How To Build a Hot Spring In Palworld

While there is a temptation to completely ignore all the survival and base-building mechanics in Palworld in favor of going off on a crusade to catch all the different types of Pals the game has to offer, the players who engage with the core survival mechanics and add amenities to their base will get much further in the game much faster.

There are a number of tutorials in the game and Pal Missions where you will be tasked with building various buildings and assets for your base, but around level 7, the resources you need aren’t just a stone’s throw away.

One of the Assets you’ll need to build is a Hot Spring, a base item that is essential if you want to make sure that your pals at the base our in tip-top shape. However, you’ll need to grind technology points to gain access to it, and you’ll need specific resources if you want to build it.

But have no fear, as we have a surefire method to get a Hot Spring fast and make sure your Pals have somewhere to rest their weary bones. Without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s How to Build A Hot Spring In Palworld Guide.

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Unlocking The Hot Spring

To unlock the Hot Spring, you will need to raise your character level to Level 9, as this will unlock the ninth tier of Technology Upgrades. Using Technology Points that you will accrue, you can then purchase the Hot Spring Upgrade for two Technology Points.

The easiest way to build character XP fast in the early game is by catching Pals. So you’ll want to mainly spend your time mining Palladium, crafting Pal Spheres, and heading out into the wilds to catch Pals.

You’ll get an XP bonus for the first ten of the same type you catch; then after that, you should turn your focus to other Pal species.

Finding The Resources

To build a Hot Spring, you need a somewhat uncommon resource, at least in the starting area. You’ll already have access to Stone, Wood, and Palladium, but you’ll also need something called Pal Fluid.

Now, as odd as that sounds, you won’t need to take any samples from your existing pals. This is a resource that is gained from catching or defeating water-type Pals.

There isn’t an abundance of options as far as farming this resource in the starting area, but there are a few little pockets of the immediate area that offer some water types.

If you main off down the main path from the starting position, you’ll eventually come to a spacious area where there tends to be a selection of Water, Fire, and Grass types. Namely, Foxparks, Gumboss, and Pengullet. Pengullet is the one you should focus on.

You’ll need to take out at least 10x of these Pals to gain enough Pal Fluid for a Hot Spring. However, there are other options as far as Pals in the wild go. You can also go hunting Teafant, or Fuacks.

Why Build A Hot Spring In Palworld? 

If you’re someone who wants to spend time building a huge base with loads of cool features, then you need to be able to rely on your Base Pals.

The timers for building are really annoying, and unless you have Pals at Base you lend a hand, you’ll soon become bored and frustrated. Which is why you need to have a Hot Spring at your base.

You see, if you don’t manage Pals SAN levels, then they may become injured, lethargic, irritated, or neglected, and with these status effects comes lower productivity. 

So, in short, the reason why you want a Hot Spring in Palworld is to ensure that your Pals are always well-rested and ready to work hard. 

Take A Soak

So there you have it, folks, that’s how you find the resources to build a Hot Spring In Palworld. I hope this helps you get all of your Pals rested and ready to build more amazing stuff for your base. As always, thank you for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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