Terraria Dev Announces Fishing Overhaul, Modding Update, and Spectator Mode

Terraria fans hoping for more content before the end of the year can enjoy a host of new additions, including visible fish, enhanced modding, and spectator mode for cheering on their teammates beyond death.

Regarding fishing, the Terraria Forum’s site reveals that players should be able to see what kind of fish they’re reeling in with visible silhouettes of bass and others the moment you cast your line into the water.

Frankly, though it’s doubtful this addition will change the spawn rate of rarer fish, it could mean allowing players to wait for common white bass to pass by so you can preserve your bait for specific kinds of fish, like armored cavefish and Ebonkoi for defense and wrath potions.

Besides adding more realism to the fishing minigame, this addition could function like a pseudo-sonar potion for players to identify fish in the early game when such potions are less available.

Beyond fishing, Terraria is also adding a CRT filter for players yearning for nostalgia film to their adventures and a tModLoader updates that make publishing updates easier.

Specifically, while the CRT filter was shown to be triggered from interacting with a TV accessory, the tModLoader update should allow modders that have attained ” Contributor ” status to publish updates for the mod directly.

Finally, Terraria is adding a spectator mode so players don’t have to numbly stare at their corpses waiting to respond during a boss battle and can actively cheer on their friends as floating ghosts before respawning.

Though this feature, like fishing, is more cosmetic as you won’t be able to deal damage, it should allow players to chime in with tips for surviving players or heckle at a friend’s defeat.

To cap it off, while the State of the Game didn’t announce more additions to Terraria, it did showcase some new merch like a Hallowed Armor plushie, Eye of Cthulu and Moonlord figurines, and the Terraria board game.

Also, for those that entered into the Terraria Halloween contest, the state of the game announced the winners, showing off a wicked tentacle heart pumpkin by cheesyrat, a Don’t Starve-Terraria mix by flouwby, and the pumpkin moon and Mourning Wood bosses engraved on several pumpkins by RatLord69.

All in all, though the State of the Game hasn’t added significant gameplay additions in the update 1.4.5, the fishing and spectator modes are sure to offer some fantastic quality-of-life features for fans to enjoy.

Is Terraria Crossplay Coming?

Yes, the developers reviewed in the update that crossplay is still underway for mobile and console players. Unfortunately, however, the update will likely be a post-1.4.5 addition, so players must wait further before they can game with friends on every platform.

Though the developers still haven’t said whether crossplay will extend to every console or just PC, and Xbox is unclear as to how friends will be able to connect, players will just have to keep their eyes open for later.

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