Darkest Dungeon 2 Announces Binding Blade DLC

Darkest Dungeon 2 fans longing for the beloved crusader class from the original are finally getting their dark wishes granted with the Binding Blade DLC coming this December.

In total, the expansion pack is releasing two new characters, the Duelist and Crusader, complete with fully voiced backstories, Eurogamer notes, as well as a roaming boss, the Warlord.

For those who haven’t played the original, Reynauld the Crusader was one of the starting characters of Darkest Dungeon, who wielded a righteous sword and a holy power to smite and stun his enemies while tanking hits with heavy metal armor.

Better yet, players would get an achievement for bringing Reynauld and the other starting character, Dismas the Highwayman, to the end of the game, potentially canonizing the two’s survival.

Though this could be the same Crusader that survived the Darkest Dungeon, as Red Hook’s Twitter post of the DLC calls him a “lost knight,” the Crusader’s earlier backstory hints at an estranged family he abandoned to fight evil, so it could also be a surviving child who has taken up their father’s sword to battle the darkness.

As for the duelist, they are an entirely new addition to the series, and while their moveset is currently unknown, players can likely expect it to consist more of ripostes (that return damage when an enemy attacks) and heavy dodging.

Frankly, this was one of the features that made the highwayman highly overpowered in most fights, especially against enemy group attacks, so players can likely appreciate one of the better damage-dealing classes on the way.

Meanwhile, though news on the Warlord remains relatively scarce, it could be a throwback to Brigand Vvulf, the dangerous bandit who would invade the town in Darkest Dungeon 1 and destroy all of your progress if you failed to kill him.

Whether the Warlord will employ such brutal tactics remains unclear, so players must prepare for the roaming menace this December.

Will the Darkest Dungeon 2 Binding Blade DLC Add Crimson Court Levels of Content?

Unfortunately, no, this DLC looks to be a relatively smaller addition that won’t add a new vampire-esk biome complete with harrowing diseases, bosses, and central story content.

Even so, fans who missed the Crusader class can enjoy playing as them again and learning what happened to their favorite zealot after the events of Darkest Dungeon 1.

All-in-all, this DLC is reminiscent of the Shieldbreaker and Mustakateer DLC packs of Darkest Dungeon 1 that added two distinctive characters to play as but no major gameplay or story changes. Hopefully, Red Hook will offer more story-driven content and gameplay overhauls in the coming months.

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