Inscryption Developer Announces New Game Ahead of the Game Awards

Daniel Mullins is one of the most prolific creators in Indie Horror (with horror being used very loosely), having made incredible games like Pony Island, The Hex, and of course, Inscryption.

Just a few days ago, Geoff Keighly kicked off a new ARG in collaboration with Mullins, namely by posting a mostly censored YouTube link on Twitter.

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Across the few days, the Daniel Mullins Discord members (who are practically experts on ARGs at this point; they’ve cracked quite a few) all teamed up and tried to decode the very little information we had to go off of, unraveling into a massive treasure hunt that eventually culminated in us getting a sneak peek at the next Daniel Mullins title, set to be officially revealed on December 7th.

Following the ARG

Firstly, we had Geoff posting about Mullins sending him a broken video link, and Mullins replied with the “Yee” video that was a meme many years ago.

This is mostly trolling, as the real stuff went down in the Daniel Mullins Discord, where two accounts called Admin Assistant and Adbot joined, both with lore and probably parts of the upcoming game.

On Lucky Carder’s YouTube channel, a big part of the Inscryption ARG, we got a trailer for AdBot, telling us everything it’s about and confirming it’s made by GameFuna.

This consistently evil company has appeared in every Daniel Mullins game, and this seems like no exception, with them prominently sponsoring AdBot and participating in its creation.

Before all that, we got another cryptic video from Lucky Carder, with a barely intelligible robotic voiceover narrating the whole thing.

It’s essentially AdBot threatening to destroy every creation of Daniel Mullins and pull the plug, but since users had it learn to love, it backstepped this decision, instead deciding that maybe it’s worth keeping everything around.

On top of this, by reversing the audio in this cryptic video, we can finally get the combination of letters that fits into the URL posted by Geoff Keighly, which just got posted a few hours ago and shows off all his previous games, as well as a few strewn in pieces of lore. The trailer primarily focused on Pony Island and the more meta parts of Inscryption and The Hex.

Unfortunately, that’s all we get regarding the next game getting teased. We can assume it focuses on AdBot, Admin Assistant, and another character named Craig from the Discord server.

Still cryptic as usual, Daniel Mullins hasn’t provided us anything to go off of. We’ll have to stay tuned to the Game Awards on December 7th to find out.

I’d like to recommend that you check out the Daniel Mullins server and read up on everything that went down the past few days, as I can’t get the full story across in this article, and there are a lot of events that I skimmed over to make things just a bit more coherent.

If you want to get hyped before the announcement, that server is the place to be.

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