Undertale Tarot Cards Guide

Undertale Tarot Cards Guide

Through the six years that Undertale has been around, we’ve gotten quite a bit of merch. From Plushes to Pins and even some books, it seems Undertale’s reach as a brand extends to practically infinite places and can be turned into just about anything you could imagine.

One of the most curious things in the Undertale collection on Fangamer is the set of Tarot cards you could get for $19. These are illustrated by dogbomber on Tumblr and are sold officially. While the things contained with and on them may be dubiously canon, discussing them and relating their arcana to the character is still fun.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Undertale Tarot cards are all extremely well-made, awesome-looking cards. While the original designs had one for Gaster, it has unfortunately been removed from the official deck you can purchase on Fangamer, and all the rest are characters we see in-game.

What are Tarot Cards?

While Tarot cards were initially made as a different kind of card for card games, nowadays, they’re more for fortune telling. If you want to learn more about that side of Tarot cards, I’d recommend visiting https://www.tarot.com/tarot/cards/major-arcana.

While primarily used to tell fortunes, the cards also assign common character traits or personalities to people via arcana. If you’re familiar with the Persona series, you’re probably used to that much by now. (And I promise this is the only Persona reference I’ll make in this Undertale Tarot Cards guide)

Each character was assigned their Tarot card arcana by dogbomber based on these personalities or traits. It would be fun to review every tarot card they had listed on their Tumblr post and why each character got given the arcana they did, so that’s what this guide is for.

Frisk – The Fool

Frisk - The Fool
Image from Fandom

Frisk, the protagonist, represents the 0 card, or the Fool. When given the Fool in a Tarot card reading, it means traveling on a new adventure, carving your own path, and potentially facing hardships. It may also indicate you should look before you leap and consider your actions carefully.

This all aligns pretty perfectly with the gameplay of Undertale. When playing as Frisk, you need to make tough calls, like how to prove yourself to Toriel or to fight Undyne. It’s also the start of a new adventure and practically a new life for Frisk, this journey is the only thing we see of them, and them finding a new family by the end.

In terms of the art itself, it depicts Frisk with their bandage at the start of the game, landing on the bed of flowers after falling into Mt. Ebott for the first time. In addition, you can see some pillars and extra bits of the ruins, which are not visible in the actual game.

Asriel – The Magician

Image from dogbomber on Tumblr.

Asriel Dreemurr represents the Magician, a card that generally means you have everything you need to succeed. It’s as if the universe has aligned to allow your plans to go into motion, and you can use your strength and knowledge to make everything happen. The Magician means you can manifest your ideal outcomes and take what you want for your own.

This represents Asriel in his god-like form as we see him here; he has absorbed the six human souls and can do practically whatever he wants, the only obstacle being you. He has finally been given the ability to create his ideal reality where everyone can be happy. (Again, not going to make a reference, you can’t make me.)

The art has striking rainbow visuals of his lightning and the creepy goat skull attack that takes up the entire screen just behind him. Both the heart pendant and rainbow trail Asriel leaves as he moves are excellent.

Alphys – The High Priestess

Alphys - The High Priestess
Image from Fandom

Alphys represents the High Priestess, which indicates that it should be time to trust your instincts and follow what your heart tells you rather than your mind. This card represents intuition, mystery, a thirst for knowledge, and creativity. Generally wise but somewhat unknown.

This description fits Alphys perfectly for what we know of her before the events of the True Ending. She’s the only character for whom we don’t get a true and proper resolution. Her entire purpose and intentions are shrouded in mystery. While she may be competent, she should do what’s right regarding the amalgamations.

The art shows Alphys with a light shining on her, probably the exit of the True lab, with scattered letters on the floor. The amalgams behind her formed into a nearly cohesive mass of terrifying faces, with the vents and monitors of the true lab just behind them.

Toriel – The Empress

Toriel - The Empress
Image of Fandom

Toriel Dreemurr has been given the Empress arcana, which makes sense, not just because she was the queen of the underground, but because the arcana is a symbol of motherhood and protection. In addition, this arcana symbolizes embracing your soft side and being there for those who need comfort and love.

This is incredibly fitting for Toriel, your caretaker and guardian through the ruins, who wanted nothing more than to protect and keep you safe. So you come to her for protection after falling, and she’s there to pick you up and take care of you or any other human who comes to the ruins.

The art depicts her sorrowful battle with you at the end of the ruins, flames flying all around, and her solemn look that shows how much she doesn’t want to do this. You can even faintly see the door from the ruins behind her.

Asgore – The Emperor

Asgore - The Emperor
Image from Fandom

Asgore Dreemurr gets the Emporer arcana, and similarly to Toriel, it fits for more reasons than just the fact he’s the king of the underground. A powerful protector who can be set in his ways and is less emotional and more logical. It also symbolizes fatherhood and trying to go for everyone’s best interest, no matter the cost that may incur.

This is incredibly fitting to Asgore’s plan to use seven human souls to break the barrier, even if it hurts his own heart and makes his wife leave him. He was the father to Asriel but still feels as though he has to break the barrier and come back to the surface and take his revenge, freeing his people no matter what toll it takes on him and everyone he knows.

The art depicts him with his mighty red trident, circled by all six human souls, with your soul placed perfectly in a capsule at the bottom. This art brings about the immense feeling of dread.

Papyrus – The Hierophant

Papyrus - The Hierophant
Image from Fandom

Papyrus represents the Hierophant arcana, centering around holding up traditions, conforming to the norm, and trying to give others wisdom or guidance. They may be very set in their ways, but it can also represent success and happiness in that tradition and value you uphold.

This represents Papyrus ignoring most of the interactions you share and still, at the end of the day, wanting to catch a human to maintain the position he has at the royal guard. Even if he enjoys the time he spends with you and the interactions you have with him, he still wants to impress Undyne and keep his position.

The art, firstly, features a blue heart to symbolize the blue state that Papyrus puts you in during this fight. There’s also an adorable dog chewing a bone beneath him and his scarf spiraling in a way similar to things in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Royal Guards – The Lovers

The Royal Guards - The Lovers
Image from Fandom

The Lovers arcana gets the pretty obvious choice of the side characters, the Royal Guards you find in Hotland. The Lovers represents finding love and having harmony and balance. However, it can also mean you have a dilemma to face or are feeling uncertain, and need to make the right decision, even if it might be difficult.

This fits the Royal Guards exceptionally well; they’re very much into each other but need a push to see it through. However, they end up confessing to each other after helping them find their feelings, and we see that they work incredibly well as a couple, staying together for the rest of the game.

I love how you can see Dogamy and Dogaressa in the back, implying they trekked all the way through Waterfall just to get some ice cream, only for it to be sold out. The melty ice cream leaves a bit of a stain on one of the guards’ helmets, and their holding hands make for an adorable-looking design.

Undyne The Undying – The Chariot

Undyne The Undying - The Chariot
Inage from Fandom

Undyne the Undying, specifically in her form on the genocide run, takes the Chariot arcana. The Chariot is all about determination, absolute willpower, focus, and control; it means you can always succeed if you stay focused no matter the battle, go for what you want and overcome every challenge that stands in your way.

This is incredibly fitting for Undyne at this point in the game, the only monster we know of ever to create her own natural form of Determination, if only for a little while. She is incredibly motivated to take you down in this fight and will stand against you no matter how impossible the challenge seems.

This art is incredibly striking, the armor rendered entirely in black and white with whisps of light flying up and out of her, the very imposing look in her eyes with all the spears flying right at you.

Greater Dog – Strength

Greater Dog - Strength
Image from Fandom

The Greater Dog gets assigned the Strength arcana. The Strength arcana represents inner strength more than physical, meaning you should try to control your raw emotions and the skills you need for success and be compassionate while maintaining your power and control.

This mainly applies to Greater Dog, a normal-sized dog in a giant suit of armor; his strength assuredly comes from his strength inside rather than actual physical strength. However, despite this immense power, he is also subject to his impulses and emotions, still loving a good game of fetch occasionally.

This is absolutely one of my favorite cards in the set, it’s just adorable. It also shows the easter egg where you can throw the stick you start the game with to the Greater Dog, playing a game of fetch and instantly winning the battle.

Gaster – The Hermit

Gaster - The Hermit
Image from Fandom

A card that doesn’t come with any official set (likely due to him never being given a canon appearance), W. D. Gaster is given the Hermit arcana, which represents soul searching, solitude, and contemplation. You might withdraw from a difficult situation through complete and utter isolation.

This fits Gaster, as he has been wholly split across time and space and would be in a solitary, lonely state with nothing around but the scattered visions of the world he left. He might not have wanted to, but he fell into his creation and achieved more isolation than anyone else could.

The art on this card is stunning, though most of it has more to do with fan theory than actual confirmed character appearances and visuals. Gaster enters through the grey door you might find him in, all while shattering into pieces.

Temmie – Wheel of Fortune

Temmie - Wheel of Fortune
Image from Fandom

Temmie represents the Wheel of Fortune arcana, a card that indicates luck and embracing the cycles and ways our life moves, even if it’s uncomfortable. It’s a reminder to be nice to others even if you’re doing well in life since they could help if you ever do poorly and need a hand.

The Temmies and their random nature represent the Wheel of Fortune in a few ways; it’s quite the lucky encounter, given they’re the only shop you can sell things to in the game, and they’re fortunate to have found you since you can give them enough money to go to college. Helping each other out is the essence of this silly character.

The art represents the super silly nature of the Tems and depicts every Tem you can find in their village. The shopkeeper Temmie who’s off to college, the Tem that loves drawing, the Tem with an egg, Bob, and the Tem with a nasty facial condition.

Undyne – Justice

Undyne - Justice
Image from Fandom

Undyne and her Spear of Justice relate to the Justice arcana. This arcana is concerned with finding your own personal justice while holding up the legal system and punishing those committing crimes. Always on the side of truth and integrity, and try your best to balance the peace.

This relates to Undyne’s commitment to holding up Asgore’s decision to capture any human that falls and takes their soul. Up until you beat her but prove your kindness to her; she is fully committed to fighting you every step of the way. Then, after you outsmart her, she decides that true justice would lie in helping you since you clearly show you’re a kind person on the right side.

The art background shows tons of spears embedded into the rocks from previous encounters. It takes place on that incredible hill she shows up on before her fight, with just the most awesome-looking effect on her spear.

Flowey – The Hanged Man

Flowey - The Hanged Man
Image from Fandom

Flowey gets associated with the Hanged Man arcana, which means you feel unhappy and trapped in a situation that you could get out of, but things aren’t going how you wish or planned for them. Getting the Hanged Man is also a sign you should stop trying to control everything, and things will become apparent in time.

Flowey is stuck with Asriel’s mind and thoughts but without a soul to possibly have any emotions anymore. He is trapped in a situation he thinks is wrong but can’t understand why. He tries to control everything, resetting constantly, but the solution eventually comes with you, helping him find who he truly is again after you fall into the mountain by chance.

The art on the card is highly compelling, with no soul on the bottom to represent Flowey’s lack of one, the transparent Asriel at the top, looming over him as he’s cast in shadows.

Asriel, The Absolute God of Hyperdeath – Death

Asriel, The Absolute God of Hyperdeath - Death
Image from Fandom

Asriel, in his Absolute God of Hyperdeath form, represents the Death arcana. This card is less about actual, physical death and more about letting go, letting a new beginning come from rebirth. The transformation it implies might be sudden or unwanted, but it may also be precisely what you need now, even if it’s scary.

In this form, Asriel, wracked with grief and frustration, mostly wants to recreate the world anew, but you refuse to give up and want to let the world continue on. Convincing Asriel to see that tearing everything down isn’t the best solution is the basis of this entire fight, and it’s undoubtedly a scary ordeal, but you manage to help him through it.

The art on the card is incredibly stunning. I love the whispy black and white aesthetic that Asriel was drawn with, and the rainbow wings and projectiles are all so highly colorful in contrast to the form he’s taken on.

Muffet – Temperance

Muffet - Temperance
Image from Fandom

Muffet represents the Temperance arcana, which is about patience and finding peace. Having no part in other people’s issues, just wanting to keep yourself clear of trouble and stay calm, and have tranquility while you work on your goals and aspirations, not letting anyone else get in your way.

Muffet may seem like the loner type, but she’s just keeping to herself because she doesn’t want to deal with other people. She’s ideally content running her business with her gang of spiders and doesn’t bother with anyone else in the underground. The only places she goes outside her den are usually shops set up by spiders for sales.

The art on the card is absolutely adorable and also intimidating. Muffet is sitting on her “pet” with your soul turned purple and drinking tea while pouring a spider out of another kettle.

Chara – The Devil

Chara - The Devil
Image from Fandom

Chara, the fallen child, or whatever you want to call them, represents the Devil arcana, primarily associated with depression, being trapped, and feeling powerless. This card is a signifier you may be obsessed with power, acting impulsively, and have been falling lower and lower even if there could be more positive things to improve your situation.

Chara was killed by illness and had to watch as Asriel wanted nothing more than to give them a proper burial in their village. They appear to you at the end of the genocide run, likely summoned because of your power-obsessed, violent actions, wanting to burn the entire world down and start anew, refusing to receive help or move on.

The art is incredibly unsettling, depicting Chara grabbing your soul as they hold their knife with their empty, void-filled eyes. Despite still wearing the other heart locket, they don’t seem to remember any compassion.

Omega Flowey – The Tower

Omega Flowey - The Tower
Image from Fandom

After absorbing all six human souls, Flowey becomes Omega Flowey and represents the Tower arcana. The Tower is widely regarded as the worst card to be associated with, representing chaos, destruction, and the sudden uprooting and wild changing of the norm. The Tower can mean a significant change and massive loss and tragedy.

This represents Omega Flowey perfectly; he embodies the chaos and evil contained within Flowey, only powered up and enhanced by the souls. He has completely altered and changed reality to a nearly unrecognizable state because he wants everything to burn and be destroyed after what he went through.

The art is excellent, featuring all seven souls in a circle and Omega Flowey looking thoroughly and utterly deranged. It might not look photoshopped, but it’s still great.

Mettaton – The Star

Mettaton - The Star
Image from Fandom

Mettaton, the star of the underworld, represents the Star arcana. This arcana is for those who are a beacon of hope, always positive and motivated, and getting past any physical or emotional limitations to be whoever or whatever you want to be. Getting this card usually indicates you should have self-confidence and that people love you for you.

This fits Mettaton very well; as someone who we see being practically the only person in the underworld in the entertainment business, Mettaton is the hope of the underworld. Despite being just a ghost, he’s moved past all his limitations and become someone people admire for his personality and the hope he gives them.

I love this art, not only for Mettaton standing on his more rectangular robot body but also for the bombs from his attacks falling, the ratings at the top, and the great pose that Mettaton himself is in.

Napstablook – The Moon

Napstablook - The Moon
Image from Fandom

Napstablook represents the Moon arcana, and this one is all about dreams, fear, and anxiety. The Moon indicates that you may be letting your anxiety and fear overtake you or that you must get past your repressed insecurities and issues. Listening to your dreams and trusting what they tell you is common for those who get the Moon.

This represents Napstablook perfectly; they’re scared and lonely when we encounter them, usually letting their anxiety get the best of them and leaving. After you go to their house, you can go into a dreamy sequence where you and they lie together and get past their insecurities, just vibing.

This art is pretty simple but pretty great. I especially enjoy the heart getting space colored and the super colorful vision of space above Napstablook. Great stuff.

Monster Kid – The Sun

Monster Kid - The Sun
Image from Fandom

Monster Kid represents the Sun, a symbol of pure, beaming optimism. Everything is going well; always having great vibes and finding the best in everyone while being maybe a bit gullible are all traits the arcana represents. This card represents good luck and being a carefree, happy person.

This all represents Monster Kid to a tee. Even in the genocide route, he’s willing to see the best in you until the bitter end, not caring if he falls flat on his face trying to catch up to you; he just wants to be your friend and share some of his happiness with others. Even if it might get him into the wrong position, he’ll always smile, no matter what.

The art on this card makes me very happy. I love him carrying the popsicle in his mouth, probably running off to try and share it with someone.

Sans – Judgement

Sans - Judgement
Image from Fandom

Sans represents judgment, an arcana representing the utmost clarity that allows you to keep calm and composure and judge yourself and others around you better than others. As a result, you can act upon karma and are incredibly self-aware. Getting this card means you may need to make amends or will be judged promptly.

This all represents sans perfectly. He’s the final obstacle to Asgore and judges you based on your LOVE and the EXP you gained. He’s the only one capable of seeing these in-game stats representing the people you’ve killed and the guild wearing on your conscience. He’s also the only one fit to punish you for it on the genocide route.

This art is stellar. The shadow turns into a Gaster blaster, the reflection of you holding the knife in the window, and his name is written in comic sans. Incredible.

Mt. Ebott – The World

Mt. Ebott - The World
Image from Fandom

This card more or less represents every monster in the underworld, the entire population, and is given the World arcana. Although this card represents the journey you’ve gone on and the completion and fulfillment you feel, it can also mean a sense of belonging and a feeling of wholeness.

This all lines up well with the feelings from going through the entire journey of Undertale. Even though not every monster we fought might be meaningful or memorable, they were all parts of our journey and made us feel like we accomplished something and saved all of them.

This art is also incredible, depicting the barrier finally shattering as all the monsters get to see sunlight for the first time; it represents every feeling that the end of the true pacifist route imbues within you.

Bonus Cards

Some extra cards were made that were mainly just for fun and not because they were all too important of characters. Them being Doggo as the High Priestess, Flame Heatsman as Judgement, Ice-E as the Fool, and Jerry as the World, for some reason.

Questions and Answers

Question: Where can I buy the Undertale Tarot Cards?

Answer: All official Undertale merch can be purchased from Fangamer’s website.

Question: Why isn’t the Gaster card included with the Undertale Tarot Cards?

Answer: It likely got cut from the official lineup because Toby Fox doesn’t want to give Gaster a canon appearance.

Question: Can I use the Undertale Tarot Cards for fortune telling?

Answer: Fangamer says the cards aren’t to be used for official readings, but technically, nothing stops you from trying.


Even if I am only interested in Tarot cards, the Undertale cards are still quite interesting to look at and talk about how the arcana they were given connects to the character on the card, not because of fortune telling but because putting characters in defined categories is fun.

Suppose you aren’t even a little bit interested in the arcana or cards and what they say about the characters that represent them. However, you should still check out these cards because they’re exciting and contain some seriously stellar art.

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