Adorable Meets Adventure: Forgotten Skies Brings Chibi Platforming Fun in Upcoming Release

Players looking for another adorable platformer to smush their chibi heads into can await Forgotten Skies late next year.

Just announced earlier today, Game Developer describes Forgotten Skies as a platforming adventure game sending a strange man in overalls with an oversized head on adventures across islands. Though the developer has been rather vague on the premise or why the main character seems genuinely pleased about everything, the gameplay trailer reveals a gorgeous land with an adorable protagonist waddling around the wacky world.

Regarding gameplay, Forgotten Skies boasts several Spyro-esk pickups with floating stars hidden across rocks in a river, breakable wooden walls, and floating companions. Even if it’s limited to jumping, the character’s hilariously clumsy movements move into the adorable setting and add more tension to every rock jumping over a rushing river.

Beyond platforming, the trailer reveals a cutesy journal that shows a task-baked system for assisting NPCS, painting itself as more of a comfort game in the vein of A Short Hike, where players can engage with the game at their leisure and complete wacky character quests.

One of the more standout moments was the protagonist’s interaction with a delightfully designed orange blob NPC that spoke with high-pitched gibberish similar to Animal Crossing character sounds. Indeed, the journal reveals this character named “Little Creature,” asking you to find their friend Skowa and convince them to quit their job and return home so they can forage for fruits and vegetables together.

Whether Forgotten Skies will focus entirely on these tasks as the crux of the gameplay and premise remains unclear, yet the cutesy visuals and sounds utterly carry every interaction.

Will Forgotten Skies Be a Difficult Platformer?

While the trailer offered a cute setting and character interactions, a few demanding platforming sections with the protagonist’s awkward movement hinted at more challenging platforming systems like Getting Over It. Though the adorable setting may seem enticing, it could exist to mask a brutal platforming sim that mocks our every fall or slip-up and makes players scream at the giddy chibi man.

Whatever the case, whether Forgotten Skies will embrace its adorable roots for a more cozy platforming game or mask a brutally challenging platforming sim will have to wait until late next year for this mysterious man to waddle into our hearts.

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  2. Awesome writing about a pretty interesting upcoming game.
    I really fell in love with this chubby character and his wobby body.
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