Braid Reborn: This Indie Classic Anniversary Edition Hits PC Consoles in April

As the flow of time slowly marches on, older games see less and less support, and a game like Braid, which came out 15 years ago, might become nearly unplayable on modern platforms without some life support. Luckily, designer Jonathan Blow has announced a new Braid: Anniversary Edition, completely revitalizing the classic for all platforms.

This modern release comes with some beautifully redone, crisper visuals, every single bit of the original time-twisted game remade to work better on newer platforms, and many areas getting a fresh coat of paint. Everything stands out a bit more in this better version of the game, with some extra goodies, and it’s all coming to us in April of 2024.

What’s in the Package?

Along with all the content from the original Braid, you’ll be getting everything redone from the ground up and an incredibly detailed developer commentary to go with it. Firstly, every scene has been repainted at nine times the resolution, with each sprite looking much more crisp and clean rather than pixelated and a bit blurry.

On top of the much more excellent visuals, the levels themselves have gotten some necessary additions, like a grassy area getting added stairs and ruins and flowers to make it stand out quite a bit more. Any location that lacked visual variety is getting touched up, and this lovely remastering extends to the music and sound design, every bit of it getting redone to fit more modern standards.

Image from Jonathan Blow.

On top of almost everything in this game being remade from the ground up to be higher quality, we’ll also get a pervasive developer commentary. You can turn on or off several aspects of this commentary, like the puzzle design, programming, or how they are designed around speedrunners.

This commentary is the main feature for you if you played through Braid so long ago, as it covers almost every aspect of the game’s development. Their goal is to make the most extensive, in-depth developer commentary in any game ever, and from what we’ve seen, it looks to be true, as they’ll discuss every little feature of the game as you play.

Image from Jonathan Blow.

This commentary is also designed to help younger, aspiring game designers learn how to make a game and get tips and tricks on the ins and outs of making video games, both on a conceptual and practical level. This is the all-in-one package, whether you’re looking to play through the game with better art, want to play it on modern platforms for the first time, or wanna learn how Braid was made.

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