Score 8 Quirky Indie Games for $10 in Latest Humble Bundle

We all know that indie platformers are just about the most prolific genre in the gaming industry, but many great ones are among the surplus. If you want a pretty excellent starter pack of a bunch of more niche platformers than A Hat in Time, Humble Bundle has you covered with their Adventures in the 2nd Dimension bundle.

This contains eight full-length indie platformers, all going for a generally silly or cutesy vibe, totaling about $119 in value, which you can get for only $10. This comes with games like Webbed and Toodee and Topdee, both incredibly high-rated games on Steam, along with six others you’ll probably enjoy if you pick up this bundle.

What’s in the Bundle?

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Each of these platformers, though most are obscure, has at least an 82% positive rating on Steam and will probably run you at least a few hours of playtime. Let’s go over each item this little indie bundle contains.

  • Super Bunny Man is a psychedelic platformer where you throw yourself through caverns with your friends, and it has a similar vibe to Katamari Damacy. There are many chaotic levels where you flop around, partake in silly set pieces, and try to destroy your companions.
  • Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends is a Getting Over It style rage game where you platform exclusively on a pogo-stick; it can be played with 2-16 other players and has a pretty charming storybook art style.
  • Webbed is an adorable game where you play as a tiny spider in a big world, using your webs to swing around like Spider-Man and try to avoid falling in water as you spin giant spiderwebs to get across significant gaps.
  • Hoa has you traveling through beautiful, hand-drawn environments, being half walking sim and half platformer. It’s a stunning, artsy game where you live among bugs and small creatures, enjoying the nature you find yourself in.
  • One Hand Clapping is a rhythm platformer that invites you to use your microphone and sing along as you explore unique environments. It uses your voice to help with platforming and solving puzzles, and it’s incredibly impressive.
  • Will You Snail? is a neon obstacle course game where you play as a snail, trying to dodge a ton of nonsense and strange traps, including a full-level editor and a hub to find community-created content.
  • Toodee & Topdee is a game where you control both a 2D platformer and a top-down puzzler simultaneously, swapping between the two perspectives to make the other side of the coin more possible. It’s a big mind-bending at times and gets incredibly challenging.
  • Minute of Islands is a narrative-driven puzzle platformer where you play as a girl trying to live in a world that is overcome by incredible blight and covered with wasteland. You must bear the task of returning light to the world by activating hidden engines.

It should be noted that this bundle will only be around for the next few weeks, as it will be unavailable as soon as December hits, but if you buy it, then you’ll own all of it permanently. You’ll get Steam codes for all games individually, too, so if you don’t want one, you can give it to someone else.

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