Night in the Woods Spiritual Sequel Revenant Hills Canceled Due to Health Concerns

Night in the Woods fans looking forward to the next game in the series Revenant Hills will have to extinguish their hopes upon news of the game’s cancellation due to health concerns.

For those who haven’t played the original, Night in the Woods was a story-driven animal adventure where players took on the role of a college drop cat, Mae, who returns to her hometown to find it beset by violent killings.

Between the game’s lovable paper mache art style, anthropomorphized characters, and frightening story, Night in the Woods is a heartwarming tale that manages to explore themes of depression and mental health while bouncing on telephone pole wires.

The sequel’s trailer meanwhile revealed the same art style but in a 1919 setting with a cat roaming the countryside amidst farmers, laborers, witches, and ghosts.

As for the gameplay, RockPaperShotgun details, the game intended to include some farming and community management elements in a world falling apart, hinting at a more intensive management sim.

Unfortunately, despite the game’s promise of more cat shenanigans, the development of the game is shutting down due to the loss of two critical members of the Glory Society team responsible for the project.

As the team details in their Twitter announcement, they are a “small team [and] the loss of several [members] that are hard to replace” is challenging “in an environment where all are needed.”

The team finishes that “for all intents and purposes, this is the end of the development of Revenant Hill.” While this news can be rather devastating for Nights in the Woods fans given the sudden abrupt news, it’s heartening to at least know the team parted on “amicable terms” and might discuss a new project “after the dust has settled.”

Was Revenant Hill a Sequel to Night in the Woods

Though the story and setting indicate it took place almost a hundred years before the events in Night in the Woods, Revenant Hill emulated the original game’s visuals and story focus on troubled American backwaters and labor relations.

Frankly, Revenant Hill’s inclusion of armed violence upon a crowd of protestors and a more alien historical setting indicates a potentially more grief-filled story, Eurogamer notes, that expanded upon the encroaching depression and futility in the first game.

While Revenant Hill could have explained more about the Eldritch creature and the origination of the cult behind the events of the Night in the Woods, such revelations must remain unknown.

Hopefully, the team can reconnect in the future and continue a similar project, but for now, Night in the Woods will have to bid farewell to the promise of a sequel.

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