Vampire Survivors Stone Mask Guide

Vampire Survivors Stone Mask Guide

Vampire Survivors is a roguelike shoot ’em-up style game released on March 31, 2021, by Poncle. The game has only flourished in popularity since its release with addictive, fast-paced gameplay that can range anywhere from three-minute rounds to thirty-minute rounds, all of it depending on the player’s ability to choose their skills wisely. Earning achievements is almost a breeze, racking up achievement after achievement in only an hour or two of gameplay.

But the game doesn’t play itself, players do have to put in the effort to find relics on each map, unlocking new features and even new characters. The Stone Mask happens to be one of those passive relics that players have to find to utilize. This Vampire Survivors Stone Mask guide aims to give you a comprehensive walkthrough of the Stone Mask, how to find it, and how to direct its abilities so you have more coin than you can handle.

vampire survivors finding a stone mask

At a Glance

The Stone Mask is a passive item that can only be unlocked after finding it to the east in the Inlaid Library. Beyond the Inlaid Library, the Stone Mask is a stage item for Moongolow, Boss Rush, and Mt.Moonspell. The Stone Mask will raise your Greed to 50% when fully leveled up. Even better, the Stone Mask can evolve the weapons of Gatti Amari and the Nightsword. While the Stone Mask is equipped, you can earn a frankly absurd amount of coins if you play your cards right.

What Is It

The Stone Mask is one of the many relic items in Vampire Survivors. Once picked it, you do have a chance to pick it as one of your passive upgrades when you’re leveling up. The Stone Mask is required to evolve a few items and is a great way to farm gold so you can unlock abilities and characters, as it can raise your Greed by up to 50%.

What Is Greed

Admittedly, I was unfamiliar with the Greed skill when I first started playing and thought it was useless. For one reason or another, it didn’t make sense. I aim to lay out what the Greed Skill is early on so you don’t suffer the same fate. Greed is not an active ability but a passive skill that determines how many Coins you get from Treasure Chests and breakable items. These coins can then be used to purchase upgrades through the Stat Panel or to buy playable characters.

When you start playing, you will start with a base level of 100% Greed. You can raise this base level through equipable items you can find throughout the game or through the Stat Panel options. The Stat Panel options will carry through every game, but equipable items will only be available for that game. Unless you find the Golden Egg item, which will permanently raise your Greed by 1%.

There are also a handful of characters who can raise your Greed even higher, but we’ll get to those in a bit.


Vampire Survivors Stone Mask level up
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The Stone Mask relic has five different levels.

  • Level One: You earn 10% more coins
  • Level Two: Coins are worth 10% more
  • Level Three: The value of coins increases by 10% again.
  • Level Four: The value increases again. At this point, you should be earning about 40% more coins.
  • Level Five: You guessed it, once more, the value of your coins increases by 10%.

With the Stone Mask passive item, your Greed will naturally Cap off at 50% if you don’t have the Greed Skill upgraded. If you do have it upgraded, however, you can be rolling in Coins.


Aside from its association with Greed, the Stone Mask is also a necessary passive item to evolve one weapon in the base game and one from the DLC.

Gatti Amari

Gatti Amari is the starting weapon for Giovanna Grana, who you can only unlock after breaking into her Coffin in the Inlaid Library. After freeing her, you can buy her character for 1000 coins. At this point, to actually unlock the skill Gatti Amari for other characters to use, you need to survive 15 minutes. When you take the Stone Mask while the Gatti Amari ability is equipped, it will evolve into Vicious Hunger.

Vicious Hunger summons giant cat eyes on the sides of the screen that will, for the most part, fly in a straight line and deal damage to any enemies they cross paths with. On occasion, they have the chance to change their directory.

Night Sword

Night Sword is only available if you have the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. This weapon is unlocked when you find it in Mt.Moonspell. From there, it can be evolved into Muramasa if you equip the Stone Mask. Muramasa slashes at the nearby enemies and will make six retaliatory slashes around your character if they’re hit.

If you have the character Megalo Syuuto Moonspell unlocked after defeating 10,000 enemies with Syuuto, you can start with the Night Sword and have a much easier time leveling it up and evolving to Muramasa.

Finding the Mask

Vampire Survivors Stone Mask stage selection
Photo by Tallis Spalding

Before we get into why the Stone Mask is such a great item for farming up coins, we should discuss how you can get your hands on it. To start accessing the Stone Mask or having it pop up as an option during your level-up choices, you must pick it up at the Inlaid Library. After the Inlaid Library, it can be found in the Moongolow Stage, during the Boss Rush stage, and in Mt.Moonspell.

Inlaid Library

To unlock the Inlaid Library, you must reach Level 20 in the Mad Forest.

If you don’t have the map item yet from the Dairy Plant Stage, then you’ll likely need to wander around to find it. Fortunately for you, however, the Stone Mask will always spawn to the right side, usually just before or after the Coffin. I don’t recommend getting too close to the Coffin, though, unless you’d like your game to be over immediately – assuming you haven’t already hit level 60 in the library.


Moongolow is a bonus stage, only accessible after you have unlocked the hyper stage for four normal stages. If you’re having trouble getting to the hyper stage, I highly recommend using the active ability, Garlic. This ability, when fully upgraded, can give your character a bit of breathing room and, given the right upgrades alongside it, can lead to you being able to essentially stand still and farm up all the experience you desire.

Boss Rush

To unlock the challenge stage, Boss Rush, you must unlock Hyper Mode for all five normal stages. The Stone Mask is included in this stage thanks to being one of the many in-game passive items.


Mt.Moonspell is the only stage unlocked with the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. It should automatically be unlocked after you have unlocked the Inlaid Library, so long as you own the DLC. It’s worth noting, however, that you will still need to pick up the Stone Mask from the Inlaid Library before it becomes an available item in the Mt.Moonspell stage.

Gold Runs

Vampire Survivors Stone Mask gold fever
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Now that we’ve determined where you can find the Stone Mask, we can go further and talk about how it is vital to farming up coins en masse. To perfect this technique, you’ll want to have the Stone Mask equipped in both the early game option and the late game option.

Early Game

  • Character: Whatever character you can make it to the hyper stage with.
  • Greed Stat Panel: As high as possible, preferably maxed out.
  • Relics: Stone Mask
  • Stage: The Dairy Plant

Although the Stone Mask isn’t a guaranteed item in the Dairy Plant, there is still a chance that you will pick it up after claiming it in the Inlaid Library. The reason why I’ve opted for the Dairy Plant as the best early game option, instead of the Inliad Library, is because the Dairy Plant gives us 1.2x the coin.

We also need to get to the hyper stages of the game and blaze through them because the hyper stage will grant you 50% gold gain.

So, assuming you have a fully ranked up Stone Mask (50%), you’ve reached the hyper stage (50%), and you’re on the Dairy Plant (naturally 1.2x), you’ll be ranking in a larger amount of gold, whether or not you have your Greed Stat Panel entirely ranked up or not.

Late Game

  • Character: Big Trouser
  • Greed Stat Panel: Maxed Out
  • Relics: Stone Mask, Golden Egg
  • Stage: The Bone Zone or Mt.Moonspell

The reason I’ve opted for Big Trouser, a secret character, over the others is that there is no cap on Big Trouser’s Greed. He starts with 20% Greed and will rank up by 1% for every level. As an additional bonus, any gold rush periods during your run will last 1.5x longer with Big Trouser. For those reasons, he is best suited to Gold Runs.

The Bone Zone and Mt.Moonspell are also best suited to these runs because they will, naturally, have a 1.5x gold increase.

Depending on how long your run persists and how highly leveled up you can get Big Trouser, you could be looking at a 251% gold value increase with a 1.5x stage multiplier on top of that. I don’t know about you, but that is a lot of gold coins in your pocket.

Fun Facts

Vampire Survivors Stone Mask stage completed
Photo by Tallis Spalding

While Vampire Survivors pulls inspiration from many different sources, the Stone Mask item likely takes inspiration from two different sources. The Stone Mask is an equipable item in the various Castlevania games to come out since Symphony of the Night. It is worth noting that the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors looks more akin to Castlevania: Judgement’s Ballroom Mask than the series’s Stone Masks.

However, there is also a Stone Mask in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures, prominently featured in season one, Phantom Blood & Battle Tendency, that would transform anyone who wore it into a vampire. Although the mask in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures also doesn’t look similar to the in-game relic, there are plenty of other Jojo references to conclude that this relic could very likely be another sneaky reference.


Question: What evolves with the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors?

Answer: Gatti Mari from the base game and the Night Sword from the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC evolve with the Stone Mask.

Question: How do you get the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors?

Answer: The best way to get the Stone Mask is to unlock the Inlaid Library and immediately head east. From there, it’s just a matter of walking and passing through the waves of monsters before you can reach it.

Answer: To put it simply, it’s fun. The gameplay is brief, meaning it’s great for passing the time or taking breaks between work or study. The gameplay is simple and can easily be considered addictive and relaxing.


stone mask found

The Stone Mask is a great passive item if you’re trying to get some coin – but if you’re trying to progress through the various stages, I recommend overlooking it. Its passive skill doesn’t do much to boost your actual abilities, and you’re likely better off picking something else. At the end of the day, though, if you have an extra slot and need some coins to unlock the various skills and characters, there’s no harm in picking up this item.

The Stone Mask makes achieving ungodly amounts of coins a perfectly viable option – in my latest run with the Stone Mask equipped, I managed to rack up well over 6000 coins, thereby earning the achievement Dommario. So, in the end, do whatever makes you happy. It’s not like anyone could stop you – not even the vampires.

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