polished, and the lighting has been completely redone to make everything stand out quite a bit better. The most striking difference is the levels, which look entirely re-drawn to remain somewhat in line with the old style while looking much better.

Image from KROME Studios

Everything has a layer of polish not seen in the original, especially with the in-game character animations. These all look far smoother, with more motion and life being conveyed rather than the simplistic animations of the original game, which usually just boringly went from one pose to the next.

In terms of the actual gameplay, it looks to be about the same as the original. It’s still focused on using your boomerang for combat, collecting treasures, and fighting some enemies along the way. Some changes are beyond the visuals, but the game’s core is the same.

Speaking of changes, you can now customize TY in various ways, namely with various collectible costumes and many different flavors of boomerangs. This remake adds flavor wherever it can insert it and isn’t skimping on some brand-new content.

Image from KROME Studios

Every character is now fully voiced, and everyone is very Australian. We haven’t heard much of this voice cast yet, but from what they’ve shown, it looks pretty decent cartoon acting, and it’s all just the cherry on top of this remake that looks to be the definitive version of this game.

Overall, this should be up your alley if you played and enjoyed the original TY The Tasmanian Tiger games or want a new indie platformer to check out. It looks to be a faithful recreation of the first game, and it’s an indie series made so long ago that you might not even know it was an indie.

When and How Can You Play TY The Tasmanian Tiger 4?

While technically, the original is out on Steam, this remake won’t be released until September 26th and only as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. This might disappoint fans of the original, considering it used to be a PC exclusive.

Still, this one should be worth breaking out the Switch for, and it might end up coming to PC or other consoles someday, but we have no information on that as of now.

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