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The Best Indie Game Podcasts

An immediate confession. Despite growing up in a time when dial-up internet was still a thing, and people uncovered gaming secrets through magazines and guidebooks, I still get lovingly referred to by my wife as ‘an iPad kid’.

This is because even when I’m doing something, I need to also have one or two other forms of stimulus. If I’m eating, I need TV or noise to accompany me. I simply won’t exercise if my headphones aren’t charged, and with reference to gaming, I will often have a podcast playing whilst I turn on autopilot and cruise through games with the sound down low.

Call me weird if you like, but I know I’m not alone. After all, there are entire forums dedicated to highlighting ‘Podcast Games’ that are great to play with no sound so players can focus on a podcast in tandem with their gaming experience.

Well, what if you were able to double down on your indie gaming intake and listen to an incredible indie gaming podcast whilst you played stunning indies? Well, the reality is that you can, because there are tonnes of superb indie options out there to listen to.

I thought I would share some of my absolute favorite gaming podcasts, with a particular focus on indie gaming, as we are known to do around here. Without further delay, here are The Best Indie Game Podcasts, according to Indie Game Culture.

If you are looking to dig deeper into your indie game knowledge, discover some new indie games, or want to keep up with all the industry updates, you are going to want to save this list.

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Selection Criteria

Before we jump in, we have implemented a few rules in place to make sure that all of the podcasts listed are definitely worth your time. Here are the criteria we ran with:

  • All podcasts must be indie game-focused, or have a good selection of indie-specific episodes
  • All podcasts must have a decent library of existing episodes (at least 5+)
  • All podcasts must be active and producing content regularly
  • We will also be looking for podcast essentials, such as production value, chemistry among hosts, etc.

Okay, enough of all that; it’s time to get your headphones on and tune in to these stellar shows!

#1 – The Indie Game Culture Podcast

the indie game culture podcast

I hate to be a middle-aged dad with a podcast type and ram my own podcast down your throat, but here I am doing it anyway; it can’t be helped.

The Indie Game Culture podcast is our own indie game podcast co-hosted by Cal (myself), JT Hussey, and Melika Jeddi. It’s a biweekly podcast split into three neat sections. The games we’ve been playing, the games on our radar, and a topical discussion, which usually turns into a heated debate.

Everything is obviously filtered through my biased lens, but this podcast is a great way to keep up with everything new (and old) within the indie scene; the hosts have a nice chemistry, the sound quality makes for easy listening, and it’s a great way to add hidden indie gems to your wishlist.

Plus, there are already nine full-length episodes to get stuck into right now, so now is as good a time as any to get caught up with all things IGC, and also, if you want to stay in the loop, follow the podcast on Spotify, or join our Discord so you can be part of the conversation and even suggest topics for our big discussion!

Some Killer Episodes

#2 – The AIAS Gamemaker’s Notebook

the aias gamemaker's notebook

We begin with a podcast that is able to pull all of the big names, but still manages to carve out ample time to talk about the plucky indies in the industry, too.

The AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook is a podcast that sits down with some of the most prominent developers in the industry and breaks down their respective roles, allowing them to share views on the industry, and you’ll often get a few tasty anecdotes about some of your favorite indie games and their developmental process.

It’s a wonderful look around the curtain, it’s entertaining for the layman, and can also be a very insightful show for indie developers looking to release the next smash hit. Be sure to give this one a listen!

Some Killer Episodes

#3 –  IndieQuest


If you don’t really vibe with a set structure in your podcasts and you want to hear a group of guys ramble about the indie games of the moment, then you might get a kick out of the IndieQuest Podcast, a podcast with its own quest log, how novel!

Join Steve, Josh, and Seth as they highlight some of the biggest game releases, and news stories within the indie gaming niche, and also talk a lot of nonsense, which is effectively podcast etiquette. There are over sixty episodes to catch up on, so this one will keep you busy for quite a while!

Some Killer Episodes

#4 – Indie Game Business

indie game business

If you are looking for a podcast that looks deep into the belly of the beast that is the games industry and serves as a sort of handbook for up-and-coming indie developers, then the Indie Game Business could be a real game-changer for you.

This podcast sits down with indie industry titans to discuss how to make a successful game, focusing on a number of niche topics that could well be the hurdle your game needs to clear to become a major success. Even as a non-developer, I find the subject matter absolutely fascinating, and I reckon you will, too, so give this one a shot!

Some Killer Episodes

#5 – No Small Games

no small games

If you’re looking for an indie podcast that doesn’t worry too much about the here and now, but instead covers indie games past and present, offering their views on new releases and retrospectives on older indie gems, then look no further than No Small Games, hosted by Emily and Kate.

The pair bonded through a love of indies and streaming and now make a habit of picking an indie title from a lineup of thousands, and giving their retrospective review, along with a lot of non-sensical chatter, which is what you want from a podcast, after all. ]

The podcast already has ten episodes in the bank and looks set to add to that list of great games rapidly, so get caught up now and make No Small Games part of your podcast rotation.

Some Killer Episodes

#6 – New Game Plus

new game plus

Does retro gaming fall into the realm of indie? Well, for me, it does, and my reasoning tends to be that for most studios back in the day, there weren’t two pennies to rub together, but good games were created regardless. It was a scrappy time for gaming, and thus, I make an allowance for retro games to share the field with indies.

So, with that in mind, you should check out the long-running retro gaming podcast, New Game Plus, which sees Dustin, Kenny, and Nolan go back to old relics, play them through in full, and then review them through the lens of the modern gamer and see if they still hold up today.

The back catalog is so extensive that they have a master list of games covered on their website, so the best way to tackle this one is by finding a game you particularly like and starting there.

Some Killer Episodes

#7 – The Slightly Something else Podcast

the slightly something else podcast

Then lastly, I want to add one of my absolute favorites to this list. The Slightly Something Else podcast is, for the most part an all-encompassing gaming podcast that usually focuses on a broad topic of discussion each episode. However, more often than not, you’ll find that Yahtzee and Marty will riff about some of their favorite indies in the zeitgeist, and seeing that Yahtzee is an indie dev himself, you can understand why.

The chemistry between the lovable curmudgeon that is Yahtzee Croshaw and the uber-positive Marty Sliva is a joy to listen to, and because these guys work for The Escapist, they have their finger on the pulse for pretty much anything, because if they didn’t, they would be out of a job. The hustle is real people.

It’s a great podcast for AAA and indie gamers alike, and one I personally recommend very highly.

Some Killer Episodes

Honorable Mentions

Then, in the spirit of fighting for the underdog, there are some shows that maybe aren’t as well known as those above, or don’t have a catalog of episodes to choose from, or they may not be in action anymore. But that being said, these shows could be well worth keeping on your radar. Here’s a couple of great additional podcasts to check out:

Why Should I Listen to Indie Game Podcasts?

why listen to indie games podcast

Most gaming outlets tend to very sparingly cover the smaller games out there; there’s only so much Call of Duty that I can pretend to care about. While the AAA giants have their place, there’s just something super satisfying about discovering a new indie game gem. If you feel the same way, you need these podcasts in your life!

Here are a few reasons to listen to more Indie Game podcasts: 

  • Discover Hidden Gems: Indies don’t have the big marketing budgets that AAA mainstream titles do, so they can remain hidden. Listening to Indie game podcasts will enrich your gaming life and expose you to those cherished new titles that need love as well.
  • More Deep Dives: At Indie Game Culture, we spend a lot of time talking about gameplay. We’ve spent hundreds of hours on some titles, and bring all that insider gameplay to you. You can learn tips, tricks and strategies for new indie games as well.
  • Stay Updated: Indie game development rapidly changes, and it can be tough to keep up with the trends. Indie studios spend a lot of time on development, and the mechanics of the games, but usually don’t get as much publicity. If you’re not listening to Indie game podcasts, you’re missing out on these updates.
  • Expand Your Gaming Palette: Mainstream game coverage can be somewhat homogenous, focusing mostly on big-budget titles. Indie game podcasts can expose you to a wider variety of game types, styles, and cultures within gaming.

The Best Indie Game Podcasts: Listen to Your Heart’s Content

So there you have it, a handful of great indie podcasts to choose from, including one of our own, which, naturally, we urge you to go and listen to first. We hope that this will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours to come, and as always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture!

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