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Casette Beasts Best Beasts Guide: Gotta Record ‘Em All!

Having played Pokémon games ever since I was a kid, I was eager to try out Cassette Beasts from the moment I first saw the trailer. A creature collection game with its own spin on the genre?

Count me in! Thankfully, it did not disappoint. Although I had high hopes for it, I genuinely expected to have those hopes crushed. I didn’t think I’d possibly like it as much as I wanted to, yet it somehow lived up to my ridiculously high expectations.

Cassette Beasts allows the player to not just collect the beasts, but to become the beasts. But how do you decide which beasts to go for? That’s where I come in! With 120 unique beast designs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Where do you even start?

Thankfully, having put over 30 hours into the game and caught every one of the beasts, I feel confident in guiding you through this momentous decision. Let’s get this Casette Beasts Best Beasts guide started!

cassette beasts
Image by Melika Jeddi

The Best Beasts at a Glance

  • Best During Early Game: Springheel, Puppercut, Carniviper, Dominoth
  • Best All-rounders: Miasmodeus, Triphinx, Zeustrike
  • Best Offense: Khepri, Kingrave, Miss Mimic, Pyromeleon
  • Best Support: Glaistain, Smogmagog, Averevoir

Selection Criteria

I feel like the word ‘best’ is such a loaded term when it comes to guides like these. There are so many different ways to define it, and there’s no singular correct answer. Every player is going to have their own unique style, and different beasts may suit them better.

Not to mention that you don’t just play with one beast, you have to form a party of beasts that’ll work well together. I’m taking great care to consider several aspects as I put together this list. Here are my main considerations:

No Fusions

In Cassette Beasts, you have a Fusion Meter that you can fill. Once it’s filled, you have the option to fuse with your companion and combine both beast forms together.

You can also encounter rogue fusions where wild beasts have done this with each other. Given that there are over 7,000 possible combinations, there’s no way I was ever going to include them in this guide. Individual beasts only, thank you very much!

Creating a Balanced Team

Some of the beasts I’m including in this list are pretty useless on their own. However, the majority of the time, you’ll have two beasts out at once, so it would be foolish for me to judge them based on single combat. Therefore, some beasts will have been selected based on their prowess in a supporting role. To be the ‘best’ in Cassette Beasts, you have to understand that it’s not purely about strength.

Based on 5 Star, Fully Remastered Tapes

Aside from the heading for early game choices, all my selections will be fully remastered beasts that have been trained to 5 stars. This is their optimal condition and the only true way to judge performance. It therefore may take a while for you to get the beast fighting fit once you’ve captured it.

Decent Sticker Selection

The best stats in the world won’t mean anything if it can’t use equally impressive moves. Stickers are what determine how a beast can behave in combat, kinda like TMs in Pokémon. If a beast has access to a wide range of particularly convenient stickers, this will put them on my radar for best beast, even if the stats aren’t quite comparable to other beasts.

No Bootlegs

Bootlegs are the Cassette Beasts equivalent of a shiny, the primary difference being that they’re not just aesthetic differences. Bootlegs change the entire typing of a beast, giving it access to moves it might not ordinarily be able to use.

This means that in many cases, the bootleg variants are better in combat than the standard beast. However, given that it’s pure luck as to whether you’ll even find a bootleg, let alone a specific type for a specific beast, I’ve elected to exclude them from this list. There’s no point in me sending you on a wild goose chase for an unattainable beast.

zeustrike bootleg Casette Beasts Best Beasts
This is just one of many bootlegs I’ve found! Image by Melika Jeddi

Making the Most of Your Beasts

There’s no point whatsoever in you finding out the best beasts without also knowing how to use them. There are several tactics to consider when playing Cassette Beasts, and knowing the best beasts is only half the battle.

Some skills will rely on you learning and figuring out your own style, but others I can impart to you based on my own experience. These are the tips and tricks I’ve picked up whilst playing:

You want a balanced range of passive, offensive, and status moves from your stickers. Every round you’ll gain 2 AP (this is what’s used to activate moves) unless you have a modifier active. You should have some moves that require 2 AP or less, so you can still fight even if you’re low on AP.

However, you should also have some that require 4+ AP so that you can unleash powerful moves once you’ve saved up enough AP.

Elemental walls are incredibly useful to avoid taking damage, and I’d recommend that at least one of your equipped beasts can create them. Having a couple of passive stickers can also give you an edge in battles without requiring AP.

  • As I touched upon in the previous section, you must create a balanced team. Towards the end of the game, you’ll encounter some tough battles, and some of your beasts will break. You need to ensure that you’ll be able to replace them with another beast that fits the specific fight you’re in. If all your beasts are skilled in Ranged Attack, but your opponent has high Ranged Defense, you’re screwed. Similarly, there’s no point having a really powerful beast that’s going to get taken out straight away because you haven’t paired it with a support beast. Pay attention to the team you’re crafting, and try to cover as many bases as possible.
  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can give you a real edge in battles. This isn’t just about stats, and also covers typing. For example, if you have a Fire-type beast, you want to give it at least 1 non-Fire-type move in case you come up against an Air or Water-type beast. That’s because fire attacks give boosts to enemy Water and Air-types. Knowing details like that can avoid you from making fatal mistakes in battles. You also want to see their stats using the ‘check tape’ option. If a beast has really high Ranged Attack, there’s no point giving it strong melee-type moves, and vice versa. Apply stickers with their strengths and weaknesses in mind.
  • Don’t fuse too early, and be sure to do it intentionally. It takes a while to fill the Fusion Meter, so you should save it for when you really need it. Realistically, this should only be against Archangels, Rangers, or Rogue Fusions/ Swarms. If you’re in a fight where you know you’re going to fuse, set up for it. Use your status moves first to apply debuffs to enemies and strengthen your own beasts. Your buffs will combine when you fuse, so it means you can get 2 buffs without taking up 2 turns. Also, don’t be afraid to unfuse if you feel like an additional move will be more useful than the additional power you get by fusing.
  • Keep a well-stocked inventory full of combat essentials. Try and max out your bag space for Rewinds and Respools, as that way, you can heal your beasts during battle. Also, remember that medicines like Stat Cure which remove rebuffs, can be used in battle without taking up a turn. There’s no reason for you to suffer from a burn or poison for the full 3 turns when you can just heal it straight away. Keeping Pear Fusilli on you is also great, as it immediately fills your Fusion Meter, and means you can fuse again in a battle if your beasts broke the first time.
remastered gearyu Casette Beasts Best Beasts
This was my final entry into the Bestiary, and one I only got through remastering. Image by Melika Jeddi

Best Stickers

This is a highly subjective category, and I’m not going to impose my preferences on you here. However, I will suggest some that I think are definitely worth considering, as they’re really powerful and can be game-winning.

  • Echolocation – This move is insanely busted; it’s essentially a better version of Broadcast. Both Broadcast and Echolocation are 2 AP stickers that allow moves to hit multiple targets. So when applying buffs to yourself, it’ll also apply to your teammate. When attacking an enemy, you’ll attack the entire enemy team. However, what makes Echolocation so overpowered is that you use it once for free at the start of the battle, and it lasts for 3 rounds.
  • Custom Starter – I can’t express how much of a difference this one makes. Several times I was winning the battle without even actively starting it. Custom Starter is a passive sticker that gives you the chance to use the next sticker for free at the start of a battle. The chance of using it diminishes depending on the AP cost of the next sticker. I’ve found 4 AP stickers to be the sweet spot where it’s used most of the time and deals an excellent move.
  • AP Starter – This gives you 1 extra AP on your first round. For longer battles, it can be annoying that it’s taking up one of your precious sticker slots, but for shorter battles, having an extra AP in your first round can be super useful.
  • Pustule Bomb – I really like this one, and I feel it can easily slip under the radar as there are several moves that hit the entire enemy team. The thing that makes Pustule Bomb so special is that (although it’s not mentioned in the sticker text), it poisons everybody that it hits, which deals extra damage for the next 3 rounds. Totally worth the 4 AP, in my opinion.
  • Wonderful 7 – I enjoy this one from both a gameplay perspective and an aesthetic perspective. It took me a few uses to notice, but the animation for this move varies each turn and will show an image of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, hence the name. It has 90 base power, but also applies a random debuff, depending on which of the Seven Wonders comes up during the animation. There are some really useful debuffs here, such as Sleep, Burn, and Poison.
Casette Beasts Best Beasts wonderful 7
It shows the possible debuffs before you use the move. Image by Melika Jeddi

Best During the Early Game

Whilst the beasts in the below sections are the best overall, many of them are inaccessible at first. If you’re just starting out with Cassette Beasts, then there’s no point in me hyping you up for a beast you won’t even see for at least another 6 hours of playtime.

However, just because you can’t have the absolute best beasts, doesn’t mean you have to settle for the worst ones. Here are the best beasts to capture and use during your first couple of hours of playing.

Since this section won’t apply to much of the game, I’m just going to list beasts without much explanation.

  • Springheel – First in the Bestiary, it’s got decent stats and can be remastered to the more powerful Ripterra (go for the Vagabond remastery route).
  • Puppercut – Although its remastered version of Southpaw is one of the weaker beasts in the game, Puppercut’s Melee Attack can give you an edge in the first couple of hours.
  • Carniviper – This thing has some awesome remasters no matter which route you go, and its stats are decent too. Add to this the fact that you can poison opponents, and you have a great first beast for your team.
  • Dominoth – Air-type beasts have a lot of useful synergies, and its remastered form of Tokusect has decent stats for the start of the game.

Best All-Rounders

Although the game is primarily about dual combat, there are some points where you’ll have to play solo. This may be because your companion has been defeated, or it may be plot-related such as when you face the Supply Thief.

Either way, specialized beasts have a downside in that their weaknesses can cost them their lives. As such, it’s always a good idea to have a beast or two in your team that can pull its own weight. You don’t want to go for the beasts that are entirely balanced across all stats, as they’re nigh on useless.

Instead, you’re looking for beasts with relatively balanced stats whilst still having certain strengths. Here are my top picks:

Miasmodeus/ Ramtasm

Casette Beasts Best Beasts miasmodeus
My OG, I’ve had this tape equipped to my character continuously since the start of the game. Image by Melika Jeddi

I really like the starters as an all-rounder choice of beast. Whether you choose Bansheep (spooky aesthetic) or Candevil (Sweet aesthetic), you have some really solid options once they’re fully remastered. There are 3 stages to the starters, and each has 2 possible fully remastered forms.

Personally, I feel that Miasmodeus is the better option for Candevil as the stats are preferable to those of Gumbaal. To get Miasmodeus, you need to go the Alchemy route when you’re offered the choice to remaster.

With Bansheep, both Capricorpse and Ramtasm are solid choices, but I prefer Ramtasm due to Capricorpse’s low-Speed stat. To get Ramtasm, you want to choose the remastery route, where you ascend to the afterlife.


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Triphinx doesn’t have the best stats, and they’re probably just above average rather than top-tier. However, aside from Melee Defense, all the stats are decent, especially Ranged Attack.

But the reason I’m including Triphinx here is the sheer range of stickers that it has access to. I’ve not encountered any other beast that has offered me so much choice; it’s almost overwhelming. It’s able to learn stickers from a multitude of types, including Astral, Air, Steel, and more. Add to that that it’s a Steel-type, so if it’s attacked with a Poison-type move, it will gain the ‘Tipped’ property and deal contact damage.

Casette Beasts Best Beasts triphinx
I’ve really enjoyed the synergy I’ve been able to create with my sticker choices. Image by Melika Jeddi


I’m going against the grain here. Most people would put Cat-5 as their recommendation for a Lightning-type all-rounder, but I’m here to make the case for Zeustrike. I may be a little biased as I caught a bootleg Sparktan, so I wanted it in my team, but I was very impressed with its remastered form.

Lightning types are great to have on your team as they can make opponents Conductive, meaning they take extra damage with every attack.

However, I prefer Zeustrike over Cat-5 as I think the additional Speed stat makes up for the lower Melee Attack. It means you can nearly always land your attack first, which makes a huge difference when you’re on low health. I also find that higher Ranged Defense is more useful than Melee Defense, as ranged attacks feel more common, and often hit harder than melee ones.

Best Offense

Although all-rounders certainly have their place, you can never go wrong with an all-out-attack strategy. Having beasts in your party who can deal heavy damage is essential to making light work of your opponents.


With a base Ranged Attack of 300, even before you get any stars, Khepri will blitz through your opponents. Its Ranged Defense is also well above average, but it makes room for these stat distributions by having a base Melee Attack stat of just 1.

Make sure not to bother having any Melee moves, except for maybe a 0 AP move like Smack in case your opponent sets a Bomb on you. Its speed isn’t great, but when your attack does finally land, it’ll be worth the wait. Khepri is also a Fire-type, which means you may burn your opponents.

Unfortunately, Khepri is pretty rare, and can only be found in the Power Station or Mt. Wirral Caves. It won’t show in the overworld, and you’ll have to encounter it as a partner to the beasts that you see.

khepri Casette Beasts Best Beasts
As well as being crazy strong, Khepri has an awesome visual design. Image by Melika Jeddi


This is the fully remastered form of Pawndead, and is very proficient with Melee Attack. When you remaster Skelevangelist (Pawndead’s second stage), you’ll be asked to choose which route to take. You want to choose Melee Attack, as the Speed route will remaster to Queenyx instead.

Kingrave is an Earth-type, meaning he’ll become tipped and deal contact damage if the opponent uses a poison attack against him. Even though his Melee Attack is his clear standout stat, his Ranged Attack is also above average, whereas none of his other stats are particularly bad, just slightly below average.

Miss Mimic

Appearing as a cache in the overworld, Miss Mimic is pretty rare to encounter and only shows up at high levels (65+), so can be pretty difficult to catch. In fact, I lost her 3 times before I finally caught her.

I actually caught her as a Steel bootleg version (somewhat amusing as that’s her natural typing), and I was so relieved when I caught her as I was worried I’d lose the bootleg like I did the regular versions. She has the second-highest Melee Attack stat in the game, after Kingrave, and packs a powerful punch.

Although you won’t find her until near the end of your play-through, she can extremely useful for the post-game challenges.

Casette Beasts Best Beasts miss mimic
Did I choose this image just to show off my bootleg? You can’t prove that. Image by Melika Jeddi


Both Robindam and Pyromeleon have a base Ranged Attack stat of 200, which goes higher once you raise the tape to 5 stars. However, their other stats are what set them apart, and you can decide which works for you.

Pyromeleon has an awful Melee Attack stat, but since you’re using it for its high Ranged Attack, then you probably won’t apply melee stickers. It makes up for the lack of Melee Attack by having better Speed than Robindam does, which in my opinion, makes it worth it.

I also prefer Fire-type beasts to Plastic-types, as they have the opportunity to burn opponents, thus causing extra damage each round. So although I understand why other people pick Robindam for Ranged Attack as it has higher overall stats, I find that Pyromeleon is more specialized.

Best Support

A strong offense can only be used to its full extent when supported by a strong defense. Imagine a soccer team that didn’t have a goalie or defenders. It wouldn’t matter how skilled the strikers were if the enemy team was able to score every goal they attempted. It’s the same in Cassette Beasts.

They may not seem as fancy, but the support beasts are just as necessary for your party as the offensive ones. There are multiple potential tactics you can use, although I definitely have my preference. I’m going to make you aware of the best beasts in terms of defensive stats, but I’m also going to suggest my personal favorite support tactics.


This thing is the Speedy Gonzales of the Cassette Beasts world. Even though its Defense stats aren’t great, I’m putting it in the Support section of the guide, as the speed can be incredibly useful to set up other beasts.

You can incapacitate the opponent by applying debuffs before they have the chance to move. You can set up elemental walls before they have a chance to land their hits. You can steal their AP before they have a chance to use it, meaning their moves fail.

You have a lot of options here, and the right sticker selection will make all the difference, so use Glaistain to patch up any of your team’s weaknesses.


What an absolute tank. This impressive beast can be found in Icelington Station, or you can remaster Burnace. Both its Melee Defense and Ranged Defense go above 200 once you get Smogmagog to 5 stars, and its HP isn’t bad either.

However, this high defense comes at the cost of its Speed stat, so be prepared for the fact that you will almost always be moving last during a battle. Plan accordingly when applying your stickers, and Smogmagog can be an awesome asset to your party.

Casette Beasts Best Beasts smogmagog
Just look at the stats on this tank! Image by Melika Jeddi


Whilst not quite as quick as Glaistain, Averevoir is another special beast with an impressive Speed stat. You won’t find this during regular battles, and will instead see its avatar standing large and still in the overworld, much like with a Rogue Fusion.

It already has better-than-average Defense stats, but these can be improved even further when it enters its Tower form, where it encases itself in rock. Averevoir is certainly worth considering when choosing a support beast for your team, although Smogmagog is still my personal favorite.

Nowhere Peasant

Consider this your reward for following this article through to the end. Most guides won’t include this one as you’re not technically supposed to be able to capture it. It’s not even listed in the official Bestiary as it’s not really a beast.

In fact, capturing this is only possible due to a glitch that registers the Nowhere Peasant as non-human. However, there’s a very specific way to catch it.

This thing has by far the most insane stats in the game, almost double the total stats of any other beast. When you reach 5 stars, it has the following stats:

  • HP – 660
  • Melee Attack – 220
  • Melee Defense – 220
  • Speed – 110
  • Ranged Defense – 220
  • Ranged Attack – 220

For most beasts, a 220 would be considered really high and would be its standout stat, but for Nowhere Peasant, that’s just the standard. 660 HP is beyond crazy, making this thing an absolute tank.

The one downside of Nowhere Peasant is that because you’re not supposed to catch it, it doesn’t have a type. This means it’s highly limited when it comes to stickers. It can only learn the universal moves that can be learned by every beast, meaning its moveset won’t be great. The high stats more than make up for this, though.

Casette Beasts Best Beasts nowhere peasant
Nowhere Peasant makes every battle a breeze, it’s a total game-changer. Image by Melika Jeddi

To catch it, you’ll first need to finish the main game, and become a Ranger Captain, thus unlocking more variety at the Ranger store.

You’ll then need to spend 50 Fused Material to buy an Optical Laser Tape. After beating the main game, you’ll hear a rumor about an ‘eerie noise’ coming from Harbourtown Station (spoilers ahead). You need to go there and defeat Morgante again, who is plotting to betray you. After defeating her, all the Archangels will be restored to their original positions.

Head to Falldown Mall Station, and go to Platform B to face the Nowhere Monarch. When he uses his Call to Arms move, he’ll summon 2 Nowhere Peasants.

Now you can use your Optical Laser Tape to catch the Nowhere Peasant, where before it would have been impossible. It has a 100% capture rate, so as long as you don’t die on that round, you’ll catch it. It’s worth using an elemental wall to protect yourself before going for the capture.

Nowhere Peasant won’t have a picture on the tape, and its Bestiary entry will pop up as Springheel, as Nowhere Peasant doesn’t have a Bestiary entry, so it defaults to 001. Do not attempt to recycle this tape, as it may glitch your game.


Question: Which platforms is Cassette Beasts available on?

Answer: You can play Cassette Beasts on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Windows, and Linux. There’s no word yet as to whether it will come to PlayStation in the future.

Question: How many beasts are in Cassette Beasts?

Answer: Currently (as of June 2023), there are 120 beasts available in the Bestiary, not including Magikrab, Nowhere Peasant, or the Archangels. However, the developers have confirmed that they’re working on an update that will include more beasts.

Question: What is a bootleg in Cassette Beasts?

Answer: Bootlegs are rare variants of the standard beasts and have a few noteworthy features. Most obviously, they have a different color scheme, so they offer an exciting visual difference. Most of the time they also offer a different type, although you can get bootlegs that match the type of the original. They also have a higher chance of getting uncommon and rare stickers.

Casette Beasts Best Beasts Guide:Conclusion

There you have it, the best beasts in Cassette Beasts and how to use them (that sounds like a Warner Bros movie title). Hopefully, you should now feel confident picking the best team to help carry you through the campaign and beyond.

However, please don’t feel limited by the beasts in this guide. Just because they have the best stats/ capabilities, doesn’t mean they’re the best for you specifically.

There’s nothing wrong with you making your own choices and finding beasts that resonate with your preferred play style. With this guide, I’ve tried to not only tell you about the best beasts, but also how to make use of them.

As long as you apply the principles I’ve told you, there’s no reason you can’t choose beasts with weaker stats and make them work in a way that’s fun for you. After all, games are about enjoyment, not just being the best!

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