25 Essential Palworld Beginner Tips and Tricks

After years of waiting to see how the game pitched as ‘Pokemon with guns’ Palworld is finally here, and with that comes a wave of new gamers eager to capture all the Pals within the game, master the survival mechanics of this new creature tamer, and ultimately see what all the fuss is about. If you happen to be one of those eager players, then you’re in the right place.

Palworld is a tough nut to crack in the beginning, as most survival games are, and without a helping hand, you could bounce right off this game due to the abundance of mechanics and moving parts.

But have no fear; we are here to help, and we have put together a getting-started guide that will help you ace the first few hours in this game and beyond. 

So, without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s Palworld Beginner Tips and Tricks Guide. 

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#1 – Don’t Stress Over Base Placement 

First of all, you don’t need to worry too much about where you place your first base. This can be changed later, and you’ll have the option to build multiple bases before too long. Ultimately it will benefit you best if you get started as soon as possible. So you’ll want to look for: 

  • An area with a decent amount of open space to build a central structure 
  • An area with a natural source of stone, wood, and Palladium
  • An area away from Pal spawns 

Other than this, everything else can be added or amended over time, so some fretting and build a base! 

#2 – Catch Loads of Pals 

This is something that applies to beginners but remains the case throughout the entire adventure. If you see a Pal running around, either catch it or kill it if you can. You gain XP bonuses for the first 10x Pals of each species you catch. These Pals can also be sold for profit.

There is also a benefit to having multiples of different Pals as they can work on your Base, and killing them will help you raise your Party Pal’s levels. 

So be sure to craft yourself a decent ranged and melee weapon, carry loads of Pal Spheres with you, and don’t let an opportunity pass you by. Also, see our guide on how to catch pals in Palworld! 

#3 – Focus On Pal Missions 

While you are free to focus on whatever you like from the start of the game, it is very beneficial to focus on Pal Missions. These are Base-related missions that will reward you for building certain assets for your base and doing certain tasks.

This will help you build a self-sustainable and functional base in Palworld, and will also allow you to add more Pals to the Base at one time. Not to mention at Level 10, you will be allowed to build an additional Base and broaden your horizons. 

#4 – Increase You Carry Capacity Early

Player stats aren’t super important in the early game, as you will never be the main source of damage in this game. Pals are there to do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to battles and base-building. However, one thing they can’t help you with is carrying items around as you explore. 

This is why, when you earn player stat upgrades, that it is important to throw at least a few into Weight, the stat that governs Carry Capacity. When you need to lug around loads of Ore, or Rare Eggs back to Base, you’ll thank me for this tip. 

#5 – Don’t Sleep Every Night

While it can be a daunting task to stay out after dark and explore the world when night falls, it can be very beneficial to brave the dark and wander around at night.

The main reason for this is that new and exciting Pal types only appear at night, so if you want to find a Daedream early in the game for example, your best hope is to stay up late and go looking for one. Plus, Lifmunk Effigies are much easier to spot at night as they glow in the distance. 

#6 – Farm Wool and Craft Armor 

You may have noticed that, unless you are standing right beside a Campfire, if you don’t craft clothes when night comes, you take cold damage. You need to regulate your temperature, and the easiest way to do this early on is by crafting clothing. 

To do this, you need to craft Cloth and to do this; you’ll need to farm Wool. You can get small amounts from killing or catching Lamball in the opening area, but the best way to farm this is to build a Ranch at your base and assign a Lamball, Melpaca, or Cremis to the Ranch. Then you’ll have more Wool than you could ever need. 

#7 – Keep SAN High At Your Base

Your Pals are a very useful resource in this game. They’ll fight for you, they’ll carry you around as you explore, and when you’re out exploring, they’ll be back home running the base. However, this is a two-way street, and you need to make sure that the base is set up with all the amenities needed to keep them happy and healthy. 

This means if they are neglected, you might want to add them to your party or give them a pet. If they are injured, you’ll need to craft them some medicine, and if they are tired, you’ll need to have Beds and resting spots like Hot Springs to help them recuperate. 

#8 – Don’t Rush To The First Boss

As much as you may hate having the Tutorial Tasks in the top right corner of the screen for hours on end, the truth of the matter is that the first boss at Rayne Syndicate Tower, is no pushover, and you’ll want to prepare accordingly. We have a full guide detailing how to take down this boss, but here are the main takeaways: 

  • Build a team that is geared toward defeating an Electric Type
  • Try to be at least Lv.15 before attempting this fight
  • Let your Pals do all the fighting and stay out of the firing line 

#9 – Get A Mount ASAP

Exploring the immediate area on foot is fine. Especially if you have a Glider and a few Fast Travel markers unlocked already, but the truth is, exploring the massive world of Palworld is only something that can be done fast and efficiently if you have mounts you can rely on. 

So what you’ll need to do is use the Pal Enhancement Workbench to unlock mount abilities for specific Pals. Here is a list of the best beginner mounts to seek out: 

  • Rushoar
  • Melpaca
  • Eikthyrdeer

#10 – Have A Pal For Every Skill On Base

In the beginning, simply having a base full of Pals is an achievement in itself. However, you’ll soon realize that a base full of Lamballs and Cattivas will only be able to do so much, and you’ll need to diversify the Base Pals to hit all the different skill sets. 

You’ll want to find Pals that have Lv.2 Base Building skills as these tend to be the best ones to employ to get jobs done fast, but if this isn’t possible, then you’ll want to make sure that you have one of everything if possible. 

In the beginning, Harvesting, Watering, Transporting, Lumbering, and Mining tend to be the most important, but as time goes on, you’ll want to cover all bases. 

#11 – Find The Small Settlement Early 

At this point, you have probably found a Chest that contained Gold Coins or a rare item that should be sold to a Trader for a high price. However, you may not know where to actually locate these Traders. Well, if you head northwest of the starting area, you will find a Small Settlement that has both a Pal Trader and a general Merchant.

These merchants will allow you to Buy and Sell both items and Pals. This is a great option to have if you want to get your hands on specific beginner Pals early, or need to stock up on basic items without the need to spend time crafting them. 

#12 – Choose Functional Technology Unlocks

 If you’re trying to progress in Palworld fast, then the items that you choose to unlock via the Technology Table are pivotal in making that happen. This will obviously depend on your priorities when it comes to gameplay and progression, but here are some considerations that can help you make the right decisions: 

  • You should try to unlock items needed for Pal Missions as fast as possible
  • You should unlock Pal Enhancements for those that you intend to use in your party
  • If you have Ancient Technology Points to Spend, you should prioritize these items 

#13 – Search For Lifmunk Effigies As You Explore

If you’ve been brave enough to try and capture one of the higher-level Pals dotted around the map, you may have noticed that even with stronger Pal Sphere variants, your capture chance remains pretty abysmal.

The best way to combat this is by building a Statue of Power at your Base, and then when exploring, keeping your eyes peeled for Lifmunk Effigies. if you collect enough of these, you will be able to increase your Capture Chance, which will make catching rare and useful pals much easier. 

#14 – Lookout For Rare Eggs

Even if you haven’t unlocked the Egg Incubator in your Technology Tab, you’ll want to be on the lookout for Eggs right from the beginning of the game.

You can store these in a Chest, and when you have an Egg Incubator, you can then hatch them to attain new rare Pals, some of which may be Pals that wouldn’t otherwise appear until you reached dangerous and inhospitable areas of the map, so this is very much worth your time.

You will have to raise them for Level One, but it’s a small price to pay, believe me. 

#15 – Keep Pal Souls For A While 

On your travels, you will acquire Pal Souls, which are commodities that can be used to improve your Pal’s base stats, such as Work Rate, HP, Attack, Defence and more. While it can be tempting to use all the Pal Souls you have on the first cute little Lamball you catch, this would be a real waste. 

You see, despite that Lamball being as cute and fluffy as all hell, you probably won’t be using it at your base or in your party for very long, So you should hoard these Souls and only use them if you are sure that you intend to use a certain Pal in your party for an extended period of time. 

#16 – Set Up A Berry Plantation For An Easy Food Source

One thing you should do early in your Base Building escapades is build a Berry Plantation and, ideally, build a base in an area where Berries grow naturally.

Then, in tandem, build a Feed Station for your Pals to munch from as they work. This will mean that all your Pals are fed and cared for without any input on your part, and also, when you need to head out on an adventure, you can grab a stack of berries as you go to manage you and your Party Pal’s hunger meters. 

#17 – Craft A Glider To Avoid Fall Damage 

Exploring the wider world of Palworld is fine for the most part if you have a mount to take you on their back. However, one thing that you can’t avoid unless you have a mount that can fly is fall damage.

There will be plenty of moments when you will want to traverse a chasm or drop to the coastline below, and without a Glider, you’ll have no hope of surviving the fall. 

So you’ll want to take the time to learn how to make a basic Glider/Parachute, and this will allow you to fly, or at least fall with style. Also, if you can catch a Killimari, this Pal has an enhancement that allows you to use them as a Glider instead. Just something to consider. 

#18 – Make Use of Pal Enhancements 

We’ve already mentioned Pal Enhancements that allow you to make Pals into Mounts, but you should also consider Enhancements that allow you to make them more proficient in battle.

Whether you want to make your Foxparks into a handheld flamethrower or give your Tanzee an Assault Rifle, you’ll need to visit the Technology Tab to unlock the skills you want and then craft the Pal Enhancement at the Pal Enhancement Workbench. 

#19 – Take Out Alpha Pals 

While you will take quite a while to acquire Ancient Technology Points in this game, as they are only awarded for defeating Tower Bosses, you can attain Ancient Civilisation Materials by defeating or capturing Alpha Pals.

Alpha Pals are larger, stronger variants of base Pal Types and essentially act as world bosses in this game. You’ll want to locate Alphas that you can take out and then do so to get these materials, as they are essential when it comes to crafting higher-tier items and equipment. 

#20 – Don’t Be Afraid to Explore

One thing I wish someone had told me in the first few hours of this game is to explore beyond the opening area, as it was a few hours in before I found Lifmunk Effigies, Castaway Notes, different varieties of Pal with drops needed for new Base Buildings and so on.

So consider this a little nudge to explore beyond what the eye can see from the first Fast Travel Location, try to unlock more map markers to make exploration easier in the long term, and regularly come back to base to ensure that if you die, all is not lost. 

#21 – You Can Respawn In Unique Locations

Piggybacking off of that last tip, you may benefit from knowing that if you die, or if you select ‘Respawn’ in the main menu, you’ll be able to select a new starting island, each will have slightly different Pal types, have new base locations that might be more to your liking, and will also allow you to unlock Fast Travel locations in all corners of the map with ease. 

#22 – Set Yourself Up To Defend Raids

If you spend a lot of time at your base making little tweaks, building new things, and keeping your Pals in tip-top shape, then you’ll have probably witnessed at least one raid by now. These are random events where mob enemies are sent to your base and will attack all the Pals at the base, and cause destruction in their wake. 

This can be beneficial as this can allow you to catch some new and interesting Pals, but for the most part, it’s an unwelcome intrusion you’ll want to prepare for. So be sure to craft sandbags, Bear Traps, Hanging Traps, or maybe even build a gated perimeter around your base to keep these annoying enemies at bay. 

#23 – Craft Lots of Storage Containers

Something I only realized a little while into the game, and what a welcome discovery it was, is that when you have items in a storage container at your base, they are considered as ‘in your inventory when in the base perimeter. This means you don’t need to lug around items unless you intend to use them when away from the base. 

The only caveat to this is, that you actually need to have the containers to store the items in. So we would urge new players to build a good few Chests and try to put specific items in each and stay organized. If you’re someone who’s played a lot of Stardew Valley, you’ll be right at home here. 

#24 – Build A Separate Base For Ore Farming 

This one will only apply to those who are making the leap from beginner to intermediate, but I think it’s worth knowing right from the beginning so you can plan ahead. You won’t need Ore for quite some time. But when you need to upgrade your workbench beyond the Primitive Workbench, suddenly Nails and Ignots become very important. 

To craft these, you need a Primitive Furnace, and you need a whole lot of Ore. You can mine this pretty much anywhere, but in truth the best way to do this is to build a second base in an area where there are loads of Ore deposits, and then assign all your Mining Pals to the location. If you have a Digtoise, they are the ideal candidates for this base. 

#25 – Find Mounts for Land, Air and Sea

Then lastly, another intermediate tip that you will benefit from knowing early. You’ll want to get your hands on Pals that can serve as mounts over Land, Air, and Sea. What we mean by that is Pals that can carry you on land, Swim on water while you ride, and Fly as you take to the skies with them. 

Whether it’s an Arsox to run around with, a Surfent to sail the high seas with, or a Nitewing to get a birdseye view of the action, the bottom line is that you’ll want that variety if you want to explore effectively. 

Get Off To A Great Start In Palworld!

So there you have it, guys, 25 helpful beginner tips that will allow you to ace your first few hours in Palworld, build an awesome base, capture loads of great Pals, and prepare yourself for the steeper challenges this game has in store.

I hope that this guide was super helpful to you, and as always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture! 

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